YouTube MarketingVimeo vs YouTube: Which is the Right Video Platform For You?

YouTube and Vimeo are two of the biggest online video platforms, so it not always easy deciding which is best for your business/website/content.

Which is why you need to weigh the pros and cons of each of them and then feed your resources to one that is best for you, as in, not just businesses but for any video producer, marketer or user.

This post will give an overview of what these video sites have in store for you. And also, an in-depth comparison of YouTube vs Vimeo specific features and how they might affect your decision.




AdvertisingYouTube focuses on making money with their advertising, not monthly/yearly payment plans like Vimeo. It has ads everywhere both on the website and within the video player. As a marketer, you have a lot of options to reach your specific audiences with highly targeted ads on YouTube, but as a viewer, it can be overwhelming.Vimeo takes pride in keeping their site free from ads and you won’t see one playing before, during, or after your content. They make their money from memberships.
Community: SizeYouTube’s community is huge, with over 1 billion users that watch hundreds of million hours of content each day.Vimeo has a much smaller community. Of its 170 million viewers, about 42 million are in the United States.
Community: Type"YouTube has all kinds of users. With that many people comes risks. You may run into some questionable, highly offensive, users that are not afraid to tell you exactly how they feel about your video."Vimeo mostly consists of professionals. The community is generally supportive and has many users that offer more constructive feedback than you may find on YouTube
CopyrightYouTube will detect copyrighted music and images almost immediately upon upload, automatically disabling these elements if you don’t have permission to use them. This can help make sure you’re not infringing on a copyright unintentionally.Vimeo isn’t as strict and won’t disable your content. If you choose Vimeo, be aware that it technically is stealing if you don’t own the rights to any media in your video. It is imperative to use good judgement when sharing your work.
Price of MembershipYouTube is completely free with unlimited storage when it comes to hosting. But it charges $10/month for its new service YouTube Red, where you can view videos without ads. And you also get a selection of high budget original programming (YouTube Originals), with the ability to download videos so you can watch offline later.Basic Vimeo membership is free. But businesses have to pay $59.95/yr for Plus, and $199/yr for Pro. And the free version is limited to only one HD upload per week with a maximum file size of 500MB.
Privacy Options YouTube allows three options; public, unlisted and private. Unlisted means only those with the link can view it, while private means only those you invite with an active YouTube account can view it.Vimeo offers password protected content. This can be great if you are reviewing content with clients and want to keep it hidden. Vimeo offers a variety of other privacy options as well.
SEOYouTube is owned by Google so by having your content on Youtube, you have way greater chances of appearing in search results for the keywords that matter to you.Despite any claims otherwise, you will notice that most search results favor YouTube videos on the first page.
Video Player CustomisationA littleA lot
Video Quality"YouTube’s larger audience produces more content, but keep in mind that quantity doesn’t always equal quality. The literal Video quality is same""With a smaller community, you will often find higher production values. Both have 1080p and 4K available."

Apart from all that, Vimeo has a cleaner layout than YouTube. Videos are larger and there’s not much clutter around the frame. Also, there’s a huge amount of quality content on YouTube but 70 hours of videos are uploaded every minute, so there’s a lot of spam or videos users don’t like to watch. And Vimeo’s primary focus  is on the video and video only, quality not quantity.

In the end, know that both platforms are great but really different. It always depends on the kind of content you want to share, and the audience you want to reach.

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