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Niharika Dutta4 years ago

Food content is now one of the most sought-after categories on YouTube. Come to think of it, you loved that white-sauce pasta you had at that cozy cafe you went to with your friends. You want to recreate that recipe at home for your family. Wouldn’t you instinctively turn to YouTube to search for the recipe? You’re not alone as the online video audience is increasingly turning to Food channels on YouTube for cooking tips and tricks, recipes and more.

So, let’s dive deeper into a trend analysis of how the audience is consuming Indian food channels on YouTube and Facebook.

Note – The sample size is from April to October to draw an overview of the year 2018.

Food genre analysis | YouTube and Facebook

The future of Indian food channels on YouTube looks bright as per Vidooly’s data for 2018. The combined YouTube viewership of all food channels across genres stood out to be 8.36 billion. Vidooly has come up with four genres of food content (food reviews, recipe, healthy diet, and kitchen tips) after a trend analysis of Indian food channels on YouTube and Facebook.

As per the genre analysis, ‘Kitchen Tips’ takes the third spot in the list of the four genres in terms of share of voice (uploads, views, and engagement). Vidooly’s report will give you a detailed breakup of all the four genres with percentage-wise numbers of uploads, views, and engagement.

If you talk about Facebook, the combined viewership comes out to be 2.85 billion. Interestingly, ‘Kitchen Tips’ again sits at the third position in the same list. We have also identified nine cuisine types segregated into their share of voice, similar to the genres. Out of the nine, ‘Dessert’ and ‘North Indian’ alone comprise of more than half of the YouTube market share.

Food content trend analysis  | YouTube and Facebook

We move further to the overall food content industry trend analysis on a month-on-month basis. Vidooly’s insight starts with a broad perspective in terms of the number of uploads and viewership in individual months and narrows it down to food content types and sub-genres. The average viewership comes out to be about 1.19 billion per month on YouTube.

The report further refines the MoM breakup for the four genres of food content (food reviews, recipe, healthy diet, and kitchen tips). For instance, about 5% of the total viewership of the month of May was contributed by ‘Kitchen Tips’. Our report outlines the detailed month-wise performance of all the four genres across all the months in its industry trend analysis.

Food sub-genre trend analysis | YouTube and Facebook

If you want to know the share of voice analysis of the 9 sub-genres of food content across all the individual months, this is the section relevant for you. Vidooly has refined the MoM uploads, viewership, and engagement for the nine sub-genres (Drinks, Desserts, North-Indian, Mughlai, Street Food, South Indian, Indo-Chinese, Mexican, and Italian) for both YouTube and Facebook.

Most viewed channels/videos | YouTube and Facebook

Vidooly’s trend analysis clearly indicates that Indian chef, Nisha Madhulika’s channel by the same name rules the YouTube food kingdom. It tops the list of the most viewed amongst all Indian food channels on YouTube.

You’ll get the top 50 most-viewed videos and channels along with other data points like viewership and engagement (likes, dislikes, and comments). However, Facebook has a different story to tell and Hebbar’s Kitchen is the highest viewed page on the platform.

Genre comparison | YouTube and Facebook

Vidooly has presented a comparison of food content with other video content categories in terms of lifetime views, subscribers, and uploads. Food has been compared to genres like Music, Comedy, and Education in both YouTube and Facebook to determine where Indian food channels on YouTube stand as compared to other content categories.

Language-wise consumption | YouTube

You’ll get a breakup of the percentage-wise views, subscribers, and uploads across languages including Hindi, English, and regional content.

Here are the complete data points that our “Trend Analysis of Indian Food Channels On YouTube & Facebook” report is providing.

  1. FOOD GENRE ANALYSIS – Type of content most uploaded along with segregation based on the type of cuisine – uploads, views & engagement | YouTube & Facebook
  2. FOOD CONTENT TREND ANALYSIS – Analysis of overall food content industry trends month wise – MOM uploads and viewership | YouTube & Facebook
  3. FOOD SUB-GENRE TREND ANALYSIS – Analysis of food content sub-genre (cuisine) month wise – uploads, viewership and engagement | YouTube & Facebook
  4. TOP VIEWED CHANNEL/PAGES – List of top channels/pages for defined period | YouTube & Facebook
  5. DEMOGRAPHIC & DEVICE ENGAGEMENT – Analysis of demographic engaged with food category along with the device wise viewership breakup | YouTube
  6. LANGUAGE WISE CONSUMPTION Analysis of language wise data consumption across the food category | YouTube
  7. GENRE COMPARISON Comparison of total viewership, subscribers & uploads of food genre vs other YouTube genres i.e. Music, Comedy, Entertainment, Education | YouTube

If you like to get the full report with complete data for April to December 2018 timeframe, then mail us at


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