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Bogdan Butoi2 years ago

Video content has arguably become the most important form of advertising nowadays. Just a simple scroll on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform of choice, will suffice to prove that we live in a digital world driven by video content. The reason is pretty simple: consumers have little time on their hands, and a video delivers the message faster than text. 

A simple look at some recent statistics about video marketing is enough to prove that it is the future of digital advertising. Vide content attracts 300% more traffic and makes your website 53% more likely to reach Google’s front page. What’s more, 85% of real estate buyers and sellers expressed the wish to work with an agent that uses video marketing, and 70% of homebuyers check out video house tours before making a purchase decision. 

While video marketing is a successful tool for any business, today, we will focus on real estate and how agents can use video marketing to nurture leads and grow their business.

Video Marketing Real Estate Advertising

Video content – one of the most important marketing tools of the 2020s

Customers have grown tired of big words and fancy press campaigns. Video marketing allows businesses to show, rather than tell, which establishes a much stronger connection with potential clients. Real estate competition is huge, especially on the U.S. market, and a recent survey shows half of real estate agents are now using videos as an active part of their marketing strategy. This means realtors who want to stay on top of their competitors need to adapt quickly and do the same.

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To be completely honest, the two tools that will simplify a real estate agent’s life most are video content and a good CRM for real estate agents. By leveraging these two tools, you can grow your business and save valuable time while doing so.

But why has video marketing proven to be such an effective strategy for businesses and especially real estate agencies? The main reasons are: 

  • Videos explain everything better: it is much easier to showcase the biggest qualities of a property, such as how spacious and bright it is and what type of amenities it includes. 
  • Generates a higher response rate: either sent through email or social media, video messages have a 40% higher chance of getting opened and draw 3 times more responses than any other type of message.
  • Saves agents valuable time: a video presentation of a specific neighborhood, for example, can be reedited and reused every time you have a listing in that area, plus they can be easily shared on various platforms.
  • Establishes a closer connection with clients: FAQ videos, agent bios and testimonials help agents create a stronger relationship with clients, by resolving a number of queries customers may have about you or your agency.

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What can real estate agents do to leverage video marketing?

Types of video content your real estate agency can use

Video content comes in many forms, which is why it is important to choose the type that suits your business best. The most common types of video content for real estate marketing are:

  • Agent bios: because the competition in real estate is very strong, a short video by which potential clients can get to know you and understand why they should choose your services can put you ahead of competitors
  • Listing videos: photos don’t always reflect the true qualities of a property, but a high-quality video tour can help clients get a better perspective and convince them to schedule a viewing. 
  • Neighbourhood videos: besides the property, clients will also want to know the amenities they can find in the neighbourhood. These videos should include details about schools, parks, shopping places, restaurants, and transportation in the area. 
  • Testimonial videos: what better way to market yourself than by letting your happy customers speak about their experience? Reviews are an essential marketing tool, but video testimonials can be even more powerful
  • Q&A series: by now, you have probably received a number of questions from clients, and you’ve noticed most of these questions are often the same. A Q&A or FAQ video can help respond to a part of these questions, establishing you as an authority in the industry.

What goes into making a good property listing video?

Listing videos are one of the best ways to advertise a property online. While photos and detailed descriptions can also work, a video has a similar effect to an in-person house viewing. To make sure your video tour reflects the property as accurate as possible, make sure to keep in mind the following:

  • Storytelling: every house has a history, which contributes to transforming it into a home. Find out this story and showcase it in your video. Storytelling draws clients and helps them create a deeper connection with the house. Instead of focusing on the sales pitch, try to highlight how this particular home can add value to someone’s life. 
  • Focus on what makes this house special: what are the best features this house has? What differentiates it from other properties? Be it a fully-equipped kitchen, an extra bathroom, a large back yard, or a dressing room, make sure you focus on the features that potential buyers will be thrilled to discover. 
  • It’s all about visuals: visuals can make or break a video. Before filming, make sure you find the right angles, lighting, and have the necessary equipment to put the house in the best possible light. Using wide-angle lenses can help make the house appear more spacious and capture every detail. 
  • Include a call to action: focusing on storytelling does not mean you need to completely forget about CTA. At the end of the video tour, make sure to include your contact information, as well as basic pricing information and other details you may find important. Close the video with a compelling call to action, such as inviting viewers to like your page, subscribe, get in touch, or put in an offer.

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