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Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and digital transformations have moved from being a science & fiction idea to being a critical part of our everyday lives.

Gamers have turned influencers while gaming has become a lifestyle in itself.

Digital platforms have promoted ideas, codes, applications and sites with exclusive gaming content. Gaming companies have now shifted from app store purchasing to live streaming of favourite games.  Twitch Prime

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch prime is an elite version of gaming that provides premium level experience to gamers with Amazon Prime video subscriptions.

Subscribing to the platform enables the user to access complete gaming content, exclusive emotes, chat badges and partner channels of Twitch.

It is a companion part of Amazon that was initially launched as a companion product. Amazon acquired the popular streaming platform in 2014.

Twitch Prime is a part of Amazon Prime but deals specifically with streaming services. Amazon Prime subscribers can quickly get access to Twitch Prime free of cost and stream gaming contents as per interest.

Where in the world is Twitch Prime?

Currently, Twitch Prime is available worldwide excluding India, China and all embargoed countries. Countries supporting Amazon Prime allow their subscribers to use Twitch streaming services.

Countries like the US, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, France or the UK are supporters of Amazon Prime. Therefore, subscription to Twitch is available without complications. Twitch Prime

A country that does not let Amazon Prime function, will by default be unavailable for gamers interested in Twitch Prime.

Using free subscription on Twitch Prime

The service platform provides a free subscription every 30 days for use. This freebie can be used in supporting respective favourite Twitch streamers without making any payment.

Every support from followers would benefit the Twitch streamers financially and encourage them to generate more engaging gaming content.

When you follow certain channel, you will get an option for free subscription if you have it, after subscribing to the page. Twitch Prime

Once the subscription is over, it will send reminders and unlike other services, it is not auto-renewable. You must use it every month to get the next free subscription.

The account will provide amazing free gaming content monthly that can be redeemed from the homepage. Twitch desktop application helps in getting the open game content added to the account if needed from the website.

Getting Twitch Prime subscription

Having an Amazon Prime account is the primary requisite of gaining access to Twitch Prime. If you do not have an Amazon subscription, then you can sign up for free 30 days trial on both to get the overall feel and idea.

After the trial is over, you can log in with desired accounts on and link the profiles you require.  Twitch Prime

Logging into both Amazon and Twitch Prime accounts together will get you the bonus experience. The accounts get linked up, providing immediate benefits to the user.

One user can add four Twitch accounts to one Amazon account and avail single free subscription every 30 days.

Benefits of Twitch Prime

–    In-game loots for free: Get access to the rare collection of weapons, clothes, characters, maps, vehicles and exclusives in the game. Twitch Prime enables gamers to grab the items in shops for free and let them show off to their gamer community.  Twitch Prime

–    Get free games of choice every month: The Gamers can now get new games and updated versions every month for free on the Twitch Prime channel. Users can now enjoy new games and expand their palette for gaming. Twitch Prime

–    Rare designed emotes for free: Get your hands on Kappa, scaredy cat, cmon bruh, TriHard, Pogchamp and other amazing emoticons on Twitch Prime. These emotes are fun and appealing to use in chats and gamers love it while connecting over games on the channel. Twitch Prime

–    Expanding chat colour options with Twitch membership: Changing a few options in the prime settings would provide the user with a set of chat colours. This makes the overall chat experience on the platform a pleasure. Twitch Prime

–    Monthly free Twitch channel subscription: Any Twitch Prime account holder gets free subscription every 30 days which can be used on partnered/affiliate channels. There are several perks a Twitch Prime account user can avail. Twitch Prime

This includes Badges, emotes, games, chat option privileges and what not. Free trial members will get one free subscription until they have turned into the paid ones. Prime student trial users can get hold of free subscription only after starting a paid membership.Twitch Prime

–    Get Member-only prime chat badges: User gets to use rare chat badges meant only for the members of Twitch Prime. The chat settings on the platform has options which enable user to toggle between the chat badges.

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