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Are the overflowing feeds and noisy posts shadowing your brand’s presence?

If you want to curate longer content into interesting tweets that stands out, Twitter Moments for businesses are here!

“Twitter Moments let you tell a story that goes beyond one Tweet and highlights different perspectives”

Twitter Moments is a content creation and curation tool that helps in consolidating best tweets relevant to a specific topic. The content gathered can be presented in a single frame slideshow that elaborates the content as a narration. Twitter Moments for businesses

Former Twitter product manager Madhu Muthukumar quoted in a blog that-

“Twitter Moments helps you find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon – regardless of who you follow. Just visit the new tab called Moments, where you will discover stories unfolding on Twitter.”

The Twitter Moments was first released in October 2015 and only selected partners could use the feature along with Twitter. It was later released in September 2016 for public use after a trial in August 2016.

How to create Twitter Moments for businesses?

  1. To begin creating some interesting trail of tweets, go to the Twitter profile and click on the profile picture at the top-right corner Twitter Moments for businesses
  2. Select “Moments” from the drop down menu
  3. Click on “Create new Moment” Twitter Moments for businesses
  4. Enter an engaging title for the Moment and add a catchy description in the space for texts Twitter Moments for businesses
  5. After deciding the type of Moment, scroll down the screen to add relevant tweets to the Moments segment. These tweets can be any old tweet from own profile, a recently liked tweet or any public tweet
  6. To select favorable tweets, tick the right side of the particular tweet. Tweets can only be added to Moments manually and no automatic feature prevails Twitter Moments for businesses
  7. Add a cover picture to the Moment in order to make it attractive. It can be a new image or an image from another selected tweet

The Twitter Moments can be further customized by clicking on “More” option on the top left of the screen.  Twitter Moments for businesses

It would offer the following customizations: –

  • To select mobile theme colour
  • Marking the Moment for sensitive content 
  • Choose to share publish location along with the Moment
  • Select to publish the Moment privately
  • Delete or un-publish the designed Moment

After deciding the complete layout and design, click on the Publish option at top right side of the screen.

Post publishing the Moment, Twitter encourages user to promote the work in a separate tweet. You can compose a tweet specifically for the Moment and share it on your feed.Twitter Moments for businesses

The promotion tweet can be identified by the lightning bolt icon on the tweet.

When to make a Twitter Moment for the brand?

Twitter Moments for businesses are a very useful feature that improves brand’s social media presence and boosts overall branding. Here we have listed few ideas inspired from Twitter’s official blog to get started with moments.

  1. Stay updated with latest trends: Relevant industry events, global news, and trending topics make great content together. It is safe & reliable for beginners on Twitter Moments for businesses.
  2. Light-hearted meme round-ups: Brands can develop funny meme stories and creative media content to entertain audiences. These are engaging and attractive tweets that can be picked according to the industry.
  3. Supporting inspiring stories: Brands can pick stories that inspire them and tweet them in form of a Moment. How about gathering tweets related to cancer survivors and converting it into Moments for a hospital that rehabilitates cancer patients? It works well for sure.
  4. Promote eventful news: Did the start-up get a huge funding? Is it buzzing on the internet? Make a memorable, informative and celebrating Moment on the fund raising and people behind it to attract users.
  5. Follow the trending hashtags: Twitter has regular topics trending on its site and one can follow them to get organic content. Relevant trends can provide real conversations, data and insights which can be used in Moments for businesses.
  6. User generated feedback: Compile all the praises from clients, partners, employees and fans of your company into a Moment. It helps display brand in a positive manner where real people have given real feedback. It helps associate trust and loyalty to the brand.

Best ways to use Twitter Moments for businesses

While Instagram and Snapchat made “stories” their blockbusters, Marketers should not look away from Twitter Moments for businesses.

When compared, Moments are much convenient and easy to curate because Twitter empowers the feature to bring in content from any account.

Allowing Twitter Moments to use content from any relevant point helps bring in several sources of information, different media perspective and insights together at one place. Twitter Moments for businesses

Twitter Moments help bring out a clear message to the audience. It can facilitate brands to cover many topics in few series of Moments.

