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With the increased accessibility in various production tools, every small business has virtually every reason to enhance their marketing videos. Thanks to advancements in technology, posting and recording video content has never been any easier. 

Now, all you need is a laptop or your smartphone to start recording videos that are essential for marketing your business. With some relatively good lighting and a good background you are all set!

Video is a stunning and efficient content type to market a small business since it offers you a distinct way of developing a deeper connection with your customers. Both customers and prospect clients can see and hear from you, meet with your staff, get to see you in action, as well as learn about everything you have to offer them.

If you are looking to incorporate video into the marketing plan of your small venture, here are ten video content ideas to help inspire you and get going. 

  1. Introduce Yourself 

video content ideas for business

Surprisingly, among the best small business videos are typically a simple ‘Hello.’ You can try incorporating a video to your business homepage, which usually outlines everything you do as well as the problem you resolve for your clients. Better yet, ensure the video is less than 90 seconds.  

You will find this quite useful compared to trying to subsequently cram these explanations into your home page’s first paragraph and headline… all while attempting to keep everything above the fold. 

Combining both visual and auditory stimulation in video renders describing intricate details relatively easier not to mention it’s also easier to comprehend.

  1. Behind the Scenes 

One effective way to get more personal and up close with your clients and potential customers is by subsequently unveiling your business operations and giving them the chance to understand precisely who you are. 

Behind the scene, videos help you tap into an individual’s curiosity. After all, who doesn’t want to peek behind the curtain? The video should be quick to effectively demonstrate the bolts and nuts of your idea and video production process.

  1. Tutorial Videos

The internet has made learning quite easier, which is why it is not unusual for individuals to browse the web looking for assistance in doing something. For students looking for assignment assistance, for instance, all they need to do is type my assignment help online, and they can access a flurry of writing services. Alternatively, if individuals want to learn about how to do something, all they need is to type ‘how-to,’ and the internet will offer a flurry of options and tutorials they can use.

Similarly, you can offer similar assistance to your customers on your services or products by using tutorial videos. Afford your audience with in-depth value-packed precise training relative to your niche with a tutorial video. You can use this to better explain your service or product by creating a unique step-by-step video that helps them out. 

For optimal efficiency, your business’s tutorial video must be detailed and thorough. Be sure to focus on a precise feature on your service or product and explain what it is ideal for various common concerns, not to mention many other tips. Also, think of the aspects of videos that are ideal for adequately explaining your service/product.

  1. Information visualization

video content ideas for business

In essence, you are likely creating a large bunch of content-everything, ranging from e-books to newsletters. Why not ideally repurpose this massive content visually? Typically, depending on the type of information, you can go for data visualization or infographics in video format.  Currently, among the flashiest video trends is whiteboard animation or video scribing. 

This is a creative method of conveying information using both images and text, although you can go for a professional to avoid any disappointments.

  1. Company culture videos

This is a stunning idea. You can either go as silly or bonkers as you desire provided it captures your small business’s soul effectively.  Over and over, we are constantly reminded about how influential a distinct cult-like organizational culture can be especially in driving customer acquisition and sales. We all want to be part of an extraordinary and cool thing, and this is the same for your clients too. Not only will they pay for your product quality, but also for both the vision and lifestyle you are indirectly selling. 

  1. Videos to introduce your team

Help your customers connect with your employees before they can even come to visit your establishment by merely introducing all of them on a video. Your business comprises multiple brilliant individuals who work to your service, so why not exploit this? 

Typically, since not everyone loves the camera, you might need to identify a creative approach to introducing both extroverts and introverts and let their personalities rub off on your distinct brand.  

  1. Industry Interview Videos

If you want to be acknowledged as a significant industry influencer, the best way is to establish a relationship with various experts within your niche. By interviewing multiple experts in your niche, you can provide your clients and potential customers with value; as well as effectively discuss essential topics in your target audience’s eyes.

  1. Helpful Tips Videos 

These are a stunning way to show off your expertise, not to mention building authority status and credibility status within your industry. You can create unique videos to answer several of the questions your clients pose.

  1. Video testimonials

The main objective of a video testimonial is showcasing your relationship with your customers in a rather engaging and believable format.  Allow them to say all they want-using their body language and words. In essence, a great video testimonial resembles a typical friendly conversation rather than a serious full-on interview.

  1. Explainer/ Business trailers videos

If your small business is yet to have a business trailer, get on with it! Ideally, your customers aren’t expecting a full-on blockbuster trailer, all they need is a concise, clear explanation of everything you do, and not to mention how it is you do it and why it is essential. Consider it a typical pre-screening phone interview, with one chance of making a good impression. Make it worthwhile. 


Create excitement around your brand with the use of video marketing ideas. Unlike common perception, the standard size of your firm doesn’t limit your chances of enjoying the multiple perks that come with video marketing. Currently, there are numerous and diverse tools that have rendered production easier and cheaper than ever before. 

Essentially, videos are an emotional communication medium for demonstrating the personal and human aspects usually found in typical small businesses.  Effectively showcase all the intimate details and concepts of your small business through these video ideas, and you will ultimately connect with customers and prospects in a unique way that even large organizations can’t.

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