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Vidooly is announcing new pricing model for smaller YouTube Channels with less than 500 subscribers. Know all the features available here.
Akshay Chandra4 years ago

Until recently our YouTube analytics tool was available only for YouTube channels which have more than 500 subscribers. This meant that young and growing YouTube channels which have lesser number of subscribers could not use our analytics dashboard to fine-tune their videos and their YouTube channel.

There were quite a few technical hurdles because of which we had imposed these restrictions. However, we started getting requests every day from upcoming YouTubers who wanted to make use of Vidooly to grow their channel. This prompted us to work on the technical restrictions so that every YouTube channel should be able to use Vidooly.

And today, we are delighted to announce that any YouTube channel can now use Vidooly! Even if your YouTube channel has less than 500 subscribers, you can opt for a Free Trial of Vidooly Basic pricing plan off and start using the dashboard.

Here’s a basic overview of our new Pricing Model:

Basic – $9/Month: This option is suitable for YouTube channels that have less than 500 subscribers.

PRO – $19/Month: This plan is suitable for YouTube channels that have more than 500 subscribers. You get live setup and training along with Email support and access to almost all major features of the dashboard.

PRO+ – $49/Month: This is the premium plan that can be of great value to YouTubers who want a swift growth. This plan comes with a dedicated account manager, phone support and enhanced analysis and reporting.

NOTE: Upon registering with Vidooly, you will be given 14 days free trial for any of our Vidooly creator’s suits. (No Credit Card Required)

You have a flexible billing option as well:

  • Monthly- The prices are mentioned above.
  • Billed Half Yearly- Here, you can save up to $45 per channel
  • Billed annually-  Here you can save up to $119 per channel

Here’s a detailed explanation of the features along with the respective pricing plans so that you can choose the model that suits you the best.


Video Analysis-

Here, you get the overview of the channel graph of your YouTube Channel. This feature will provide you a multi-line chart which lets you select the date range you would like to see the Views Activity, Subscription activity, Estimated Watch Time, Likes & Dislikes gained on a specific date, week or month. By default, the data displays the activity of the last 30 days. You also have the option to customize the timeframe you want to check the growth pattern off by selecting the dates in OVERVIEW OF CHANNEL.

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Meta data Analysis-

Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents. Metadata Analysis in Vidooly refers to the underlying definition or description of the video uploaded on YouTube channel. It is the culmination of video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.

Using accurate keywords can help in finding the right type of information through search. You can use Vidooly Suggestions to add descriptive titles, tags, descriptions and design elements of your channel so that they appeal to more fans.

Social Media Analysis-

The social media analytics displays the total shares, views, watch time and average watch time by users on all Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

All the parameters give an answer to a very important question: Which Social Media Websites are my fans most active on? This information if utilized properly can drive good traffic to your content.

YT Engagement Stats-

Here, you get to find YouTube analytics per video. Vidooly platform provides a unique way to analyze your selected video. Here, you get a detailed graph that will show you the rise and fall of your comments, likes, and dislikes.

Audience Analysis-

Finding your mistakes and rectifying it by observing each video can be done here. You will get a graphical representation of your audience showing your number of subscribers you lost, gained and a net gain of subscribers in the effect of that particular video.

Missed Tag Analysis-

Missed tags analysis is the culmination of TAGS ANALYSIS and VIDOOLY SUGGESTED TAGS.

TAGS analysis shows the used tags and the tag name while describing the YT rank, watch time and an estimated number of people searching for the exact keyword per month on YouTube.

VIDOOLY SUGGESTED TAGS are the tags which are having high YouTube ranking and are generally related to the video content and its description.

Your tags and suggested tags will be marked in three different colors representing Good, Average, and No Use tags. So, if you have confusion on which tags to choose for your video, then this feature will do all the magic you want.

NOTE: This feature is available for PRO and PRO+ only

Here is the how your Dashboard will look like. 




  • For Basic pack, the user can choose up to 3 competitors
  • For PRO pack, the user can choose up to 10 competitors  
  • For PRO+ pack, the user can choose unlimited competitors

Add Competitor Channels-

Competitors section lets the YouTube Channel owner add channels which he/she might want to track the data of. This section helps the YouTuber to track and compare their own activities with their competitor and come up with a content strategy.

Score Board-

Just like checking the competitor analysis, you get a multiple competitor graphs. You will get an option to save the graph image in various picture formats such as JPEG, PNG, and PDF. This graph will show you a line graph of your competitor’s view, subscribers, and uploads.

Any Video Analysis-

If you are looking to analyze a particular video, you can do so in this “Other Video” feature. Just copy the video id in the search bar and click SEARCH.

