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Guest Blogging for Vidooly

Thanks for your interest in writing for Vidooly Blog. We love connecting with writers who can help make our blog a go-to place for content related to video marketing, video analytics, YouTube updates and everything related to the world of digital video. The aim is to make this blog an online academy of sorts for Video Marketing, where anyone who is a stakeholder in the ecosystem, can come to learn for free.

Why our Blog

Our blog attracts over 500,000 unique visitors every month and is regarded as one of the top SAAS product related blogs in India. We also specialize in generating “Video landscape reports” which provide deeper insights about trending videos, popular web shows, top video ads, video marketing tips etc. If you are keen to understand the viewing behavior of your target audience, we can provide a detailed “Audience Analysis” and “Video Optimization Strategy” for you to get the best bang for your bucks.

What is Vidooly

Vidooly is an award-winning video intelligence and cross-platform analytics company located in Noida. Voted as one of the “top 10 product startups” by NASSCOM, Vidooly’s VideoGraph technology scans millions of videos data signals everyday to provide actionable insights for video creators, MCNs, Brands, and agencies.

analytics and video intelligence

Vidooly’s cross-platform dashboards track and analyze data across all the major social video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other connected channels. Its video intelligence software is used by more than 5,000 video content creators, 50+ MCNs and some of the biggest media agencies across the globe.

Blog Guidelines

Here are some of the basic the guidelines that we would like you to follow if you would like to get featured on our blog:

  1. The style/tone of your blog should be marketing inclined.
  2. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere.
  3. Only one link to your company’s website is allowed in the body of the post.
  4. The content word count should be 1000 words and above.
  5. We will not accept a biased report or blog on a content creator, MCN or a brand.
  6. The blog shouldn’t be a promotional piece of your company.
  7. Your completed blog post should be in WordDoc format or as an HTML file.
  8. Short author bio (of about 100-150) including a maximum of one anchor text link to your own website.
  9. Image files (with attribution) should be shared in a separate folder.
  10. Vidooly Blog reserves the right to include calls-to-action to relevant Vidooly content.

Post Types We Accept

We always look for articles based on in-depth research and with actionable takeaways for the readers. Following are the examples of research-based articles.

We also accept articles that are based on other video platforms like Snapchat, Vimeo, Twitter, and Periscope. Following are some example articles that you can go through for reference:

How to Submit Your Post

You can email your guestpost [at] marketing@vidooly.com

We usually take 3-4 days to review your blog post submission. We will get back to you if your blog meets our guidelines.

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