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YouTube is the new search platform to explore any kind of topic, and every brand is trying their best to up their market reach. So, this blog report is based on the YouTube channels of world’s top sports brands like Nike, Puma, etc.

We analyze these channels to establish the popularity of this video marketing platform on the basis of their viewership and engagement level. Although there are many sports brands involved in various forms of sports, there are few that builds its familiarity among its customers.

Every sport resembles a sports brand even though they have multiple brands associated with different sports. Everlast for boxing, Puma for running, Adidas for Football, Nike for soccer, Wilson for tennis, Spalding for NBA games and Rebook for indoor training. Brand influencers play a vital role with these brands and YouTube is the window for their fans to watch and share the content.

YouTube views

So, we focused our research on YouTube channels with a verified symbol. Few companies can even dream of having the marketing resources of a brand like Nike or Adidas. These two brands are the only brands to have the resources to maintain many numbers of YouTube channels that cater to the different audiences for each of their product lines.


Nike owns the basketball shoe market in the U.S. with a 95% share, including its Jordan brand subsidiary, and its stock has trounced the overall stock market during the past year. They have YouTube channel related to football, basketball, and skateboarding thus generating highest YouTube viewership with more than 4 billion viewership across three channels. Also, Nike generates the highest viewership on their principal YouTube account with more than 19 million views every month.

Apart from theses verified YouTube channels, they have Nike Running, NikeWomen, Usnikefootball, Nike sportswear, Nike Training, Nike skateboarding, Nike Golf, NikeCourt, Nike Baseball and nikeID.

Their most viewed YouTube channel is Nike Football, which targets the UK customers. Also, we have to note that they are covering countries like Brazil, Portugal by having translating their content into the Portuguese language.


Adidas have similar YouTube channels in the fields of football, basketball and a channel for their Adidas originals. They generate about 3.5 billion viewership by now.

Interestingly, Adidas football generated higher viewership with 2.3 billion views than Nike football. In terms of demographics, football YouTube channels of Nike and Adidas generates a record low female audience with 6% each.

They also market their other You true channels (unverified) like Adidas Running, Adidas Women, Adidas Skateboarding, Adidas Cricket, Adidas rugby tv, Adidas golf, and Adidas Outdoor.


Reebok on other hand brands itself as the pro indoor sports gear. This is the reason, they are affiliated with CrossFit and UFC. But Ultimate Fighting Championship has shifted its revenue stream towards broadcast television, with new deals with Fox, Globo, Televisa and others, and away from pay-per-view. Still, you can watch all live pay-per-views on their YouTube channel which generates more than 900 million viewership.


Vans generate the highest female demographics than any of the sports brands. I-d, a subsidiary YouTube channel of Vans have the record of 53% of female demographics while generating 4.11 million views every month. Other brands who score well with a female audience is puma and Columbia.

Female demographics


Wilson has four different types of YouTube channels in the field of baseball, tennis, football, and polo. Wilson is the leader of tennis softballs and their brand is widely visible in all four versions of grand slams every year.

Although there is no basketball YouTube channel related to Wilson brand, but still they maintain their popularity among various teams that favor of playing with Wilson made basketballs.

“UNC guard Marcus Paige revealed earlier this year that the Wilson ball is actually his favorite, so the brand can make a difference to a detail-oriented player, even if it’s subtle.”

But the best example of their brand building is Wilson Football (the NFL one). Wilson has been the NFL’s official ball for 75 years, and it’s made every football used in every Super Bowl. But, the football YouTube channel does not produce any engaging content other than videos showcasing the workmanship behind the ball and Russell Wilson leaching throwing tactics.

yt subs


If you watch the NBA, then you must be familiar with Spalding. Spalding became the official basketball of the NBA during the 1983-84 NBA season is the first preferred brand of basketball for many NBA coaches.

“The NBA, they all use the same (Spalding) ball. The fact there are five or six manufacturers’ basketballs, to me, it’s never made a lot of sense – A member of one ACC coaching staff


Since 2010, Puma has seen a huge shift in signing branding deals with reputed teams in all over the world like Arsenal, Newcastle United, Motherwell, Red Star Belgrade, etc. Puma brand is widely known for its track shoes, and sports wears.

In 2014, Rihanna is named PUMA’s global brand ambassador for women’s training and PUMA Women’s Creative Director and launched her collection called FENTY. Their YouTube channel is the medium to showcase all these new partnerships and deals, as they generate a decent 4.5 million views every month and generated a healthy female demographic with 24.56% share.


So, this completes our list of top sports branded YouTube channel in the world. There are brands like FILA and LOTO that do not possess a YouTube channel and hardly have any spread in this ecosystem.

Throughout the year, there are hundreds of world sports tournaments happen where the best athletes represent their nations. Olympics, commonwealth, EPL, La Liga, MLB, NBA, Ice hockey, cricket world cups, NFL, WWE, IPL, tennis grand slams are few famous tournaments where these sports brands can showcase their product by associating with athletes.

Stay tuned for our next analysis on “Most Valuable Sports Business Brands, Most valuable Sports Events Brands and Most Valuable Team Brands in Sports.”

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