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Video marketing has been the most important arsenal for marketers in 21st century. Recent surveys also predict that video consumption and creation is on a rapid rise in India, enough reasons to depend and allocate maximum resources to video advertisements rather than focusing on other forms of ads.

Post Jiofication in India, i.e after the launch of high speed internet services by Reliance Jio, there has been a considerable rise in internet penetration rate in India and with affordable fast internet service, consumption of video has also gone up. But as I always say “It’s Easier Said than Done” and in most of the cases related to video marketing or video content creation, “Starting Problem is the Biggest Problem”.

So in order to make things easier for you, here is a list of video marketing softwares or tools that would help any brand or video content creator to maximise their ROI or increase the reach of the video across platforms effectively. The list would include Video Editing Tools, Video Hosting/Distribution Platforms and Video Analytics and research tool that help in marketing.

Video Editing Softwares for Video Content Creators

After you are done with conceptualization of the video, scripting and shoot, its time to bring the project to life. This is where the creativity and your editing skills will come handy. A good and easy to use editing software saves time and effort and also helps in creation of a beautifully planned video output. Here is the list of widely used video editing software to get your hands on: – 

1. ADOBE Premiere PRO

Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Pro has been one of the most widely used video editing software in the world. It’s favoured by most video professionals and content creators worldwide due to its easy to use and compatibility in every device and video format. Premiere Pro allows editing with extreme precision and also integration with other adobe software like photoshop and after effects. The software can be used in both windows and iOs OS.


Video Editing Software

iMovie is free video editing software available for MAC or Apple users. The software is available for desktop download and as an iOs app. Perfect for amateur video content creators who prefer to use Apple devices.

3. Final Cut Pro X

Video Editing Software

A one step upgraded version of iMovie. Final Cut Pro X is loaded with variety of features and can handle small and large projects with ease. The timeline is one of the best feature of Final Cut Pro X making editors focus more on their storyboard rather than technicalities. This video editing software is available only for Apple users.


Video Editing Software

The best and most affordable alternative to Adobe Premier PRO at the moment. Most video professionals opt for this video editing software during initial phase of their career due to ease of use and greater accessibility. The video editing software does well for small and middle level projects. The software can be used in both windows and iOs OS.

5. Animoto

Video Editing Software

An online video editing software that is mostly used by vloggers or professional photographers. Video content creators can create portfolio slideshows with dozens of in-built storyboard templates, countless options for text fonts, stock photos and music. Animoto also allows you to add your logo as the water mark for better branding.

6. Vyond (Formerly GoAnimate)

Video Editing Software

Formerly GoAnimate, Vyond is one the most widely used video marketing/editing tool for animated videos. The tool also offers lip-sync feature for effective dialogue delivery in the animated video. The video editing tool also offers a library of sounds, props and templates for ease of work. Supported on all web browsers.

7. PowToon

Video Editing Software

PowToon has been the leading animation video maker preferred by brands as well as content creators/vloggers worldwide. The online animated video maker/editor has a host of in-built templates for all varieties of video. According to many leading sites that have mentioned PowToon in their blogs or content, it takes maximum of 20 minutes to create any basic animated videos.

8. Sellamations

Video Editing Software

Some just resort to cinematic videos whereas few opt for animated videos and extremely few probably the creative lot opt for doodle videos. Yes doodles, as shared by Google in its home page. Sellamations video editing tool helps marketers and content creators create doodle videos for advertisements or part of the intro or outro of their video content. The buck doesn’t stop here it also provides professional voice over artists in case the need arises to explain your videos.

9. VideoScribe

Video Editing Software

A VideoScribe is an online based whiteboard video creation tool. Whiteboard videos are mostly used for educational purpose or for creation of hand drawn animated videos. VideoScribe also works on the lines of Sellamations and is primarily meant for creation of doodles on white board. The in-built features can be used for making videos for advertisement video for brands, educational purpose and for social media videos.

