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Alexa Coleman2 years ago

Anyone who has been involved with the world of online sales for an appreciable length of time appreciates the impact that video content can have upon their ongoing marketing campaigns. Videos offer a much more personalised approach while enabling the seller to tout the benefits of his or her product in greater detail. However, we also need to keep in mind that potential buyers are increasingly utilising mobile devices to access e-commerce pages. How might this translate into the art of bespoke video marketing strategies? Let’s take a quick look at a few metrics which should be taken into account if you hope to fully resonate with your audience.Video Content for Mobile Users

Quality as Opposed to Quantity

In terms of video marketing, more is not necessarily better. Some sellers make the mistake of presenting what can only be called an “information overload” to the end user. There are several problems with this approach:

  • Most individuals will not spend more than a handful of minutes watching a promotional video.
  • The length of the video may detract from its main selling points.
  • Longer videos tend to be confusing and laden with digital “fluff”.

Similar to SEO marketing suggestions, quality always trumps quantity in terms of video content. This is even more relevant if you happen to be on a limited budget, as maximising sales potential is crucial. Try to highlight the main selling points of the product or service in question. Then, tie these together with what makes your business different and how your approaches can benefit the end user. Viewers will be much more appreciative of this brevity and it will make the decision-making process clear from the very beginning.

The Importance of Mobile-Responsive Videos

Search terms such as “low investment business Shopify” will present you with a list of cost-effective selling suggestions if you cannot afford to spend a great deal of money. However, these still need to be adapted to a mobile community. A growing number of users are now accessing their favourite online retail websites while away from home and your videos need to reflect this very same trend. How can this be accomplished?

First, make sure that you create a high-quality video. HD and UHD presentations are much more impressive and they will reflect positively upon your company. These will also display with clarity on smaller display screens; critical if your presentation includes complex imagery. Another important takeaway point is to create a clickable hyperlink directly within the video or just above the description. If the user decides to take further actions (such as navigating to your website), he or she will not have to scroll down the screen in order to encounter the appropriate web address.

Mobile video marketing is set to become one of the most pronounced trends in the coming years and being able to adapt your strategies to this framework is crucial. With a bit of preparation and foresight, you will be able to create a presentation that redefines online retail success.

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