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Holidays, today, are not only limited to weekend getaways or a vacation with the loved ones. It is more of an experience now. It is a journey plan that starts with the budget, ticket bookings, research of stays, shopping, entertainment and cuisines, travel arrangements at the holiday destination etc.


People these days’ travel not only for leisure but also for business purposes. In recent times, percentage of the latter has risen significantly. Every journey begins with a thorough research, reviews, what-to-do as well as what-not-to-do lists. Bloggers and content creators leave no stone unturned for travel enthusiasts.

All this has become possible due to the switching to social and digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook. GoPro creators have revolutionized this sector. Their videos provide real-time and hands-on experience every traveller aspires for.

Tourism in India, under the Incredible !ndia initiative, has flourished and helped increase footfalls at various tourist destinations and made local businesses grow. The channel primarily focuses on the famous street foods of different Indian locations along with things to do in and around the place.

They have their priorities sorted which most of the Indian travellers can relate to. Since the content is heavy, the duration of the videos is also on the longer side.

Currently, there are 67 Indian YouTube channels related to travel & tourism brands by 2019. This report is to showcase how well travel & tourism brand uploaded content is performing on YouTube for the year 2018. Here, you will get to analyze various factors like demographic segmentation, 30 most viewed brands, popular keywords used etc.


While designing the report, we divided YouTube travel & tourism brands into various subcategories like


Subcategories will help us to understand which category is more prevalent in terms of viewership, likes, and dislikes. This report is highly beneficial to marketers and advertisers who can scan the content performance of 2018, and imply their learnings in upcoming video campaigns. the place. They have their priorities sorted which most of the Indian travellers can relate to.

Our Insights

Among the airline ads, the more personalized ones have gained better audience responses and engagement. Airline carriers have focused on what their core competencies. While SpiceJet showcased its SpiceMAX experience, the one with extra legroom and priority-based services, other carriers like Vistara took to YouTube to show its competitive edge above others.

Travel planning and ticket booking websites were primarily concerned with providing discounts, cashbacks and offers tagged along with different occasions when Indians prefer to go on a vacation.

Goibibo had offers during IPL, to earn gocash to redeem during tickets and hotel bookings. Ads placed by hotel chains like IBIS and Treebo were witty, consumer centric and had a pinch of comedy, hence grabbing a greater number of likes in the segment.

  1. Airlines: Domestic and international carriers, including low cost and premium brands.
  2. Hotels and Resorts: Star hotels and residing avenues where travellers prefer to stay in their dream destinations.
  3. Tourism Website: State Tourism Dept which put ads and videos on YouTube regarding the state’s specialties.
  4. Travel Website: Sites to plan the journey, research on the locations, book stays and transits.
  5. Ticket Booking: Flights, train, buses, hotels and resorts these days need to be pre-booked and hence these sites play a major role.

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