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With 330 million active monthly users, Twitter has a much serious audience base compared to that of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. While the other platforms stage a much wider, bigger, long-lasting scope for marketing brands, Twitter is challenging given its character limits & short span of visibility.

Social media marketers have access to several insights, and data collection tools at their disposal to develop various marketing campaigns. They are available with free trials as well as paid, and premium versions with extra add-on feature for the brands to leverage.

Twitter analytics

Many social media platforms have their own analytics tools such as Instagram insights, Facebook insights, Pinterest analytics that assist marketers in creating audience-friendly content online. The third-party analytics tools are equally helpful such as Buffer, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, etc. that offer a plethora of creative options for both beginners and experts.

While most other social media platforms are best understood with these third-party tools, Twitter analytics is the most trusted marketing tool when on Twitter. The stats available are uncomplicated that helps design well-targeted, fruitful marketing campaigns.

Let us know about improving our marketing agendas with Twitter analytics that provides some of the finest data & insights to regulate the brand on Twitter.

How to access Twitter analytics?

As marketers, we often have tons of information, data, numbers and facts to play around in order to reach the most audience and strategically build a brand online. The most important step of utilizing these data is analysing them properly by deducing the right message they provide.

To begin using Twitter analytics click on the three dots on the left side options bar or just “more” tab in it followed by “analytics”. It will lead to the metrics homepage or the dashboard that displays a variety of information related to the tweets, retweets, engagements, etc.

Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics will provide data only in the following conditions:

  1. Irrespective of brand, individual or organisation the account should be older than 14 days.
  2. The account should be mostly tweeting in Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Filipino, Finnish, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Thai.
  3. The account abides by all Twitter policies.
  4. The account is fair and not suspended, deleted, restricted or protected.

Once you begin operating and using the analytics options, Twitter will bring in more updated data with time.

Benefits of Twitter analytics for marketers

Twitter marketing can get complex due to the several reasons like exposure duration, crowded trending hashtags and whatnot but Twitter analytics simplifies it completely.

Here are few major benefits of the platform that brand managers, marketers can utilize to gather more popularity, followers and engagement.

  1. Know your Audience

Understanding your Audience interests, ideas, demands is necessary to build a campaign. Marketing campaigns are all about messages but unless the marketers are aware of who is listening to them, designing one is inconsequential.

Knowing the audience is one significant step in Twitter marketing therefore, collecting data regarding their age, gender, demography, language, etc. is essential.

Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics provides options for critical research on the audience that will help grow the channels by impressing more followers.

Additionally, Twitter analytics also provides details such follower’s device, top keyword searches, online behaviour and interests to enable precise marketing.

  1. Monthly performance overview

When on the dashboard, notice the monthly 28-day compilation of data about the Twitter account in use. It provides a month-long datasheet of engagement and other details that took place on it.

The insights on twitter analytics give complete information about the monthly performance of the tweets and activities that have taken place. This constructs further goals, strategy, ideas and campaign structures on twitter.

Twitter analytics

The left sidebar displays twitter analytics highlights which tell about what worked best for the profile and how it can be utilised again. These highlights are:

  • Top Tweet: that received most impressions
  • Top Follower: that account with a maximum follower who followed your account in the particular month
  • Top media tweet: the picture/video/gif/graphics tweet that received the most number of impressions
  • Top mention: the tweet including the ones from other accounts with your profile mention that achieved most engagement on it
  • Top card tweet: a tweet with twitter card including the ones from other accounts that received the most impression.

These overview details act as guidelines and show the path to gain the most benefits from the platform. Re-sharing the top tweet, reaching out to the top follower for collaborations, re-tweeting the top mention are few ways to use the insights wisely.

  1. Performance benchmarking

Twitter analytics provides an option to see the average performance of the account and compare the functions accordingly.

Twitter being the dynamic platform that has high fluctuating insights every day it becomes tough to acquire, analyse, compare and conclude the results. These graphs are different every day hence, calculating an average smoothens these sharp edgy lines.

Average performance on twitter analytics dashboard makes the comparison of monthly performance an easier task. Setting a benchmark is simpler that will then motivate and guide marketers towards producing improvised content on it.

Impressions, engagements rates & engagement numbers make performance analysis effective and valuable.

  1. Timing accuracy online

On twitter, audiences and followers are more likely to see a fresh tweet than the most popular one on the specific twitter account. This is because the tweets are visible in a chronological manner rather than any algorithmic order determining the most engaging of all.

It is important to know the best time to post on every social media channel because that is the key to attain most engagement and impression. Specifically, on twitter, the audience is selectively available due to which one may miss the right time to tweet.

With twitter analytics providing loads of data, facts and figures to determine the right time to tweet with the most audience likely to be online becomes easy. Twitter analytics also provides information regarding the type of device used by the most audience that indicates their commuting and working times to pick for tweeting appropriately.

Knowing their geographic position and further fragmenting it into regions can ease the process of time-zoning tweets for followers.

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