Instagram MarketingHow to Use Twitter Advanced Search Feature to Reach out Influencers

We know that millions of digital marketers, brands, online junkies are tweeting, It’s just too noisy!!

It is quite a tough task to find the relevant Tweets. But one can use the lesser known ‘Twitter advanced search’ option to find the relevant twitteratis. This advanced search allows one to find a twitter handle in a crowded forest of 200 million active users!

You can use Twitter advanced search results to include filtering options like words, people, places and dates to make it easier to find the relevant Twitter profile. Here is the detailed explanation.


You will get a list of all the twitter handles whose tweets include a particular word – either as a word or a hashtag. Here’s how you can drill it down further:

All of these words: Enter all the text that you want to search. For example, Influencer Marketing New York. The search will look for all of these keywords in a tweet irrespective of the order in which they’re used.

This exact phrase: If you are looking to find tweets which contain an exact phrase. For example: b2b marketing

Any of these words: When you’re seeking to find any of the words that are related to each other. For example: Online video digital marketing

None of these words: You can also remove the words/phrase that you don’t want to be searched.

These hashtags: You can write all the hashtags that are mostly used by those influencers or the ones that are related to the campaign for which you’re looking. Such as #growthhacks

Written in: This will help you use the keywords in different languages. Suppose your campaign is about Latin America, you can search for words in Spanish or Portuguese.


If you want to get a list of all the tweets or mentions of a particular influencer, these filters can make your job easier.

From these accounts: Add the names of Influencer that you’re looking for. For example: Jeff Bullas

To these accounts: You want to search for Twitter handles to which you have tweeted before. Just add username, and you will get all the tweets that you’ve tweeted to them.

Mentioning these accounts: Just like the others you have to write username, and you’ll get the tweets and also if you mentioned them in some other context you’ll get the entire list of the username that you’ve specified in the search.


If you want to target any particular city or geography than use this filter

Near this place: You will get the list of all the tweets that you have sent in the particular geography.


This filter can help you to look at the tweets date wise.

For example: You want to see who all influencers tweet and most active during Halloween then this filter will give you the list of all the tweets in that particular period.


This is the last filter that gives you options like positive, negative, question, and Included retweets.

Twitter advanced search
Twitter advanced search

You can use this to know the sentiments of the tweets by influencers also you can add in the re-tweets. By this, we will also get to know the engagement of the tweets of that influencers also through that influencer we will be able to connect with others.

Twitter allow you to save up to 25 search results per account. Hence you can use these filters, and by doing A/B testing, you can save your results or can create a list of all the influencers on the basis work like social media influencer, product influencer, lead generation, reviewer and online video marketer.

Now you have to use all these filters in Twitter advanced search effectively:

I’m explaining these ways using an example which will help you to find out yours.

I need to find out all the influencers by using Twitter advanced search in b2b marketing and who has a good presence during Halloween.

1. Find a list of all the influencers

By using all of these word filters in Twitter advanced search – track down all the accounts or people who are into influencer marketing, then I’ll mention b2b marketing in this exact phrase filter.

Also, I want to narrow it down to the ones who are into online video, so I’ll mention online video marketing in any of these words. And also will use the hashtags like #review, #growthhacks so that I will get to know the results of all the marketers that are working in this field.

2. Track down all influencers using competitors account

For this, you can use to these accounts filter with from these accounts. For example, I want to track down all the tweets related to Socialblade in any of the above filters I will get all the results of all the influencers to either mentioned Socialblade or vice-a-versa.

3. Target your audience geographical/date wise:

I want to target all the Latin Americans for my product, so I will be going to look for Spanish speaking influencers, hence will add the places and will target an audience accordingly. Also, if you have any offer in the month of Halloween probably mention date along with the location that will give you all the active users of that particular period and you can approach them.

4. Get sentiments of the tweets or explore the new once:

I find this sentiment analysis of tweets interesting – through this, I will get to know the mood of the people or in which context they’re talking about. Also, you will get to know about all the retweets of that particular tweet. Hence you’ll get the list of all the potential clients as well as potential influencers.

5. Exclude from the bulk:

You can rule out a small chunk of people that you might think are not relevant by using this, as this will fine-tune your search results.

I hope you will able to find the highly targeted Influencers using Twitter advanced search. If you have any doubts regarding monetization of videos on Twitter, then you can click here to know more.

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