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YouTube has emerged as the top destination for internet users worldwide. If you go by the numbers, YouTube currently has about 1 billion users spread across 91 countries and 80 languages. One billion hours of content is watched daily on the video-sharing platform. Combine it with the fact that there’s no concrete competition to YouTube and that makes it the king of video content.

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YouTube content has attracted a lot of attention and there are popular channels that have garnered billions of views and a rock solid subscriber base. As the year comes to a close, we at Vidooly have observed that the Music and Entertainment space were a hit with the Indian audience in 2018. Let’s take a look at the top 10 YouTube channels in India for 2018 in terms of subscribers.

T-Series | 41.3 Million

T-Series was the most talked about Indian YouTube channel of 2018, not only in India but across the world. T-Series is a major record label and film production company based in India. Their YouTube channel began in 2006 and has been since uploading music videos of Bollywood songs and movie trailers. It was the talk of the town lately as it was giving tough competition to PewDiePie, the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. The subscriber base of T-Series more than doubled this year and it has emerged as the uncontested winner of the year by adding a whopping 41 Million subscribers this year.

SET India | 18.9 Million

Sony Entertainment Television is a complete family entertainment TV channel with a YouTube channel of its own. The TV channel provides a complete set of Hindi entertainment options such as comedy, events, crime, drama and more. Known as one of the largest entertainment channels of the country, its YouTube channel was started out in 2006 and comprises of past and current episode snippets. With 13 billion views added this year to the channel, it has grabbed the second spot in our list of top Indian YouTube Channels 2018.

Zee Music Company | 15.9 Million

The music wing of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., Zee Music Company is the third on our list of top Indian YouTube Channels 2018. The channel posts Bollywood songs and official movie trailers. It has also ventured into reprise and acoustic cover versions of its own songs. After its launch in 2014, Zee Music Company has given tough competition to T-Series. With 15.9 subscribers and 6.4 billion views added this year, Zee Music Company has made it to the top 10 YouTube channels of 2018 list. Earlier this year, Zee Music announced a content deal with Amazon Prime for the latter’s music streaming service.

Wave Music | 12.6 Million

This is the official YouTube channel of a leading Bhojpuri music record label by the same name. Wave Music is known to produce, acquire and publish Bhojpuri content spanning music and films. It tops the list of the most popular Bhojpuri music companies in India. Wave Music has published more than 5000 tracks of 500+ artists under varied categories such as lokgeet, devi geet, chathh geet, bhakti albums and movie songs. With 12.6 million subscribers being added on 2108, this channel has made it to the list of top Indian YouTube channels 2018.

Zee TV | 11.8 Million

Out of the 22 Million lifetime subscribers of the channel, half of this number was added in 2018 to Zee TV. That’s right! As per Vidooly’s data, 11.8 million subs were added to Zee TV’s YouTube channel in 2018 alone. Zee TV is one of the largest television networks in the country. Zee TV happens to be one of the earliest Indian television channels to enter the world of YouTube back in 2005. It’s also interesting to note that it ranks second in terms of views standing at 18 billion in 2018, right after T-Series.

Speed Records | 11.3 Million

Looks like regional content is making a mark this year. After Bhojuri, a Punjabi music record label called Speed Records has made an appearance on this year’s roundup. Speed Records has established itself as the number one destination for Punjabi music lovers. The channel covers an extensive range of Punjabi music including top-rated Punjabi artists worldwide. This year, Speed Records collaborated with one of India’s leading record labels, Times Music to help expand the Punjabi genre of music.

Shemaroo Filmi Gaane | 10.8 Million

Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd., the company that owns Shemaroo Filmi Gaane, has been a pioneer in the Indian music industry. Established way back in 1962, the company has evolved from a mere book circulating library to an integrated media content house. Filmi Gaane also holds a rank in the top Indian YouTube Channels 2018 , with 4.8 billion views garnered this year. Very recently, Shemaroo announces that it is going to step into the OTT platform business by launching ShemarooMe, an over-the-top streaming service.

Sony Music India | 10.2 Million

Sony appears again on the list, but with its music channel now. Sony Music India is the record label being governed by Sony, which is a Japanese corporation. Sony Music India is the first record label ever which is owned entirely by a foreign enterprise. It has been the destination of choice for Indian commercial music lovers. With 10.2 billion subscribers added this year, the channel boasts of 8 billion lifetime views.

Amit Bhadana | 8.8 Million

This is the only channel on the list that does not belong to the music and entertainment category. Amit Bhadana being on the list of top Indian YouTube Channels 2018, signifies the rise of independent content creators on YouTube. Bhadana started uploading videos to his YouTube Channel in 2017, focusing mainly on comedy skits catering to various relatable life scenarios. This year, he hit the 10-million subscriber mark and has made it to this list with 2018 adding 8.8 million fans to his channel.

Tips Official | 8.5 Million

Out of the 13 million lifetime subscribers, 8.5 million were added to the YouTube channel of Tips Music in 2018 alone. Tips Industries, the owner of the YouTube channel, is a major corporation in the area of films and music, with their main focus on production, promotion and distribution. The official YouTube channel brings music from some of the best Bollywood and Indipop albums for their audience. The corporation has the maximum number of gold and platinum discs to their credit as against any other Indian record label.

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