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Ahmer Tahseen2 years ago

Knowing how to edit a video is like knowing how to make yourself food for a socially active individual. You can’t live without that specific set of knowledge but knowing it firsthand can be very difficult. Learning it can seem like a long road that you just never find the strength to take the first step for. If you can find software that can help you learn how to read someone’s text messages these days, you can find great video editing software without much trouble as well. All the video editing skills that you needed to make a nice impact on your social followings are available at affordable prices and some are even free to use.

Apple iMovie:

Apple has targeted the needs of the masses that were connected with its technology. Mac, iPhone and iPad users can all share some amazing features that are exclusive to Apple products, but another great application that can be used with all three devices is the Apple iMovie. iMovie is a top-notch and the latest in the market for video editors. This app not only allows very enhanced and formulated editing but also allows you to share it all with your peers with all the associated social platforms that support it. The iMovie app has a lot of interesting features to offer like the chroma-key, filter effects and much more.


Lumen5 has been one of the latest entries in this year’s market. Lumen5 is not a software that you can download and learn to use. It doesn’t even offer lots of features and effects like the many great big software designed for editing. But it offers what no other software does. The ability to do it all online and instantly share it wherever you want to. Lumen5 is more of an online tool rather than an offline software that can merge your digital content like Gifs, pictures, and short videos and even animations to create something organic, plausible and worthy of being your next online post. This was a tool designed for on the go social media enthusiasts who have to manage their pages without much editing. You can be confirmed that this tool will help you create innovative and creative blog posts and video content that will not only consume less time but bring a lot of attention to your cause. Obviously, because it is online, Lumen 5 also offers instant sharing on various platforms.


Nero Video:

Nero has been around for some time now and has been known to be an inexpensive product that doesn’t really have all the functions and speed as compared to the other products in the market but holds out its own. You can learn video editing from other software but if you’re in a hurry and want to do something and save money, you can go for Nero.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

This is perhaps the most widely used software that supports 4k and 360 VR formats for editing. Available on Mac and Windows, Adobe has had the upper hand for quite a while now, selling and reaching across the globe. The software is a perfect package that has all the elements you need to make Photoshop a reality for videos as well. You can not only manipulate videos but by using the Lumetri color tool, you can make the whole video change significantly. Adobe has left a mark in the market and will continue to be a favorite for a long time.

Apple Final Cut Pro X:

Apple has really given it everything the company has got to provide its users with the ultimate experience in video editing. Although the price is very Apple-like reaching up to $300 for the video making an app for Mac, the software is known for being the ultimate tool that is not only difficult to comprehend but very challenging to use. But Apple has provided an interface that might seem like a distant doorway but excels iMovie and many other video editing software and tools in the market.

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