Online Video NewsVevo & MTV Strike Distribution Deal, VMA Videos Become Available Online

Calm down your VMAs’ FOMO, you can watch what everyone’s been talking about, online. Because Vevo has teamed up with MTV to distribute videos of Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards 2016 performances online on YouTube!

MTV started publishing videos of the VMAs early Monday morning, making them available for streaming both on its own website and through its own apps as well as on YouTube and the sites and services of other Vevo distribution partners.

And these videos are available for internet users around the world, except a few that are not easily available because of artists or labels opting out.

This is the first time ever that MTV and its daddy Viacom signed a partnership with Vevo. Which shows the amount of change in the relationships of the two, and just the music industry in general.

Vevo was seen as trying to steal MTV’s spotlight when it was launched in 2009, by changing the face of music television online. So during those early days, their relationships was a bit dicey. As for over a year, Vevo owner Universal at one point was taking its own videos off of

Then in 2012, Vevo launched a 24-hour online music video channel Vevo TV, getting more on MTV’s turf and nerves. But this year Vevo decided to shut it down as a part of redesigning its website.

Vevo has been supplying major label music videos to YouTube but, but it now wants to attract more viewers to its own site and apps. It has plans to launch a paid subscription service too, later this year.

MTV has been going downhill over the past five years. The Video Music Awards show attracted 12.4 million viewers five years ago. Last year, that number went down to 5 million!

On the other hand, Vevo has an enormous reach online obviously because of its distribution partnerships with YouTube, Facebook and others. The music video giant’s clips are have been amongst the most popular videos and channels(thanks to the artists) on YouTube since a long time and it currently serves 18.5 billion videos per month!

So getting into this deal and joining that massive distribution network can help MTV to reach a much bigger audience, especially the younger viewers who don’t get cable anymore, and the people who miss out on big live events.


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