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In this article, we have analyzed the YouTube channels of all the creators and brands with 1 million or more subscribers in Thailand.

Last year, YouTube – Thailand was ranked #1 among Southeast Asian countries and is ranked in the top 10 in the world in terms of YouTube users, YouTube channels subscriptions and content uploads. According to Michael Jittivanich – head of marketing at Google Thailand, there had been a 75% growth in content uploads in YouTube Thailand in 2016.

There are more YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscribers in Thailand than in India!

One of the primary reasons for this high content consumption is penetration of smartphones in Thailand. As per “Customer Barometer with Google,” 72% of people in Thailand browse and visit YouTube whereas in the U.S, it is just 31% of the total population. And another interesting statistic is that mobile watch-time is growing at a pace of 125% YoY in Southeast Asia compared to 78% YoY growth in the U.S.

For our analysis, we have considered all the Thai YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscribers. Here are the top 10:

GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL9,373,233,033 8,790,802
RsiamMusic : อาร์สยาม4,718,251,5766,156,724
Bie The Ska1,137,806,8074,272,858
TV3 Official4,902,176,3673,321,704

YouTube insights – 42 Thai YouTube channels with more than 1 million Subscribers.

–  MUSIC is the most popular category for YouTube channels in Thailand. And unsurprisingly, 90% of them are TV channels and record labels rather than individual creators.

–  MUSIC is also the category with the highest viewership – more than 37 billion views and highest subscription – over 50 million subscribers.

–  The most subscribed YouTube channel in the Entertainment category is WorkpointOfficial with more than 6 million subscribers. Broadcasters in South East Asia, especially Thailand, are shifting their focus towards YouTube to upload their T.V content. This has resulted in more content consumption through the day on YouTube than through TV during “prime time.”

Thailand T.V viewership
Thailand T.V viewership

–  Interestingly, there are no Vlogging and Fashion & lifestyle channels with more than 1 million subscribers!

–  GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Thailand.

–  There are 20 YouTube channels with more than 1 billion viewership!

–  The combined viewership of all the YouTube channels from Thailand with more than 1 million subscribers is a massive 64 billion!

–  There are 42 YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscribers and 24 of them are by BRANDS and 18 are by individual creators.

–  The 24 BRAND YouTube channels have collectively generated over 53 billion views so far. Videos by individual creators on the other hand have generated about 11 billion views.

–  YouTube channels of BRANDS have a total of 68 million subscribers whereas those by Individual Creators have about 36 million subscribers

–  YouTube channel thairath has uploaded the highest number of videos (61,263) till date.

–  Highest Average Watch time of 9 or more minutes is generated by WorkpointOfficial, one31, and MR. HEART ROCKER

– Videos by GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL have got the highest number of likes (approx 27,158,411) till date.

–  The YouTube channel in Thailand with most dislikes on its videos is RsiamMusic : อาร์สยาม with 1,363,999 dislikes.

–  GAMING is the category that accounts for the highest number of individual content creators.

–  The most subscribed gaming YouTube channel in Thailand is MR. HEART ROCKERThe most viewed gaming channel is zbing z.

–  Thaitrick is the most subscribed YouTube channel that makes DIY videos.

*Above YouTube analytics and insights are only for 42 YouTube channels from Thailand that have more than 1 million subscribers. If you are looking for Video landscape reports spanning a wider geography, you can contact us with your requirements.

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