YouTube video ID:[the video ID].

Competitor Channel Comments-

The community is a place where you can check your competitors’ comments and reply them to divert their fan following towards your channel. You can also interact with them via twitter and start a conversation.

Competitor Video Analysis-

This feature lets you analyze “Most Recent Videos” or “Most Viewed Videos” of any channel selected.

After selection of the parameters on which you would like to analyze the videos on, you will get the word density analysis in video tags, titles, and descriptions. You can scroll down to find the top 5 videos of the selected competitor.

Competitor Influencers-

Focus is placed on specific key individuals who are top subscribers on your competitor’s websites.  You can encourage them to watch your videos,or subscribe your channel by personally inviting them through their Google+ accounts.

NOTE: This feature is available for PRO and PRO+ only


Keyword Analysis is the starting point and cornerstone of search marketing campaigns. Enhancing your keywords in YouTube channels will improve the quality of the descriptions, tags, and title tags. In our keyword analyzer, you can check the search volume and the level of keyword ranking it has on YouTube by choosing the respective nations.


  • The user can choose up to 15 keywords/day for Basic pack  
  • The user can choose up to 50 Keywords/day for PRO pack
  • The user can choose unlimited keywords for PRO+ pack.


In Search Term Analysis, we can enter a search term and get word density for video titles, descriptions, tags showing most used keywords.

Just like you checked your competitor analysis, you can do a search term analysis and check word density in video tags, titles, and description.


Reply to Comment-

This module gives you the list of all the comments on your videos in particular time duration and allows you to engage with the respective YouTubers. You can check the YouTube comments and reply to them simultaneously.

Note: This feature culminates the BASIC pack.

Tweet a Comment-

Here, you can check the list of all of your Subscribers. Say hello to them and engage with them on Google+ and YouTube, whereas in community manager, you can access their YouTube comments.

Comment Analysis-

This is the new feature available for pro and pro+ users. Here, you can check the sentiment analysis of the user comments which will disclose whether the comment is generating a negative or positive impact on your channel engagement.


All Subscribers-

Get the demographic profiling along with the full list of fans who have subscribed to your channel. Say hello to them and engage with them on Google+ and YouTube straight from Vidooly’s Dashboard.

Channels Engaged-

Know which type of channels resonate with your audience other than yourself with this section. Here, you will get the list of channels that your subscribers have engaged with in the last 60 days. You can check the subscribers, views, uploads, engagement, and links to each YouTube channel.


  • The user can choose up to 25 YouTube channels for PRO pack.
  • The user can choose Unlimited YouTube channels for PRO+ pack.

Videos Engaged:

Here is the list of videos that your subscribers have engaged with. Know which type of videos resonate with your audience and create content accordingly.


  • For PRO pack, the user can choose up to 50 videos from their YouTube channel
  • For PRO+ pack, the user can choose unlimited videos from their YouTube channel

Subscriber Insights:

When you know what your audience loves to do, it gets easy to attract them to your channel. There is a brief table where you can check the video category and the activity count. Using this option, one can mold its content strategy, according to the content which of the following audience.

Unsubscribe List-

The user will get a list of unsubscribers from your channel. Re-engage them and analyze possible reasons for unsubscription.

Engaged Unsubscribers-

This section provides you the list of influencers who have not yet subscribed to your YouTube channel but are actively engaging with your videos.

Here, you can access their Google+ profiles and encourage them to watch your videos or subscribe to your channel.


Vidooly provides a dedicated support for your queries. If you have any doubts in using our product then there is a live support for your account where you will be given hands-on training to use our product. Our team specializes in YouTube development program which will encapsulate your problems through email support.


  • This is the culmination of PRO pack.
  • All the supporting features mentioned below from now on are available in PRO+ pack only.

If you are on your way to analyzing your channels insights and need assistance via phone, then we provide phone support as well.

Our account managers are here to help you in taking important decisions for your YouTube channel. The Vidooly’s interface is filled with deep inside analytics. So, if you have any queries regarding your channels analytics or need advanced reports, then you can rely on our expert analysts.

We also provide YouTube Intelligence insights like future projections of your YouTube channel or Tracking Creators on multiple parameters for your YouTube competition analysis to provide the best competitive ecosystem required.

Over 1000+ channels are already using Vidooly’s creator’s suit and taking unprecedented advantage in optimizing their YouTube channels with better analytics and support. If you have any queries, then you can visit the bottom side of our billing page or contact us anytime via email/mobile.

Success in this digital era comes through an understanding of data analytics and competitors behavior. Are you ready to optimize your YouTube channel and make a difference? If yes, then click here.

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