Video Marketing11 facts about Video Marketing that will surprise you

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals and target groups in 2021 and should not be missing in any successful marketing mix. Moving images have become more and more important over the last few years.

Videos appear in all forms and variants in the communication of many companies: Whether as an image film in PR, as an explanatory video for social media platforms or product videos in corporate TV – these and other special forms of online marketing are used in a wide variety of channels.

The victorious march of video is far from over – so don’t miss your way into the hearts of your customers. We will therefore give you the most important facts and show you why video marketing should be indispensable for you. Some facts will amaze you. Here we go:

Fact number 1: Videos dominate online data traffic!

According to a study by Cisco, one of the world’s leading providers in the areas of networking and IT, around 79% of global online traffic will consist of videos in 2021.

This means that many people watch videos on the internet to understand things or to be entertained. Also spoil your target group with a fun, yet informative video. As experts, we are happy to assist you with all of our know-how.

Fact number 2: Videos are the most shared type of content on Facebook!

The social network Facebook is an extremely important channel for many companies to reach the target group. Facebook users, on the other hand, love moving image content! Videos are shared 89.5 times on average – much more often than photos or texts. Isn’t that reason enough to present your company, your product or your service to your target group as a video? We are happy to support you in the implementation of your project.

Fact number 3: Businesses Feel the Power of Video Marketing!

The success of videos is clearly noticeable: 70% of the companies say in the Fast Company survey that the use of videos is the most effective tool in online marketing.

We are not surprised. Videos are great for simply clicking on complex content. We are experts in presenting products, services or your entire company. In such a way that your target group will love the content. Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of moving images? Then we should talk about your project!

Fact number 4: Videos get the highest ROI!

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide claim that video has the highest ROI (return on investment). This is what a survey by Red Website Design found. Videos are an effective way to get your customers to buy.

Videos can be decisive in the purchasing process, especially for products or services that require a lot of explanation: They convey the added value of your solution in a very clear and easy-to-understand way.

Fact number 5: Video consumption on mobile devices is increasing!

According to an evaluation by YouTube, video consumption on mobile devices increases by a proud 100% every year – so reports HubSpot. Think about that number again!

Many companies shy away from moving images because they believe that their target group will not consume videos on their smartphones while on the move. The rapidly increasing number of mobile video engagements proves the opposite. Your target group is watching videos on their smartphone – now it is important to be convinced with excellent content and an appealing preparation of your content. We will be happy to help you make it happen.

Fact number 6: Videos on the homepage increase the conversion rate!

The homepage of your website should give a good overview of who you are, what you do and what you stand for. The Canadian software company Unbounce has found that adding a (new) video to your homepage can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

We think that’s definitely a good reason to have an excellent video on the homepage. Ideally, an explanatory video that quickly and easily summarizes your services in a nutshell. Don’t you have a video like this yet? We would be happy to create a tailor-made video for your company.

Fact number 7: Product videos are crucial for the decision-making process!

90% of Internet users say that product videos in particular are an important and decisive criterion in the decision-making process, according to HubSpot.

Sure, a product video offers great advantages: Within seconds, the viewer gets an overview of your product or service. The video offers you the space to provide quick and entertaining information about the most important product features. We will be happy to help you communicate your unbeatable advantages briefly and concisely.

Fact number 8: 650 million hours+ of videos are watched every day – only on YouTube!

In addition, there are around 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every day. This is great news for everyone who already uses video marketing and everyone who is still keen to discover the benefits for themselves!

Source: The Internet 

Fact number 9: Executives love info videos!

In a survey by Digital Information World, 59% of executives said they prefer video as a source of information. And, by the way, even if there is both text and video content on the same topic.

We can also observe again and again with our customers that they also use the clicker videos for (internal) training purposes. We are of course very pleased and show that content is well received by viewers if it is properly clicked on.

Fact number 10: Brain processes images faster than text!

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. So while you are still reading this text, moving images have long since made it into the hearts of your customers!

Take advantage of this and add relevant videos to your content at the crucial points in your customer journey. We are happy to be at your side during the conception and implementation.

Fact number 11: Videos as an important criterion for a purchase decision!

According to Curata, the top three of the most effective video types are: A customer recommendation (51%), then tutorial videos (50%), and then a demonstration video (49%).

Explanatory videos and product videos in particular can, when used in the right place, provide significant support to your customers in their purchase decision.

Conclusion: Whether for the preparation of important product information, the added value of your service, the concern of your company or to increase sales figures – video marketing is indispensable.

This shows how effective videos can be for your brand or your company and therefore you should definitely rely on moving images!

Not only emotional photos, but also moving images, you can show personality on different platforms and channels and retain your customers. «We show why you should rely on videos!», says Daniel Wade, video content creator from essaywriter nyc company.

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