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Videos are everywhere! In recent years, videos have taken the central spot in the digital marketing world. Videos have the power to make your promotional campaign or content marketing efforts a big success. There’s no denying that video consumption is on the increase, and a large number of businesses are taking advantage of video content to achieve their target goals. Video content marketing is the most effective medium to build an audience, create brand awareness, boost traffic and convert your video viewers into leads and customers.

Here are some of the compelling video stats that will surely convince you to start investing in video content marketing to reap promising results for your business on the web:

  • 87% of marketing professionals use videos as a marketing tool.
  • According to Google, 40% of millennials prefer YouTube, and 50% of people aged 18-34 years drop everything they are doing to watch videos from their favorite YouTube creators.
  • 55% of shoppers in the U.S watch video while shopping for a product in a store.
  • 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices.
  • As per Twitter data, tweets with videos have 6x retweets than other tweets.
  • Cisco says by 2020, 82% of the consumer web traffic will be video.
  • According to Forbes, an average user spends 88% more time on websites that have videos.
  • 72% of people watch videos before buying a product or service.
  • People prefer video content over reading text, and according to Forbes, viewers are likely to remember 95% of the call to action after watching a video compared to 10% while reading in the text format.

These stats about video content show how the webspace is getting crowded, and apart from having great content, marketing your videos strategically is the key to great convincing results. This is only possible when your video content finds a potential audience at the right time and drives them towards your marketing or business goals

Video content marketing include:

  • Vlogs
  • Interview videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Videos of presentations
  • Video testimonials
  • Product demos and reviews
  • Live videos
  • Video ads
  • Animated videos

Video Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Outline your video goals: The first step in the marketing of your videos is defining the intention of the video so that the content stays on track. Outlining includes your target audience, type of content you will be using and benefits the consumer will get. Every business has different target goals, such as improving revenues, maximizing sales, driving traffic and more.


  2. Create an eye-catching title that should be informative and short to grab a viewer’s attention. Also, use relevant keywords in the title to increase the chances of your video showing up on the search engine when someone searches for a topic. Add keywords in the description of the video.
  3. Link building is highly essential for your video’s keyword ranking in search. You can embed your video on your website, blog page, emails, social media handles, and submit it to sites that accept quality videos.
  4. You should add tags to your videos with relevant keywords. Think from a user perspective of what they will be looking for in your video and make sure to include those keywords. Tags signal the bot about the categorization of your video.
  5. Optimize your video Thumbnail: your video’s thumbnail is the first component that drives visitors to play or not play the video. People are most likely to engage with a video whose thumbnail has a human contact, mainly an image of a smiling human making eye contact.
  6. Submitting a video sitemap is an excellent way to provide all the details of your video content to search engines to get indexed. The minimum pieces of information required to build a video sitemap are URL of the page where the video is embedded, URL of the thumbnail image, and URL of the player or the file being embedded.
  7. The majority of video traffic comes from Mobile devices. Make sure your video is optimized for mobile. The video should be designed to play in vertical mode as Facebook’s study reveals that 65% of video consumers find vertical videos from brands more innovative. Also, ensure the landing page of your video is mobile-friendly and responsive.
  8. Transcribe your videos: transcribing the video into text makes your video content accessible to those who face difficulties in comprehending the video content. Also, closed captioning videos convey precisely what is said in the video, even when you are in a crowded place or want to silently watch the video. Transcribing also boosts SEO by providing text to search engines to easily crawl and index the video. Videos with captions also have a high view rate, which boosts engagement and, ultimately the ranking of the video on search engines.
  9. Distribute your videos on multiple channels: The prominent place to start with and create brand awareness and push traffic to your website is YouTube. Instant sharing social platforms including Facebook, Twitter have a high video consumption rate. For short videos, you can prefer Instagram and Pinterest. While sharing on distribution channels, break your video into short snippets that can be used as teasers or to highlight a particular content of the video.

Recommended time frames to get the best results on social networks

  • Instagram videos: 26 second
  • Twitter videos: 45 seconds
  •  Facebook videos: 1 minute
  •  YouTube videos: 2 minutes
  1. You could run contests or challenges to encourage your customers and followers to create videos. Sharing of user-generated video content helps in building a community of loyal customers. These videos have high ROI and amplify your visibility, reach and brand awareness.
  2. Create one or more blog posts that briefly explores the video. This boosts SEO, and you can include a direct call to action in the blog.
  3. Make the introduction mainly the first 10 seconds of your video countable and engaging. Do whatever you can to make the intro draw maximum attention. An impressive intro makes the viewers stay n the video till the end. Don’t talk about your product or service in the first 10 seconds, instead tell them something encouraging like your story to build an emotional bond.

We hope that these tips will come in handy while preparing your next video content marketing strategy and don’t forget to share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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