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Brands around the world are facing a critical situation due to the lockdown induced by the coronavirus pandemic. The major economic crisis has taken a toll, companies are shut and few are managing the deals virtually.

The companies that are still functioning despite all bans and discontinuations in all industry segments and markets have taken the help of several digital platforms. There is a visible quick shift from in-person meetings to online conferences through online tools.

virtual events on LinkedIn

Keeping up with the pace of improved webinars, group calls, etc. digital platform LinkedIn recently merged two of its major existing features to create one effective, essential tool.

Virtual events on LinkedIn is a tool that is a combination of LinkedIn Live with LinkedIn events where marketers/hosts can live stream their video content to their events audience online.

Virtual Events on LinkedIn for brand networks and communication

Quarantine conditions along with the system of social distancing have caused the cancellation of various events and gatherings. This has affected business in many ways that in turn has lowered profits, slowed sales & revenue generation, and overall growth of brands.

Lockdown has caused an expected surge in the consumption of video content on social media platforms beside a high demand for live streams. Hence, LinkedIn noticed the potential of live video in supporting these companies from losing out on more in the market.

virtual events on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn Live assisted marketers in bringing the professional communities together in real-time, engage audiences and spark live conversations to strengthen relations, LinkedIn Events established trust amidst the professional network and helped drive awareness about events by engaging with followers pre, during & post events. Bringing in both the features surely roped in more value and fulfilled the need of the hour.

Earlier this month, LinkedIn explained that:

We’ve accelerated our product roadmap to bring you a tighter integration between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live, turning these two products into a new virtual events solution that enables you to stay connected to your communities and meet your customers wherever they are. This new offering is designed to help you strengthen relationships with more targeted audiences.”

What is different in the new Virtual events on LinkedIn feature

The Virtual events on LinkedIn specifically allow broadcasters or hosts from brands to live stream with LinkedIn Live to page followers or event attendees. It also stores the live stream from the virtual events on LinkedIn along with other regular videos on page thereby expanding its shelf life.

virtual events on LinkedIn

The live stream can be easily promoted on the LinkedIn page for the followers to join or through direct invitations to the networks desired. Brands can also take the help of paid ads to reach targets and new relevant audiences out of their professional network to expand brand presence. It will also be easily discoverable in LinkedIn’s organic search bar for interested participants.

virtual events on LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn’s study, Livestreams conducted using LinkedIn Live generates 7 times more reactions per video and 24 times more comments than regular native videos on the platform. With the integration of virtual events on LinkedIn feature, the reach of the live stream is further increased, therefore, ensuring a more promising outcome for events.

The improved upgrade might not have a long list of benefits but given that the facts indicate a rise in live stream and event consumption on the platforms, it surely provides better support to brands.

Benefits of Virtual events on LinkedIn

  1. Connect with relevant audience: Virtual events on LinkedIn allows broadcasters to connect with the serious and interested audiences only. One can selectively send direct event invitations to first-grade connections and desired audience only. This will save efforts on unwanted guests and create a network of audiences who resonate with the brand’s objectives.
  2. Gather real-time engagement: using the upgraded virtual events on LinkedIn feature brands can boost their engagement rates compared to the other live events. As we mentioned above about the studies that state a dramatic increase in comment and reaction rates on these livestreams. It builds communications gaps and makes the brand appear more credible.
  3. Create marketing buzz around the brand: word of mouth is essential for all business but when online the virtual tools assist in doing the same. Using virtual events on LinkedIn broadcasters can promote their event on page feed and events channels. It helps gather more audiences and spread the right information about specific events.
  4. Repurposing live video content: the video live gets automatically stored in the Videos tab of the page which can be accessed by other followers who couldn’t attend. It can be used to fulfil many other requirements of the virtual spaces.

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