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Akshay Chandra3 years ago

Film trailers, also known as “Teasers” or “Previews” are generally considered as advertisements that provide viewers with a glimpse into what the promotional movie entails. And with evolving advertising tactics, these movie trailers became much of a reflection of 90’s dominant marketing trends because a trailer is built around the advertising ideas and dominant media of its time. This is why watching the trailer for any classic film years after its release can be a disorienting experience.

But with the advent of YouTube, and other video platforms; movie trailers became one of the key factors for the success of the feature film. And with 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube every single day, it’s not surprising that platforms like YouTube is not only helping a movie trailer to gain a wider audience but is also helping in improving their box office collection.


Here is the list of most viewed online trailers in the first 24 hours with their production budget and box office collection.

Box office collection vs their trailer viewership on YouTube
Box office collection vs their trailer viewership on YouTube

As you observe in the above table, how these faired on their box office collection vs their trailer viewership on YouTube. This is why YouTube is the key to finding the success of a movie. But, other than viewership, there are many other factors that define their box office prediction like Watch-Time, Sentiments across engagements on YT, FB, Twitter, Historical Performance, Demographics of the audience engaging with the trailer etc.

Now that we specialize in calculating all these performance metrics of any video platform, we are poised to make our own prediction of the upcoming star-studded movie called Ittefaq 2017 releasing tomorrow.

Our Prediction for Ittefaq 2017 –

And as per our calculations, the Box Office predictions would be around 13.81 CR approximately for the time range of two days from Fri-Sun, 3rd- 5th Nov 2017.

The following predictions are based on trailer’s 3-week performance across YouTube and Facebook. The Vidooly engine processes 1000’s of factors ranging from promotions to sentiments around the trailer release. Some of the important factors that goes into the prediction algorithm are:

  • Daily Viewership
  • Watch-Time
  • Audience Retention
  • Sentiments across engagements on YT, FB, Twitter
  • DSP of Actors (Digital Star Power)
  • Time of release
  • Historical Performance
  • Advertising Budget
  • Demographics of the audience engaging with the trailer

Click the button below to view the complete analysis of Ittefaq (2017) that details all the above-mentioned factors.

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