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Isn’t the word ‘dynamic’ synonymous to digital these days?

Well, digital advertising has come a long way from where it began. Right from traditional manual methods of marketing to the digital media revolutions, advertising is the key.

Brands and organizations that adapted to the dynamics of digital media survived while the rest evanesced. video advertising trends

Digital video advertising trends that spilled magic in 2018 have become outdated now. Therefore, marketers must keep themselves updated with the latest video advertising trends of 2019.

Most marketers are using video ads to entertain, educate, inform, and share messages. However, a rise in consumption and advanced software have supported the augmentation of video advertising trends.

Video ads help brands reach an extensive market with correct targeting in lesser time.

We have compiled some efficient video advertising trends that will help brands enhance the quality of their digital marketing skills.

Best Video Advertising Trends in 2019

1. Shorter ads: Time plays a significant role in advertising. Nowadays, people are so much selective, that they would spend time only on ads that are relevant & attractive. video advertising trends

As virtual video content rise in number, the time viewers spend on watching video content has decreased. Therefore, it is wise for advertisers to create short videos — brands should focus on creating an impactful 15 seconds video that would coax a response from the viewer.

Such market trends have led brands into creating shorter ads that would beat the ‘skip’ button clicks and convey messages in the least time.

2. User-generated content: Customers tend to trust ads which have real unpaid fans or users in it. User testimonials can engage viewers with real-life experiences. It is necessary for brands to understand how word of mouth influences their business so they can plan ads accordingly.

User-generated content in video ads is not just pocket-friendly but also yields 7x higher engagement rates than regular scripted content. video advertising trends

The relationship between brands and their customers gets strengthened due to the authenticity and transparency shown in ads.

3. Cinemagraphs: These are the popular forms of digital ads. Cinemagraphs are photo and video hybrids which have subtle movements in it while the rest image remains still.

It is interesting, attractive, highlighting, and a new artistic form of advertising. 

The effects in the model create illusions that are realistic and feels like animation too. This eye-catching technique is one of the most beautiful video advertising trends of 2019.

These still motion pictures created by using high-end cameras along with some post-production editing tools, convey messages conveniently.

Ad campaigns using cinemagraphs are the new craze, and brands must consider these for better impressions.

4. Mobile advertising: Diverse device friendly ads are essential for brands which advertise digitally.

In 2018, 52% of worldwide online traffic came from mobile devices alone while rest stats indicate its exponential growth.

In the time when more than half of all online transactions take place on mobile devices, it is crucial for brands to create vertical ads. 
Mobile phones have influenced consumer markets and changed behavioral patterns. Most of the videos shot on phones are present in an upright design, which is known as vertical videos.

The rising trend of vertical advertisements on Instagram stories & Snapchat has convinced brands into developing mobile-friendly videos.  video advertising trends

Mobile advertising not just reduces on-screen distraction but also helps engage the right customers. The growing consumption of online content & mobile ads have provided more scope and reasons for brands to create vertical video ads.

5. In-stream advertising: Yet another mobile device advertising format that has been proven successful, in-stream ads are 5 to 15 seconds of videos placed directly within live video streams and on-demand videos in mobile phones.

The feature is highly effective, and 70% of the in-stream ads impression on Facebook and audience network gets viewed to completion.

These short, mid-roll ads are selectively optimized for views, impressions, brand awareness, app installs, reaches, and engagements. video advertising trends

It is helpful for advertisers to tap into Facebook’s average regular 8 billion video views. In-stream ads through Facebook’s audience network is viewed by over one billion viewers every month. Thus, in-stream ad helps ad campaigns reach the most target market.

6. No-sound optimization: Social media has changed over time, that has also affected the way people watch videos. As people these days mostly use mobile smartphones to view media, advertisers need to emphasize on making ads mobile-friendly.

Smartphones on public settings come with default sound offs. So, videos need to be visually appealing and understandable without music.

To handle such fresh requirements, creators are coming up with content that is self-explanatory without any sound. Such changes and updates in video content are the rising trends in video advertising which is sure to help brands be more likable and relevant to their audiences.

7. Rise in fleeting stories: When discussing online video advertising trends, stories on social media play a significant role. This video format that is a compilation of edited images, graphics, videos & animations that are accessible for a short time, help brands advertise better.  video advertising trends

Snapchat followed by Instagram & Facebook first pioneered it. Ads in stories are highly popular among viewers & advertisers on social media. 

This viral trend is expected to grow further for the reachability and view rates. These video forms are interactive, thereby engaging more audience, which in turn helps expand the brand base and online presence.

With over 400 Million people watching Instagram stories regularly, it is a plus for advertisers.

8. Pop culture and advertising: Online advertisers these days make sure that they don’t miss out on any latest trending hashtag.

Creative advertising has taken over the traditional banner ads, and viewers get rewarded with exceptional relevant content.

Brands develop ads for online stories based on recent news, movie, music, book, series, and everything most talked. 

video advertising trends

This idea helps build a stronger connection with viewers. The young audience finds it relevant and connects quicker, thus, ensuring more engagements.

Online advertising has become a much-discussed topic because of the diverse markets available on social media sites. Advertisers are developing engaging, relevant, impactful content suitable for most device formats to ensure higher reach. video advertising trends

Online stories, viral meme content, vertical ads, and ad campaigns have changed the way brands interact with their audience. The digital video advertising trends are continuously evolving, and so is consumer behavior. Companies creating dull informative ads no longer appeal to online viewers.

Therefore, creative, entertaining, and engaging video content is a must. Brands and advertisers need to keep up with these video advertising trends in 2019 to establish a proper online presence.

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