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Vine is a short-form video sharing service where millions of users share 6-second-long looping video clips. Twitter bought the service just before its official launch in October 2012.

But last week Vine announced that it would not stick to its strict six-second video limit and start supporting longer videos inside the mobile app. For a few special creators, it would even support videos up to 10 minutes long, just like Twitter does.

If you use the app you will see that the actual Vine is still six seconds long, but now includes a watch more button that will launch the longer video.

This is a great step for Vine as it won’t lose its audience to competitors like Facebook and Instagram, where the creators used to direct their viewers to watch the full thing. Now it’s a win-win for both, Vine and it’s users.

Vine is going to keep getting bigger and better. It is yet to become a big thing in India, but we are catching up fast. So below are some nice, loopable vine stars of India ranked according to the number of loops, followers, but mostly likability of the audience.

13. Bollywood Celebs:

You can follow these guys who don’t post regularly and show off their cool lives. But Do Not follow Poonam Pandey who has 6M loops just by being thirsty AF.

Abhishek Bachchan

Loops: 54.6K
Followers: 42.8K

Riteish Deshmukh

Loops: 280K
Followers: 22.4K

12. AIB People

Not so active on Vine but here they are-

Tanmay Bhat

Loops: 7.2K
Followers: 8059

Rohan Joshi

Loops: 21K
Followers: 6137

11. Nikhil Chinapa

MTV VJ Nikhil Chinapa basically gives his fans little insights into his fun DJ, partying, traveling life on Vine.

Loops: 12.9K
Followers: 6646

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10. Gaurav Gera

Familiar comedian from movies and TV, now a Vine star.

Loops: 98.7K
Followers: 452

9. Suresh Menon

Actor, comedian, television personality, and Viner. One up for being friends with Jose.

Loops: 32.6K
Followers: 1851

8. Supaarwoman

There you go. One female Viner. Her stuff is Funny, relatable and Indian.

Loops: 344K
Followers: 840

7. Kanan Gill

Mainstream Indian YouTuber has a following on Vine too.

Loops: 557K
Followers: 4192

6. BollywoodGandu

Karan Talwar calls himself Bollywood Ga*censor*u on YouTube and other stuff and tries to be funny on Vine.

Loops: 1.8M
Followers: 6632

5. KitAnurag

Writer at Huffington Post and a weirdo on Vine.

Loops: 1.7M
Followers: 1993

4. TheAadarGuy

Comedian on SnG Comedy and a good Viner.

Loops: 282.5K
Followers: 874

3. Cyril D 

Creative guy who’s friends with Jose and collabs with Jose. 2 Up!

Loops: 290.5K
Followers: 4,246

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2. Varun Thakur

Another good comedian from SnG Comedy.

Loops: 2.2M
Followers: 2883

1. Hoezaay

Jose Covaco rules Vine. Period.

Loops: 5.8M
Followers: 9690




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