AdvertisingThe 10 Most Watched Ads from India on YouTube – March 2016

Aravinda Holla6 years ago

As people shift more towards online entertainment from traditional TV; marketers and advertisers have also slowly shifted their focus towards online video advertisements. A substantial portion of the advertising budget these days is allocated to the online piece and YouTube is the go-to platform for most brands.

From this month onward, we’ll be releasing the top YouTube ads from India at the end of every month. Here’s the chart for the month of March:

1. Launching People | #BeFearless of Heights

Clocking more than 19 million views, Samsung’s #BeFearless campaign takes the top slot this month. Helping people overcome their fear of heights through Samsung Gear VR was the concept of the advert and it was embraced by the audience with warmth. Shared over 700 times, the advert is getting over 22 thousand views every hour!

Stats of the video: 

Views: 19,558,547     Views per hour: 22075     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 374/35/718

2. Airtel – myPlan

The Indian telecom business is one of the most competitive business landscape in the world. India has more than 1000 million mobile connections; and to catch the attention of such a huge customer base, aggressive ad campaigns are a must. Despite getting almost 5 million views, the ad didn’t really tickle the imagination of the people. It got more dislikes than likes and only 5 people commented on it. Here’s the ad:

Stats of the video: 

Views: 4,746,792     Views per hour: 8142     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 34/45/885

3. Bajaj V – The Invincible – INS Vikrant’s new avatar

This one was super high on the Emotional Quotient scale. Showcasing Bajaj V – The Invincible, the latest motorbike from the iconic bastion, this advertisement was liked, commented and shared more than any other advert in this list. Shared more than 13 thousand times, this video is still clocking an impressive 2400+ views every hour.

Stats of the video: 

Views: 3,483,219     Views per hour: 2446     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 14234/1218/13398

4. Udaan

This is Airtel’s second entry in this list and unlike its predecessor, this one is far more creative and share-worthy. Set to the backdrop of Jaipur Lit Festival, this ad has it all – kids, imagination, Amish Tripathi and Hologram Projection! Check it out:

Stats of the video: 

Views: 2,286,031     Views per hour: 3144     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 434/17/1161

5. Rin Salutes YOU – Sada Chamakte Rehna! #TimeToShine

Set to the theme of Women Empowerment, this advertisement showcases Rin Career Ready Academy which is aimed at helping the youth from modest backgrounds to get career ready so that they can shine in their careers. Launched strategically to coincide with the release of the Priyanka Chopra starrer Jai Gangajal, this ad was shared over 1500 times!

Stats of the video: 

Views: 1,877,255     Views per hour: 3242     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 1535/806/1646

6. | Get Certified. Get Ahead

The first pure online brand in this list is Simplilearn. The online training and certification platform’s ad featuring Irrfan Khan has clocked over 1.8 million views so far:

Stats of the video: 

Views: 1,843,330     Views per hour: 1523     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 97/17/522

7. The Pepperfry Happy Holi Sale!

This simple, to-the-point ad showcased the Holi offer on furnitures bought through Pepperfry:

Stats of the video: 

Views: 1,774,827     Views per hour: 2709     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 12/6/128

8. Why is Laundry only a mother’s job? Dads #ShareTheLoad (English) – Ariel

Here’s another commercial in this list with beautiful storytelling. A dad realizing the unjustness of patriarchial behavior makes for a touching father-daughter relationship story. Shared over 2000 times on Social media, this ad has clocked over 1.5 million views so far:

Stats of the video: 

Views: 1,605,515     Views per hour: 1957     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 665/28/2267

9. CashKaro ke through jao.. aur Cashback pao! #BeatTheDeal

The penultimate entry in this list is another online brand Cashkaro. The simple yet relatable storyline of a father-son duo doing online shopping, did pretty well with over 1.3 million views in the one month since its release.

Stats of the video: 

Views: 1,305,875     Views per hour: 1425     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 14/2/24

10. Gatorade | Messi | Don’t Go Down

Rounding up the list is Gatorade’s latest commercial featuring Lionel Messi. With the inspirational ‘Don’t go down’ mantra running in the voiceover and snippets of Messi’s magical football skills peppered in between the 80 second video, this ad was a winner all the way:

Stats of the video: 

Views: 1,031,268     Views per hour: 1466     Likes/Dislikes/Shares: 390/9/508

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