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In this article, we have analyzed the top 30 most subscribed YouTube channels from Indonesia.

Like most emerging economies from around the world, Indonesia is witnessing a rapid improvement in quality of internet infrastructure and smartphone adoption. 47% of the total population in Indonesia has access to the internet and 36% of them get on the web daily.

Source - Consumer Barometer for Indonesia
Source – Consumer Barometer for Indonesia

According to an analysis by business intelligence and analyst firm App AnnieYouTube is the most popular social media app used by Indonesians, ahead of Facebook and Twitter! Independent creators are in fact overshadowing the popularity of T.V and Record Labels’ YouTube channels in the country. When we did an analysis of top YouTube channels from Vietnam and Thailand, we noticed that both the countries lack a strong creator community. However, Indonesia is quite different from its South East Asian counterparts. Just like in the U.S and U.K, the creators in the country have a strong fan base and they form a close knit community.

For our analysis, we have selected the top 30 YouTube channels from Indonesia (both BRANDS and CREATORS) in terms of subscribers:

Channels ViewsSubscribers
Raditya Dika228,727,1462,237,114
Edho Zell275,382,9581,227,553
Tim2one - ChandraLiow156,915,7091,025,991
Musica Studio's724,325,3611,003,510
LASTDAY Production216,220,848834,672
Bayu Skak86,743,542772,585

Some interesting stats

Out of the top 30, 24 channels are by independent creators and 5 of them have more than 1 million subscribers.

Cumicumi is the only YouTube channel from the country to have clocked over 1 billion views. It is also the channel with the highest engagement. (More than 1 million comments on its videos)

9 of the top 30 channels create content in the Entertainment category.

With more than 2.7 billion video views, Music is the most popular category.

Edho Zell is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Music category.

With over 200,588,680 views, rezaoktovian is the most subscribed and viewed Gaming YouTube channel in Indonesia.

With over 46 thousand uploads, KapanLagi is the most active YouTube channel in the country.

With an average of 8:09 minutes, Tara Arts Game Indonesia generates the highest watch time.

Interestingly, there are no Prank channels and Fashion & Lifestyle channels in the top 30!

Lifia Niala is the only kids related YouTube channel in the top 30.

Laurentius Rando is the most subscribed TRAVEL VLOGGER from Indonesia.

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