Lists6 Effective Benefits of Video Ads In PPC Campaigns for Brands

With the continuously dwindling attention span of audiences coupled with uncertain social media pattern of events, advertising has become a big deal for marketers as well as brands.

Keeping up with upcoming trends and swiftly changing climate of social media platforms is a great task in itself as understanding the future over the internet is full of errors & risks. However, as optimization of content drives traffic and SEO paves way for more CTRs and revenue, PPC campaigns build relations and help brands present products directly to the prospective audience.

video ads on PPC campaigns

PPC campaigns with well-defined budgets and systematic approach towards other engaging audiences besides consisting of simple tools to measure the insightful data are the key to gather more success in digital spaces.

Why use Video Ads in PPC Campaigns?

Adding videos instead of content is not a crazy deal because they are not just more appropriate in sending the right message to buyers but also be demographically precise. As the cost of getting keywords and optimizing them for campaigns increases, Video ads in PPC campaigns is a smarter choice.

We all know that well-made and directed video ads in PPC campaigns are more relatable to the audience as the products & services are elaborately described besides being comparatively cheaper. Marketers cannot ignore that fact that the average attention span of a viewer is less than 10 seconds hence making sure that all major details are informed beside the right message with the specific time period can yield yet more benefits.

Video ads in PPC campaigns are a cool idea to make sure that there is a grip over what people choose and their purchase power through visuals, audio voice overs and animations.

Benefits of Using Video Ads in PPC Campaigns

  1. Targeting precisely

A huge number of parameters like demography, interest, genre, job type and age can be utilised with Video ads in PPC to make sure that the targeting is done more accurately. Just like targeting in display ads & text ads, one may control the visibility of the ads to the customers. The best part here is that for video ads on the campaign one may not require to prepare for a hefty budget but manage to get amazing results in the least.

  1. Remarketing for improved conversion

Marketers can use the google display network for a list of users who watched or engaged with the brand’s content in the past to remarket the same product or offer. The process is very simple and easy to use with great ROI as well as average ad spend.

  1. Product advertisement

Videos speak a thousand words, express several emotions, manage to create an impact and convince buyers for the deal. Using video ads in PPC campaigns is one of the most effective ways to capture their minds while creating a long-lasting impression. Introducing a product with video is the best choice for brands as it may include few risks but is surely helpful in achieving the target.

  1. Removal of unwanted matter

Overdoing the advertisement may not result in anything all the time. Moreover, it can cause more chaos besides being available to the wrong audience. It is a waste of budget, available resources and others while making way for unnecessary traffic at the site and spam issues. Thus with the amazing feature of exclusion, video ads on PPC campaigns can be safely executed thereby, yielding more appropriate results.

  1. Value addition to brand

With well-directed, creative video ads on PPC campaigns one can always add the right value to the brand. They connect the audience with the company and ensure a more lasting relation by explaining the visions and missions of the brand. It simply adds more value to the existing development.

  1. Engagement

This is the actual benefit that matters the most while adding video ads on PPC campaigns because people usually tend to buy what pleases or engages them. Quirky jingles, well-synced video frames, relatable statement lines etc. are a key to wonderful outcomes. As discussed above, with the reducing average attention span of people, keeping them hooked to the actual motive of the ad is the essence of designing the ads.

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