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Vishal Sharma3 years ago

The OTT industry that provides live video streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu is experiencing a boom and becoming the most dominant form of entertainment. With OTT content taking the internet by storm, people are cutting cords with traditional modes of entertainment, and by 2023, global OTT revenue is expected to surpass $129 billion.

Over-the-top or OTT refers to delivering content via an internet connection rather than through a broadcast provider or traditional cable. OTT content offers affordable and flexible pricing models, access to original web series and latest movies, unlimited audio, and video streaming content and easy subscription and opt-out choices.

While a majority of OTT conversations refer to video-on-demand, OTT actually covers a range of web-based content such as Video, Audio, Messaging, and VOIP. Famous examples of OTT streaming platforms include Amazon Prime, Netflix, messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Audio streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

By 2023, the number of OTT users will reach 915 million and for businesses involved in streaming media, having an understanding of video hosting solution providers for OTT services is very important.  In this blog, we have explored the OTT market and selected the best video hosting solution providers for OTT services.

1. IBM Cloud Video

A subsidiary of IBM and formerly known as UStream, IBM Cloud Video is a platform offering end-to-end streaming video services, including live streaming, Video Hosting Solution, automated speech to text and analytics, all in a cloud video platform.  IBM Cloud Video is a leading player in providing OTT video management for direct and third-party OTT services with intelligent content distribution capabilities.

Services: Live and video-on-demand streaming (VOD), Video publishing, Multi-platform UX API, Multi-language and Multi-DRM support, Flexible third-party billing APIs (PayTV, Google, Roku), License/rights enforcement, Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration, Custom and off-the-shell designed apps, Subscription and Ad-based video on demand.

Pricing: $99/month to $999/month (Free trial available)

2. Vimeo Live

IAC owned video streaming in 2017 acquired Livestream and launched its own live streaming service, Vimeo Live to combine Vimeo OTT subscription service with live streaming capabilities and monetization features. Vimeo OTT gives tools to organize and sell videos optimized for each device (mobile, desktop, Android, Roku, Apple TV, etc.) in a flexible subscription model.

Services: Streaming video on demand (SVOD, paid subscription or registration gateway), Live streaming to Vimeo OTT supported apps, Scheduling to push your videos live at a specific predefined time, Live feed into OTT apps for broadcasters and media companies, auto-archiving, Geo-blocking, Integrated CMS, Migration assistance, In-depth analysis of customer data, Ads and monetization strategies like transactional sales or Digital Rights Management (DRM) and 24/7 support for your viewers.

Pricing: Starting at $1 per subscriber per month (plus merchant fees of 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction). For $500 a month and above, additional features like Full API/SDKs, In-app subscriptions, DRM, and more.

3. DaCast

In 2019, DaCast, a video hosting solution provider and live streaming service acquired online video platform, vzaar to become one of the leading OTT solution providers. DaCast’s platform now combines china playback accessibility and advanced VOD from vzaar with DaCast’s high-end live stream OTT service. DaCast broadcasters include corporate enterprises, community networks, individuals, TV stations, sports leagues, and non-profits.

Services: All video deliveries via Akamai CDN with low-latency HLS streaming, Monetization via subscriptions, pay-per-view and advertising, HTML5 all-device video player, Integrated paywall, fully documented video APIs with sandbox and code samples, Analytics dashboard, Support for categories, subcategories, and labels, Video migration tools, and integration, management interface.

Pricing: $19/month billed annually to $289/month billed annually (custom high volume plans available)

4. JW Player Live

In 2018, Network-independent video platform JW Player partnered with Float Left, a pioneer in video technology and OTT, to offer a complete OTT solution for broadcasters and content publishers. Float Left develops front-end application (direct-to-consumer services) for video publishers and broadcasters. Its clients include NBC Sports, Crackle and Viacom Media Networks, Ovation TV and more. At JW Player, Float Left develops video-centric apps, streaming from the JW platform to access videos through OTT devices. OTT apps from JW Player offer scalable and quick solutions to launch new apps on the mobile and connected TV with a premium viewing experience, revenue generation, and audience engagement.

Services: App development for Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV within 15 days, Integrated caption management, advertising and playlist across the mobile, web and connected devices, choice of design frameworks by content type, reporting API and cross-platform analytics, cloud-based content-management platform, monetization via advertising

Pricing: $10/month to custom pricing for enterprise needs (Free trial for Developer)

5. Muvi

Muvi is a platform to launch Multi-screen OTT video on demand (VOD), covering all technical and functional in building an OTT service and distributing the content worldwide. Muvi includes Hosting, CMS, CDN, DRM, Transcoding, HTML5 player, Monetization, Website, mobile and TV apps

Services: Cloud-hosted platform with live streaming and on-demand content (video/audio), easily configurable monetization models (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, PPV, etc.), Robust APIs, pre-built codes, movie studio approved DRM, Interactive annotations, third-party integration with marketing and payment tools such as PayPal, PayU, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Stripe, fast deployment of your OTT service, 24/7 Muvi support.

Pricing: $399/month to $3900/month (Infrastructure fees added after every plan’s storage and bandwidth limit is reached, $0.07 for per GB storage and $0.09 per GB/$0.60 per user as bandwidth charge)

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