Video Hosting/Sharing Platforms 

When it comes to video on digital platforms, the company that comes first on everyone’s mind is YouTube. But other than YouTube there are other video hosting or sharing platforms on digital medium to ensure maximum reach, branding and viewership. Here is a list of popular video hosting or sharing platforms to focus on: –

1. YouTube

Video Sharing Platforms

The Google owned video sharing platform is undoubtedly the no 1 in the world. Only from mobile, YouTube gets around 1,000,000,000 video views daily, that’s 1 with nine zeroes. YouTube is also accounted as an extensive video search engine following the footsteps of its sister company Google. The company also has well managed YouTube partner program and monetisation to support and reward quality content creators. 

2. Vimeo

Video Sharing Platforms

Probably the best alternative to YouTube at the moment is Vimeo. It is counted as one of the best HD quality video hosting site for video marketing. Vimeo also offers a premium plan where content creators or brands can host or manage all video at one place with 7 TB of storage with no weekly limits. It also allows video embedding and option of adding call-to-actions to drive more engagements.

3. Facebook

Video Sharing Platforms

Facebook is the leading social networking site in the world at the moment. Although the company started with a goal of helping people stay connected with their near and dear ones but eventually transformed itself into a safe heaven for brands to advertise and target their TG audience. Facebook now has also come up with video monetization programs in order to help and support quality video content creators.

4. Wistia

Video Sharing Platforms

An unknown name pops out for video hosting and sharing. Wistia boasts a simple UI with secured capabilities. Some of the features of Wistia that sets it apart are a customizable video player, marketing tool integration and analytics heatmaps. Overall Wistia is an affordable platform to share video content on a small budget.


Video Sharing Platforms

The recent addition to list, IGTV has revolutionised video marketing with introduction of vertical videos in the digital landscape. IGTV videos can be uploaded either directly from Instagram app or through IGTV app. The recent update by Instagram w.r.t video sharing, where a glimpse of the IGTV video can be uploaded in the Instagram feed is a true blessing for marketers depending heavily on video marketing.

Video Marketing Softwares

After video editing and uploading in any of the above mentioned video hosting sites, it’s time to market the video to ensure maximum reach, viewership & engagement. This is where many companies have chipped in and have created customised products in order to help brands & video content creators get the best out of their video marketing campaign.

Here is a list of video marketing software that can be used to plan & achieve result driven video marketing campaigns: –

1. Video Intelligence by Vidooly

Video Analytics Tools

Incorporated in the year 2014, Vidooly is one of the pioneers in video marketing industry that provides a host of tools which can be used to plan and achieve result driven video marketing campaigns. The video intelligence company provides a host of multiple AI/ML powered video analytics solutions for brands and video content creators. Here is a list of products offered by the Noida based analytics company: –

  • Brand Intelligence: Brand Intelligence by Vidooly is a video marketing software that provides brands with AI-powered insights for their video marketing. Some of the key offerings by this video marketing software are audience insights, content strategy, media planning and measurement.
  • Brand Safety: Even imagined how your brand image would be affected if ads related to your company get placed alongside content that is extremist and controversial? That’s where Vidooly’s Brand Safety tool comes handy. The video marketing software scans video titles, meta tags, channel names, thumbnails in multiple languages and ensures your brand safety is never compromised.
  • Creator Dashboard: A video marketing software specially curated for video content creators keeping in mind the specific requirements to ensure maximum video viewership of content uploaded on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Creator dashboard by Vidooly offers keyword analysis for your titles and description, tag suggestions, audience activity and insights, competitor analysis to name a few.


Video Marketing Tools

For brands and video content creators which rely heavily on video for their marketing campaigns, Filestage video marketing software is the best option to manage workflows, comments and reviews. The main advantage of this video marketing software is that it bypasses many red tape process and makes it smooth and easy by avoiding unwanted tasks.


Video Marketing Tools

BombBomb is video messaging service that enables video content creators and brands to integrate videos in their email marketing campaigns, record video and send and track personalised video emails within the application used by them. Based on feedback shred by users to leading blogging sites, they experienced a 5X increase in open rates and 8X increase in open to reply rates after using this video marketing software.

The blog includes a variety of video marketing software that would be beneficial for any video content creator to ensure maximum reach, engagement and viewership. The list might not include every video marketing software available in the market but we have listed every possible best option that would help video content creators from editing to hosting to marketing.


Brand Safety Tool

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