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Vietnam is among one of the most developing digital markets for online video consumption. The YouTube landscape across Vietnam continues to grow and mature showing no signs of slowing. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is among the most promising nation to have digital growth with 10% increase in internet consumption in past 5 years. This means, about 52% of the Vietnamese population access internet as of 2017.

As per WeAreSocial reports in terms of accessibility through devices, desktop and laptop computers are seeing a 9% year on year decline; whereas mobile is generating about 40% year on year growth rate. Tablets account for only 4% of the web page views and slightly growing at a +4% year on year rate. This sudden increase of internet consumption is often related to the inexpensive data plans in Vietnam as many Vietnamese own smartphones rather than laptop computers.

Rise of YouTube in Vietnam

With this steady growth in the internet consumption, about 37% of the total Vietnamese population are active on social media platforms. This trend shows that there is about 25% year on year increase in the social media user activity until the end of 2016. This growth is one of the reasons why the country of Vietnam is among YouTube’s top 10 foreign markets by the end of 2015 with 120% year on year growth.

For our top 10 YouTube channels in Vietnam, we drill down 30 most subscribed YouTube channels originated from Vietnam and extracted 22 YouTube insights that deals with the type of content, categories, viewership, subscribers, uploads, and engagement.

First, here are the top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels in Vietnam.
pops-musicPOPS MUSIC
Viewership – 3,137,086,190
Subscribers – 2,822,617


Viewership – 1,126,069,044
Subscribers – 1,923,661


fap-tvFAP TV
Viewership – 762,527,100
Subscribers – 1,834,709


bbbg-entertainmentBB&BG Entertainment
Viewership – 430,480,218
Subscribers – 1,547,571


vietnam-esports-tvVietnam Esports TV
Viewership – 638,061,849
Subscribers – 1,511,577


kn-channelKN Channel
Viewership – 1,375,641,892
Subscribers – 1,340,483


zing-mp3Zing MP3
Viewership – 856,983,146
Subscribers – 1,256,819


dam-tvDAM tv
Viewership – 215,972,801
Subscribers – 1,244,852


truyen-hinh-vinh-longTruyen Hinh Vinh Long
Viewership – 1,361,233,397
Subscribers – 1,170,576


pops-kidsPOPS Kids
Viewership – 1,374,929,161
Subscribers – 1,118,476
YouTube Vietnam insights of top 30 YouTube Channels –
  1. With 4 billion viewership from entertainment and 3 billion from comedy; Entertainment and Comedy are two categories having highest top subscribed channels.
  2. GamingEntertainment got the most independent YouTubers in top 30 YouTubers in Vietnam
  3. There are about 15 branded YouTube channels, generating about 13 billion views in top 30 YouTube channels in Vietnam. (BRANDED channels are the ones where the content is first available on TV, then on YouTube)
  4. There are about 15 YouTube channels by creators generating about 14 billion YouTube views in top 30 YouTube channels in Vietnam.
  5. Branded YouTube channels generated 26 million likes, whereas; independent YouTube channels generated 35 million likes.
  6. POPS MUSIC is the most subscribed and viewed YouTube channel in Vietnam.
  7. 5S ONLINE and KN Channel are two independent YouTube channels with the highest viewership in Vietnam.
  8. There are 14 YouTube channels with 1 million subscribers in top 30 YouTube channels in Vietnam.
  9. There are more than 90 thousand YouTube videos uploaded by top 30 YouTube channels in Vietnam. VTC1 – Tin tức is highest with 21,775 uploads.
  10. Vietnam Esports TV has the highest Average watch time (9:01:15) for any YouTube channel in Vietnam. Also, this is the most subscribed gaming YouTube channel.
  11. In beauty category, NhacPro Tube is the highest subscribed and viewed YouTube channel.
  12. In Science & Technology category, Schannel is the highest subscribed YouTube channel.
  13. In People & Blogs category, Monster NTN is the most subscribed and viewed YouTube channel in Vietnam.
  14. In the Comedy category, 5S ONLINE is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Vietnam.
  15. With a total of 8 affiliations, Yeah1 Network is the network with highest YouTube channels under top 30.
  16. EducationGaming category got the highest indie YouTubers.
  17. English learning YouTube channels are one of the most viewed YouTube channels for education in Vietnam.
  18. SCHANNEL, TADDEE, DABBZAPP are the only English oriented YouTube channels in Vietnam. All being under Yeah1 Network.
  19. There are about 155 YouTube channels under 100,000 subscribers in YouTube Vietnam.
  20. XE HAY (153,773 subs), Xebiz (54,655), and VietNam Racing (80,288) are the only automobile-oriented YouTube channels in Vietnam.
  21. VANH LEG and VPF MEDIA is the most viewed YouTube channel in the sports category.
  22. TÂN HOABANFOOD (414,169), Travel On Video (91,094), and Hải Cao Minh (14,493) are the top travel and food YouTube channels originating in Vietnam.


Last month, the government of Vietnam asked major brands to pull away from advertising on YouTube and other social media platforms until they can halt the publication of “toxic” anti-government information. The issue follows shortly after YouTube found major brands in the UK and US moving away from spending on the platform after it emerged it was allowing ads for them to appear alongside content promoting terrorism.

As per the Vietnamese government, the 17 YouTube videos contained defamatory content and “distorted historical facts about Vietnam that could stir public unrest”. This is the reason why major brands, such as Vinamilk, Vietnam Airways, and Mead Johnson Nutrition Vietnam have pulled advertising from YouTube for some amount of time.

With advertising being the largest share of any YouTuber’s income through YouTube, there can be a decline in the overall viewership as many content creators may stay away from creating new content as there is no guarantee in income through advertisements.

Also, as per our research, there are no vlogging and private news oriented YouTube channels in Vietnam. This is mainly due to the Decree 72, or the “Management, Provision, Use of Internet Services and Information Content Online” – signed by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in 2013.

As per Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Le Nam Thang, “Personal web page owners are only allowed to provide their own information, and are prohibited from taking news from media agencies and using that information as if it were their own”.


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