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It’s rare if you’re a young Indian and you don’t know about TVF.  The Viral Fever Videos is now the most subscribed Indian channel in the comedy genre (1.8 million subscribers), beating AIB which is now growing slow with 1.72 million subscribers. If that’s news to you, maybe this will be too- TVF’s net worth is about 300 crore rupees!!

Read how TVF attracted everyone’s attention by making a Roadies parody:

Founder & Group CEO , The Viral Fever & TVF Media Labs, Arunabh Kumar said in an interview with Forbes,

I observed that there seems to be a big population and demand for better and progressive content which nobody is catering to. So I thought why not try and make something for them.”

He has a great sense of what the young India wants. Which is why TVF is a successful mix of his love for storytelling and dominating the online business industry in India. Their major revenues are being used to improve their app, production process and create more content. Some people wonder where do they earn the money from. Well, this year the company raised $10 million (around Rs. 66 crores) from investment firm Tiger Global Management. It knows how to use digital advertising at it’s best for their branded content, and get sponsors like Ola, Uber, Commonfloor, Tinder, Tata Motors, etc.

Did you know? Previously this year, there were only two Indian shows in IMDb Top 250 shows, and both are from TVF. Pitchers (No. 22, entered in 2015) and Permanent Roommates (No. 174, entered in 2014). They are also the first YouTube shows ever to make it to this list. This shows the potential of Indians to grow in this crazy competitive and US/UK-dominated YouTube community.

So here’s our analysis of all of TVF’s YouTube web series so far.

Note: Kyuki Baap bhi kabhi beta tha says “Episode 1”, in the Fathers Secretly Watching Game of Thrones video. But it is not a TVF Web series. It’s one of their many YouTube shows like Arnub’s Qtiyapa.

#1 Permanent Roommates

Available on: TVF,  TVFPlay Site, TVFPlay App
Sponsors: CommonFloor, Ola Cabs
Director: Sameer Saxena
Cast: Sumit Vyas, Nidhi Singh, Nidhi Bisht, Deepak Mishra.
Number of Episodes: Season 1= 5, Season 2= 7
Vidooly Rating: 9/10

The reason for Permanent Roommates gaining so much popularity, other than it being the first ever Indian web series is, that it’s a really entertaining and relatable drama. Each episode ends with a perfect cliffhanger. I have just seen the first season. And the season finale’s ending made me want to go back for more to see what happens next in their relationship. The drama is sometimes really serious, cute, or funny. The girl is the sensible one who makes smart points, and the guy is a total awkward cartoon. The younger generation can really connect with the relationship problems, they all seem very real.

The writing is also amazing. You’ll love the girl (Tanya) throughout, but you will find yourself in a love-hate relationship with the cartoon-Mikesh. His selfish stupidity will make you hate him, but his persistence and adorable gestures will make you like him. Other TVF actors also make appearances in the episode. It seems like they always use actors from their own fam for every series, and other videos too. TVF is the Indian Smosh. And so the oldest ones in the game will always have loyal subscribers waiting for more from them. Did you know? Permanent Roommates is a hit internationally as well. It has English subtitles. So does Pitchers. So, show it to your angrez cousins if you like it. I know I’ll be going back for Season 2.

#2 Pitchers

Available on: TVF,  TVFPlay Site, TVFPlay App
Sponsors: Ponds, Uber, Kingfisher
Director: Amit Golani
Cast: Naveen Bansal, Jitendra Maheshwari, Yogendra Kumar Pandey, Saurabh Mandal, Bhati, Rajat Khanna, Vineet.
Number of Episodes: 5
Vidooly Rating: 8.5/10

TVF released their second original series Pitchers a year ago. It’s a Comedy-Drama show on how engineers working in different companies quit their jobs and start a startup. TVF describes the series as- The rising culture of Startups in India, much like ‘The American Dream’, has led to a belief that anyone, irrespective of their family or educational background, can make it BIG.TVF Pitchers follows the story of four friends; Naveen, Jitu, Yogi and Mandal who Pitch their idea by day and sit over a Pitcher of beer by night.

To me, it looks like a coming of age sitcom, relatable for students who are flowering into or are fed up of the laptop bag life. It is definitely inspiring for everyone and especially engineers or engineering students who tend to feel lost in the thrown-in mechanical life. It really makes you contemplate your life and wonder if you’re taking enough risks. Also, it teaches us to talk/think less about our passions and do more

#3 Tripling

Available on: TVF,  TVFPlay Site, TVFPlay App
Sponsors: Tiago from Tata Motors
Director: Rajesh Krishnan
Cast: Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Kumud Mishra & Shernaz Patel.
Number of Episodes: 5
Vidooly Rating: 8/10

Note: These ratings are based on reviews and opinions of people other than me as well. Along with statistical factors like views, number of uploads, date of uploads, popularity, etc.

I haven’t seen this series yet, but I will. Because the trailer looks really interesting. It also looks like they spent a lot of money on this series. Like in crores. And it’s just 5 episodes, so why not?! Although, Chitvan looks like the funniest DJ ever. I get it. He’s supposed to be a DJ, but that doesn’t mean he has to have headphones over his neck all the time, like stethoscope around a pretend actor. That part of the trailer was really funny. Because who wears headphones in a car, while driving?! Yes, Indian drivers are kinda YOLO, but his character looks like the joker of the series.  But really, it looks like a great Ad for Tiago. #TriplingWithTiago  lol.

The Direction seems awesome. The drone shots, music, locations, everything looks really interesting. Just like a high budget movie. Tripling finale will be out on 2nd October. So I plan on watching the series before that probably. On, because other episodes come out on YouTube later, after around 1-2 weeks. Which is a great way to drive traffic to their site and app. (Ooh Tripling was on #3 coincidently!) 

Other TVF series (not web-series) that might be worth a binge.

#4 Screen Patti- Daaru Pe Charcha

Channel: Screen Patti
Cast: Jitendra Maheshwari, and featured guests.
Number of Episodes: 3
Vidooly Rating: 6/10

Their recent upload Vijay Maal Legaya is a good watch if you’re done watching the best TVF series.

#5 Girliyapa

Sponsors: Head & Shoulders
Vidooly Rating: 7/10

The number of episodes is not clear. They called the Why should hot girls have all the fun Video -Girliyapa Episode 1, and then maybe they stopped naming other videos as episodes but they are. That’s a great video, BTW. Also, check out their other videos, guys might not be interested because Girliyapa IS girly. The production quality is good though, just like BLUSH videos.

#6 Chai Sutta Chronicles

Channel: TVF
Director: Amit Golani
Cast: Nidhi Bisht, Tarun Singhal, Naveen Kasturia & Biswapati Sarkar.
Number of Episodes: 7
Vidooly Rating: 7/10

It’s a mini-series featuring a weird problem in every episode. I think Biswapati Sarkar (Arnub), takes all their videos to another level.  The episodes are so short that you can watch the whole series in about half n hour.

Have you watched TVF’s collab with Dice Media to promote Not fit? Speaking of Not fit,


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