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At Vidooly, we’re passionate about one thing above everything else – DATA ANALYSIS. We’re constantly in search of newer ways to help online video creators, brands and Multi Channel Networks understand their audience better and scale their business. Now we’re joining forces with iCouchApp to venture into the realm of OTT (over-the-top-content), adding more value to our customers.

Video On Demand and OTT landscape is still in its nascent stages here in India. But there are quite a few exciting names in this space already; like Hotstar, Eros Now and Spuul. With Netflix making its foray into India recently, the space is definitely going to heat up in days to come. Plus the fact that mobile and internet penetration is growing at a break-neck pace in the country (The number of mobile Internet users in India is expected to cross 371 million by June 2016), there will be an exponential increase in the number of people looking to stream content from their smartphones. Keeping all this in mind, we consider this acquisition move, a small landmark in our journey.

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What iCouchApp is all about

iCouchApp was founded by Rabi Gupta and Ashish Kumar. We (Ajay, Nishant and I) know them personally and all of us have been good friends for over 4 years now. The bonhomie was probably a little stronger since we were in the same line of business as well. When we launched Vidooly in November 2014, our main focus was YouTube analytics. However, diversifying and adding other online video platforms (like Dubsmash, Vine, Facebook) and OTT video analytics to our arsenal was always a part of the plan. This acquisition has just set the tone to our overall growth plans.

iCouchApp founders Rabi Gupta (L) and Ashish Kumar

So what is iCouchApp all about? That’s a question I’ve heard from many in the last couple of days. So, let me give you a brief overview of what it does –

  1. It enables users to discover newer videos. Videos which are unavailable in the major online video platforms.
  2. It allows users to keep a track and interact with their favorite TV shows.
  3. It allows media companies to create and maintain their own OTT Apps.
  4. iCouchApp has been serving 1.5 million monthly active users on its platform.
  5. Its technology powers the mobile apps of TV giants like Zee TV and HistoryTV18

Why this acquisition:

The phenomenon of Cord cutting (users switching to online video in favor of native TV content) has been spreading like wildfire in the west; especially the US in the last few years. This trend is going to catch on in developing economies like India soon as people start becoming more tech-savvy and embrace customized entertainment. This is the perfect time for us to expand our purview and add OTT analytics capability to our technology stack. As a part of this acquisition, we’re getting all of iCouchApp’s technology assets and intellectual property.

Vidooly’s aim is to provide intelligent data on the entire ecosystem of online video. We are already doing that with the likes of YouTube, Facebook video and other online video platforms. Since mobile consumption is growing exponentially, iCouchApp’s expertise in the OTT segment will allow Vidooly to provide actionable data across video on-demand platforms and embrace the trend of mainstream TV going online – Nishant Radia, Co-founder, Vidooly 

This will empower us to add more value to our customers who can gain more insights on the audience behavior of OTT users and tailor their content accordingly. It also helps realize the vision of Rabi and Ashish who always wanted to scale their technology beyond TV, to the burgeoning online video landscape. A win-win for everyone involved.

So what next?

We will first assimilate iCouchApp’s technology and fine-tune it to suit the needs of all our customers – Content Creators, Brands and Multi Channel Networks. All of them will be able to leverage this latest value add-on to their respective businesses. Our tech team will have their hands full for the next couple of months 🙂 And by mid-March, we’ll give you a better picture of how things are shaping up. Until then, wish us luck and do spread the word 🙂

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Subrat Kar

Subrat is the CEO and co-founder at Vidooly. A passionate Entrepreneur by heart, he oversees the product and marketing strategy at Vidooly.

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