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With modern technology, it is easy for us to find if a video or image file has been manipulated or not? According to a recent survey spotting a forgery is still a tricky business. That is why watermarking was developed to solve this problem. Video watermarking consists of adding a pattern of bits that is unnoticeable to the human eye, into an image or video file which you want to authenticate.

The application of this technology lies in tracking piracy, royalty accounting, and copyright, as well as identify the ownership of an image or video content that appears online via social media or any personal website and for that accurate purpose watermarkly is available to place digital watermark on your online content to get rid of piracy.

The Origin of Pirating Movies

It all started when in 1999, Napster made it possible to download any media available worldwide. But the major copyright violation started in 2001 when BitTorrent was introduced online. The development of BitTorrent has allowed digital pirates to freely share files without any difficulty. In the beginning, the first site that gain popularity by sharing pirated data online was Piratebay.

It is said that in 2003 the server of Piratebay website was a normal domestic PC. Before Piratebay was banned and shutdown, its network grew so large that it started working from every country and start publishing the latest title before anyone else.

In a survey it indicates that BitTorrent network was consuming over 25% of all web traffic in 2005, when YouTube was recently launched and Netflix videos was available only on DVDs.

How Digital Piracy Works

With the arrival of YouTube and many other streaming video on demand platforms like Netflix, Piracy is still the leader in media distribution market and the other platforms place not threat to the dominance of Piracy in this market.

A study indicates that in 2017 the largest Pirates sites had 300+ Billion site visits with the increased ratio of 3.1%. If we compare these numbers with Netflix, you see that at that time Netflix had total 109 Million subscribers worldwide, which was nothing compared to piracy numbers. If each Netflix Subscriber visit their website everyday of the year then the total website visits count still be under 40 billion.

BitTorrent and Piratebay were just the leaders in this field but the truth is that the piracy ecosystem is vast and distributed, which is not highlighted by media. You can determine its vastness and adaptability by observing the shutdown of the most famous torrent tracking websites. After the downfall of the most famous Piratebay site, many other websites has arisen to replace it like KickAss and many other Piratebay mirror websites. Same as we see when KickAssTorrents website was brought down by the authorities, the piracy ecosystem had reacted and evolved around its attacks.

You can still watch a freshly leaked blockbuster movie at home because it spread across the world within hours and the local sharing communities are as insular and typical as before.

A recent study shows that Digital Piracy industry thrives in poor infrastructure countries like Cuba and how physical storage is used to pirate content. Same as in other poorly managed infrastructure countries, you can easily find pirated movies on the streets of these countries in a form of DVDs long before they reach to any form of digital distribution channel.

DC movies are very popular in South Africa especially in students. Media sharing is very common within academic circles.

Japan is a country which has some of the strictest laws against piracy. There the focus of this industry is on anonymity and services based on perfect dark like VPN allows users to easily hide their original IP address from the authorities.

Seeders are the forefront of the piracy world and each has their own culture or rules. If you want to access the elite group then only an invite from an insider will get you in.

Once you are in, you have to maintain the seeding to leeching ratio.

These elite groups often perform piracy for fun and always compete with each other for new releases and early leaks. This pirated content can circulate within these elite groups for weeks before they are available for general privacy sites where scanning websites can detect and index them.

How to Stop Video Piracy

Digital or video piracy can be dealt by the combination of blockchain tech, forensic watermarking and AWS cloud storage infrastructure. Media owners and distributors can build secure content hosting and sharing platforms anywhere in the world to tackle piracy. Been said that, video watermarking is still the best and more famous way to stop your content been pirated.

Applying video watermark is the best way to prevent digital pirates to use your photographs or videos online for their own gain. There are many ways to add watermarks on your content, let’s take a crack on some of the most popular ways to add watermarks on your videos or other content.

  1. The fastest and easiest way to make your mark on your content is to use the text tool in any photo editing programs like Microsoft Paint and tag your name on it. Use corners and make the font small so that it won’t annoy the viewer.
  2. Another way to easily place a watermark on your content is to use online tools like watermarkly. You can upload multiple images from your computer, social media sites or online storage like Google drive and easily place text, image or tile on them.
  3. There are many video watermarking software available online to do this job. Some of them are free while others with extra features require purchasing. They can work faster because you won’t need internet connection to run them.
  4. If you are traveling and want to share your beautiful videos on the web then your best option is to download a video watermarking app on your smartphone or tablet. There are tons of similar apps available for both Android and iOS users.


Finally, adding watermark is a sure way to prevent others from using your content. We suggest that you keep your watermark short, clean and as unnoticeable to keep your contents pure. It is best to explore multiple free options available out there before you invest in professional software like Adobe Photoshop. Adding Watermark is not a guarantee that others won’t use your content without your permission but it adds a layer of security on it and brand it as your own.

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