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While I begin typing the first line of this blog, twitter has got over thousands of tweets on air.

8,847 per second to be more precise!

Things move really fast on the social media platform where the average life span of each tweet is around 18 minutes.

Developing a viable twitter marketing strategy is a must to ensure a complete success over digital marketing.

Whether it is to create a buzz around your campaign, promote a new product or simply be more realistic online, Twitter has got it all covered. With a quick life time, tweets are highly volatile. Therefore, the impact they generally are capable of creating is short lived and less prone to success or getting viral.

In order to design a full proved, functional and result generating twitter marketing strategy, one must make sure of packing a dash of quirky ideas that would be head turner and jaw droppers for the audiences.

Let us list down and discuss some out of the box twitter marketing strategies for brands and creators trying to make it large online.

Twitter Marketing Strategy for Business & marketers

  1. Relatable profile personality

To begin with we all know that the first impression does hold immense power in convincing the visitors of the account. When anyone comes searching or lands up on your profile, they must get the sense of trust and relevancy to it.

Picking an appropriate profile picture along with the cover image is vital because that is where the attention goes up initially. Make sure your images vibe with the product, service or idea that your brand is intending to project/sell in front of the public.

It is advisable to use a constant name or user id on all the social media platforms that your brand is active on because it helps avoid confusion among the customers. While designating a handle name try to use shorter and simpler names instead of using irrelevant numbers, characters and symbols. There are many reasons to do so. Users would love to mention you on their tweets when the name is shorter as it is easy to find with intuitive search while not occupying much space in the character limited tweet feature of the platform.

As customer like to interact with brands on twitter, it is wise to develop memorable and distinct visuals on profile. This is helpful in lead generation, maintaining customer loyalty and cutting customer support costs majorly.

Twitter Marketing Strategy - Relatable profile personality

  1. Know your competitor profiles

It is always advisable to know whom you are directly competing with on twitter. Research about where do your customers go after visiting your profile or what is the alternate against you for them. Use competitive analysis to draw a proper twitter marketing strategy that will make sure to attract the right audience. Knowing the strength and weaknesses of competitors is essential to build a better plan that will survive creative campaigns and other counter marketing moves of the competing profile.

Twitter Marketing Strategy - Know your competitor profiles

  1. Add a great bio

Make sure that you use the complete 160 characters on the bio section to define your brand and cause in the right way. It is not necessary to write something complex and high on vocabs because anything simple yet creative will grab all the minds. The best way to work on this twitter marketing strategy is to write down who you are to the platform and what is your message to the readers and visitors.

As you formulate the twitter marketing strategy, ensure that the main goals of the brand are clearly defined. Cracking a light, witty joke in the bio can make it look more real and not a bot. mentioning the rights tags help users find the profile effortlessly and tag them at relevant places. Moreover, it is always good to slightly brag about achievements while adding the profile handles of other verticals relevant to your brand.

Twitter Marketing Strategy - Add a great bio

  1. Tweet at the right time

While making route plans for the twitter marketing strategy tweeting at appropriate timing must be a priority. Analysis and insights data are required here to determine a fixed time and day when the tweets would receive maximum engagement, boost, clicks and impressions. There are certain days and specific time when users would visit and see your tweets which in turn would coax them to respond thereby improving engagement rates. As every business and brand profile will have separate audience, they also have different patterns of coming online and engaging with content on twitter. Thus, experiment on several hours and days to observe and note the exact period that gathers most of it. Once the time and day has been figured out, you can schedule posts through third party forums such as hootsuite, buffer and others to get the same done effectively.

Twitter Marketing Strategy - Tweet at the right time

  1. Add an image or graphics

It might sound as a old tip but trust on this it definitely changes the way audiences respond to most of the other twitter marketing strategy. Adding a picture, video, short GIFs, graphical illustrations gather more retweets and likes than the bland worded tweets. Research found that a tweet with an image is 89% more probable to receive likes than the others in comparison. So, do add that cool picture, meme, boomerang and GIFs to sit right with the content and gather more responses.

Twitter Marketing Strategy - Add an image or graphics

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