Around 100 million people watch at least one Vine a month, either on their mobile device or via their desktop. You will only get the addiction when you get into it. So here are 10 Most watched Vine Creators for the month of August, 2016.

The top 3 didn’t post much or at all this month but it seems unfair to steal those ranks from them. And people still watch them. News followers, old followers. Most top vine stars have now  moved on to other Vine platforms like Facebook and YouTube. (Eg. Logan Paul) Many just promote their YouTube channel on Vine now. But the hundreds of Vines that they posted are still there for everyone’s entertainment.

1. King Bach

                                     Loops:  6B                                      Followers: 16.1M

2. Nash Grier

                                     Loops:  3.4B                                       Followers: 12.8M

3. Lele Pons

                                     Loops:  8.5B                                       Followers: 11.4M

4. Cameron Dallas

                                     Loops:  2.3B                                       Followers: 9.6M

5. Thomas Sanders

                                     Loops:  6.7B                                       Followers: 8.1M

6. Zach King

                                     Loops:  1.4B                                       Followers: 4M

7. Eh Bee Family

                                     Loops:  2.1B                                       Followers: 3.2M

8. Aaron Doh

                                     Loops:  1.5B                                       Followers: 2.1M

9. Kenny Knox

                                     Loops:  924.8M                                       Followers: 1.4M

10. Sarah Schauer

 Loops:  546M                                      Followers: 711.3K