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Akshay Chandra6 years ago

Twitter confirmed today that they are revamping their character limit. With this change, you can add GIF’s, pictures, polls without counting them in your 140 characters limit. These changes were rumored back in May 2016, after Twitter allowed users to send private messages up to 10,000 characters.

After reporting a disappointing first quarter, this can be Twitter’s way of boosting its stagnating user base and looking ways to partner with the premier sports league in the America in a hope of increasing revenue with one of the most dominant brands in terms of content that draws advertisers.

In 2016, Twitter has grown from just a tweet factory to a multimedia sharing platform. This acclimatization of twitter started last year when Twitter launched “Twitter Amplify”.

Read this article to know more about Twitter Amplify

Twitter Video formats

In June 2016, Twitter announced a couple of important updates that dealt with improving the video length and navigational experience.

First Update – Twitter changed its regular video length of 30 seconds to 140 seconds per upload. This update will encourage twitter fanatics to upload better-curated content, especially for the ones that have YouTube channels.

Second UpdateGo #beyondtheVine. Yes, with Vine introducing longer format of 140 seconds per video upload. So, now a twitter user can watch, tweet and explore Vine videos in their twitter feed. All you have to do is tap a Vine or a video tweet to get more suggestions of similar videos.

Periscope – Twitter announced a new video monetization option last week by adding live Periscope content to its monetization options, which lets approved creators and brands earn a share of ad revenue on their media posts just like Vine.

Select publishers will continue to be able to post videos up to 10 minutes long through professional publisher tools.

Twitter exchange App (3rd update)

With this new companion app, will help Twitter influencers and creators to connect back to their fans by analyzing real-time data and analytics. With this app, one can check insights of videos, GIFs, images, and other Twitter activity; allowing the twitter user to track the tweet-by-tweet conversation and performances.

The Twitter Engage app also provides audience demographic mapping, account performance, twitter status filtered via custom timeframe. Another most important feature of this app is “Earnings” tab. If you are interested in generating some revenue from Twitter, then this feature will help you to sign-up directly for the “Twitter Amplify” program.

So, now that you are updated with the new features launched by Twitter, let’s discuss “How to earn money through Twitter”

How to earn money through Twitter

Amplify Publisher Program/ Pre-roll ads

Although Twitter Amplify was launched back in 2014 (only for select brands), Twitter Engage App will give its users the flexibility to generate revenue through video monetization – but only in America. This will help the Twitter Approved Creators to register for Amplify program. After registering, they can monetize their content just by “Checking a box” before uploading any video. Doing so will permit the advertiser to run pre-roll ads on your and a good portion will be shared back with the creator.

Video Tweets on Twitter have increased by over 50% since the beginning of 2016

According to CNBC, creators who publish content through the Twitter Amplified program will get 70% of AD revenue sharing system. Comparing this with Facebook’s (50:50) and YouTube’s (55:45), twitter is trying hard to attract curated content creators.

Program Benefits

Twitter Amplify
Twitter Amplify

Niche is a new-York based startup which handles more than 35,000 popular Vine stars, and other popular content creators. Unlike YouTube’s Multi Channel Networks where monetization occurs only for YouTube’s platform; Niche provides a multi-platform level monetization deal. This means Twitter can now monetize activity on its chief rivals’ platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Twitter Niche
Media Studio

What Twitter exchange is for smartphones, is what media studio is for Desktop. This means the Twitter influencers can analyze, publish, schedule, and monetize their videos through Analytics Dashboard. You can access the following functionalities from media Studio.



Desktop UsersVISIT –> –> Request Access

Mobile UsersDOWNLOAD –> Twitter Engage –> CLICK –> Earnings –> Sign up for Amplify Publisher Program / Choose NICHE is you are an influencer and yet to find a partner

Is it better than YouTube for creators?

Twitter is a lot more different than YouTube. In YouTube, user depends upon YouTube metadata (Titles, Description, and Thumbnail) to grow exponentially; but for Twitter, the organic discovery of videos is done through hashtags (#). Also, many YouTubers found success on other platforms including, Twitter, where they (YouTubers) ask their fan base to follow them on Twitter, Instagram etc. But, it’s rare to find a Twitter influencer on YouTube. Other than that, here are some of the differences I noticed while working on this platform.

Video upload length

  • YouTube – Video length doesn’t matter here given that you verify your YouTube channel. Until then, it’s 15 minutes.
  • Twitter – The new update says 140 seconds. This is low when compared to YouTube.

No editing options in Media Studio

  • YouTube – There is a YouTube editor in build with YouTube’s Creator Studio
  • Twitter – No.

Restricted video formats

  • YouTube – Supports 8 video formats for uploading that includes MOV, MP4 (MPEG4), AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MPEGPS and WebM
  • Twitter – Supports only mp4 and mov

YouTube URL

It’s good that Twitter is not following Facebook’s steps on including a YouTube URL to embed with their Video player, but still, a Twitter user cannot reuse/embed a YouTube URL.

Limited file size

  • YouTube – There is no restriction on the file size. It’s in the Creators hands.
  • Twitter – Videos are limited to a 512 MB file size.

Third party analytics integration

  • YouTube helped many startups (like us) to emerge as they are open for Third Party  Analytics Integration.
  • Twitter – Nopes

Twitter is a separate platform, meant to dwell users who document their thoughts, surroundings in short fast-paced, concise sentences with 2-minute video clips to spare. Last April, twitter announced that it will live stream weekly out-of-market games by joining Major League Baseball (MLB), and NFL in their effort to expand its live sports plan. Last Tuesdays NFL Super Bowl match between Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets saw a footprint of 22 million users – 255,000 tweets in one day alone, with advertisers ready to shell out $1 to $8 million. With this being said, YouTube is like a full fledged movie, detailed but mind boggling, Twitter is like the trailer of that movie, quick but unnerving; yet, both are telling you the same story.


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