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There are hundreds of blogs out there preaching you on creating viral videos. But finding them? That’s a whole different story altogether right? In 2012, I had watched Gangnam Style when it had just 100 thousand+ views and I remember boasting about it at least for a year! My friends used to ask me how I had managed to find it so early; but I had never revealed. (I had actually found it through an obscure Reddit post in the videos subreddit)

Different people have different ways of finding kickass/awesome/viral videos. Some people are connected so well socially, all they gotta do is log in to Facebook and browse through their newsfeed for half an hour or so. Voila; they’ll be back with a treasure trove of viral videos up their sleeves! Some people have a solid research strategy while some just have a natural knack of finding them. Do you fall under any of these categories? Then today’s your lucky day!

Senior Viral Video Finder

That’s the latest vacancy that we have at Vidooly. Sounds weird right? Like an April fool’s prank (Like the one that Urban Ladder pulled off this year)? But that’s not it. We ARE looking for somebody who can tell us what videos are trending where. Many of you might be like:

but why

Here’s why:

Right now, we have a kickass trending video engine that can show trending YouTube videos from any category or country. Our tech team is busy building a robust platform agnostic engine that can pick viral videos from any online platform – Dubsmash, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube..videos from EVERYWHERE! But; until that happens, we need someone who can do this for us.


  • Eye for detail: You must be able to spot the next viral video with a single glance of your eye.
  • Unlimited patience to scroll Facebook: Are you a pro at scrolling Facebook? Do you impulsively click every video you see in your newsfeed? If yes, then we need your expertise.
  • A fondness for all kinds of junk food: Watching all those cooking videos nonstop for sure can make anyone hungry. Can you consume chips, red bull, chocolates, Maggi etc in a single go? If yes; then come along. BTW you have to buy all this 🙂
  • Serial liker: Do you randomly like, comment or share every single post on your timeline? If yes, then you may be a serial liker. Join us to like as many videos as you can.


  • An actual perk everyday ( Yeah the crunchy wafer chocolate bar. Have as many as you want)
  • Hugs and lots of love ( We have a very lovely team. Hence you will get much love and hugs everyday)
  • A computer ( We will give you a kickass 24 inch display to watch cat videos in gorgeous 4k to 8k resolution)
  • BYOD/C/S/P/F (Bring your own dog,cat,snake,parrot,fox or any pets that you may have. But if they go NO 2 you will get your hands dirty. )
  • Money – You will get paid too. How much? A decent sum in post-dated cheques.

Here’s how you apply

This is not your usual job. So, we don’t want you to apply the usual way. Send in a brief note to us (Be as creative as possible) at explaining why you’re a right for the job. Also, send us videos that you LOVE or videos that you think will go viral in the coming days.

You’ll get to hangout with us at our cool office space in Noida.

vidooly office

vidooly office

There are no strict timing restrictions and if you love alcohol, the first month is on us 😉

vidooly drinks

To know more about the Job Profile and the other vacancies that we have, check out our Careers page.


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