It has been over three years since the launch and Twitter Moments are becoming prominent amidst the top brands. There are many ways in which the feature can be used to empower the brands.

We have discussed a few ways to utilize this technique in marketing.

  1. Promote events and go live

Twitter Moments are perfect platform to announce launches, make releases, and feature live moments.

Any occasion that is yet to happen, has taken place in past or is going on live can be easily captured in form of Moments. Twitter Moments for businesses

It increases engagement on Twitter and excites the viewers about particular event. It promotes the brand along with it.

  1. Consolidating tweetstorms for ease

We have often come across shorter essay like tweets in back to back series trying to explain a point of view on a topic.

These are tweetstorms that help users minimize larger discussions and thoughts into series of tweets.

Seldom they become difficult to understand and convey a very confusing message. Twitter blog quoted here explains Moments as-

“When things happen in the world, people come to Twitter to see, experience and comment about what’s happening as it unfolds. The stories and voices aren’t always expressed through a single Tweet – they unfold across multiple Tweets and involve various points of view. Moments allow people to capture and experience richer stories reflecting the diversity of Tweets that, together, make Twitter so powerful.”

Gathering the series into Twitter Moments for businesses can help brands look organised and readable on Twitter.

It manages the tweets in order and puts them in right sequence for tweeples to read without scrolling the feed randomly.

  1. Create product demo for Twitter audience

Demos and launches are mostly followed up with videos, new posts, blogs and vlogs promoting it online.

Social media platforms are seen with content related to the launch in numerous forms in multiple channels. All of these can be collected and put in a single frame with Twitter Moments.Twitter Moments for businesses

One of the best example can be Twitter itself. During the launch of Twitter Moments, it created a Moment informing viewers about its practices and advises for people interested in using the new feature.

  1. Video Repurposing on social media

In our previous blog on Ways to repurpose video content for effective social media marketing, we understood the importance of video content these days.

They surely play a vital role in Twitter marketing as well. Incorporating older videos in Twitter Moments for businesses can be a super hit technique to generate traffic and engagement. Twitter Moments for Businesses

Utilizing videos as Moment covers is a smart move too. It attracts viewers and they may just like going through the whole tweeted Moment.

Video repurposing through Moments bind audiences and invokes interest in them to look beyond it and understand the brand better.

  1. #BTS in Moments

Putting up a series of bloopers in Moments to connect with viewers is wise. It makes the brand look approachable, connected and real in all ways.

Behind the scenes videos depicting company scenes, funny moments, failed attempts when gathered at a single place, looks interesting. Twitter Moments for Businesses

#BTS are clever methods to engage audience, interact with them and inform them about the company. Twitter Moments for businesses are of much benefit to its brand image.

  1. Partnering Influencer and celebrities in Moments

Celebrity and social media influencers are the real gems for marketing online. Associating with a celebrity can help brands reach to the top of trending lists.

It not just floods the brand with enormous engagement rates but also widens the reach and visibility of marketing campaigns. Twitter Moments for businesses

Celebrities can influence audience in favour of the brand and ensure success for the marketing campaigns on social media.

Be that a product endorsement, event launch or regular promotional content, influencer tweets when placed as the center in a Moment can be highly effective.

Twitter Moments assisting rise of brands on social media

During the testing period in 2016, many brands and business houses were invited to be a part of the launch. VaynerMedia being one of those guests to experiment with the feature, appreciated the Moments for utilising real-time culture.

The Chief Creative Officer Steve Babcock was quoted saying-

“At VaynerMedia, we’re all about marketing for the year we live in and testing new products. We’re excited about the new ability to make Moments because it provides our brand partners with a great opportunity to seamlessly integrate into how real-time culture is being consumed today.”

This feedback speaks in volumes about the utility of the feature.

Twitter Moments enables creators and influencers to choose tweets and content which helps them highlight the desired message.

This kind of control over content empowers users to design Moment that can potentially drive traffic and improve conversion rates.

It is one exciting element in Twitter and if you are a brand, start-up team or individual creator, do give it a try.

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