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Waiting to get your YouTube’s best practice guidelines to top online video marketing? Don’t worry! We will tell you how to achieve it using very simple strategies giving you YouTube Video SEO best practices for 2017. These strategies, in turn, perform the Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO) of your YouTube video so that it is found most relevant to online viewers.

Before we move on, lets clear what video search engine optimization is all about. It is a technique to optimize video content for search engine traffic. Since Google, and for that matter any other search engine, reads the metadata of video (and not the video itself, yet!) The information associated with the video holds utmost importance in getting itself ranked high.

There are three primary functions from SEO perspective:

  • Ranking, Traffic, and Conversions
  • Brand impressions & Notoriety
  • Links

We call it a WIN if the video is equipped with all the three functions.

Here are the top video SEO best practices: –

1. Keep Filename meaningful:

It should be user-friendly i.e. easy on the ears, not too long and make a point to maintain the keyword density between 2-3% and sync the content with the keywords. While saving the video file to your computer, don’t forget to name it relevant to your content. This is the first and is one of the most important videos SEO best practices you have to remember.

2. Use relevant keywords in your Title:

Titles help audiences, and YouTube’s discovery systems make sense of your content – so be sure to include relevant keywords that help describe your content.

For example, if you’re trying to rank for the Phrase “Chicken Biriyani Preparation,” you would write something like “Learn How to Prepare Chicken Biriyani,” to make the title attractive & more video SEO friendly.

3. The body Of Video – Description:

It is the place where you can add the most text which should be thorough and keyword rich content, as only first few lines will appear in search results so make them count. Make sure to keep the 160 characters, of the description to be self-expressing, for it gets shown in the search- results.

Similarly, for YouTube, keep track of the 125 characters in mind. All these come out as snippets.

4. Tags and Metadata increase discoverability:

YouTube discerns those videos which have titles, description, tags, category, thumbnails, subtitles and annotations thus using relevant search phrases and keywords in an optimal way will drag you in the lead.

They are descriptive keywords that help in discovering systems to surface. It should be new relevant viewership trends emerge.

For Example “The Flash” fastest man trailer “Original Short” Videos “Special Effects” “Gustin.” Use Quotation Marks (“) to convey multi-word tags (“The Flash”)

5. Thumbnails-The Mini Marketers:

These are small marketing posters for videos so it should be loaded of visual cues (colors, images, shapes, personalities) but make sure the thumbnails is not overtly provocative but accurately representative the content.

6. Annotations work as a cherry on the cake:

They are clickable text on videos; which boost the engagement of viewers to like comment or share a video and also it should be linked to related videos or content. Using annotations, you could promote recent videos; tentpole event also promotes your channel with custom images.

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7. Optimize your Channel:

Make sure your channel is well configured, fully updated which will ensure that being creator or brand, deliver the best experience to the viewer. You can optimize your channel by name, icon description, art and adding social media links and most importantly set up In video programming.

8. Increase Your WatchTime:

Time is always an important aspect of life hence it is our obligation to make our video worthy of our client’s timing which is certainly going to boost the retention. Maximum holding time metrics will lead to upright as YouTube suggest the most often videos to new users.

This is one of those videos SEO best practices that you have to keep in mind as watchtime is responsible for your channel’s videos to get into recommendations list of your potential subscribers.

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9. Don’t forget to Add Playlist:

Playlist helps you to organized all the videos and viewers could able to access them. This will increase the reachability of videos and their variety.

For Example, a user having Salman Khan’s Video in his Playlist, so now YouTube discerns and show all the videos related to user playlist as Suggested videos.

Also, incorporate a brief yet crisp catchy context of video and hang it!

10. Uniqueness is your Secret Ingredient:

Orson Welles has rightly said” Create your visual style let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others,” one should build its pattern in a video which will work as a secret ingredient. Keep your content video simple yet attractive.

Some brownie points: Factors like link building, syndication, and constant social sharing will work as domino effect besides annotations, video rich snippets, and custom thumbnail images.

So, if you follow above mentioned ten YouTube Video SEO best practices, then you can increase your chances of generating more video views and watch time that can help your video to get into others recommendation lists, and will help in ranking your channel’s videos on top for keyword search results.


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