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Akshay Chandra5 years ago
Twitter is trying to change its image drastically from a social media platform to a website where people can watch third most-watched program in American television history with an average of 111.9 million viewers. Last April, twitter expanded its boundaries by beating other major players in the tech space, including Verizon, Yahoo, Amazon, and Facebook for securing the live broadcasting rights to stream 10 games of the 16 Thursday Night Football games to air this season.
Then last April, twitter announced that it will live stream weekly out-of-market games by joining Major League Baseball (MLB) in their effort to expand its live sports plan. According to Bloomberg, Twitter paid $10 million to secure the deal for a worldwide broadcast. This means that CBS, NFL network and NBC still have the deal to broadcast, but it’s limited to America only.

Watch, but where?

The next step for twitter was to create an app that supports almost all cable T.V in order to reach the American audience effectively. Hence, twitter announced this September that the new twitter app can be accessed through Xbox One, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, where viewers will be able to watch NFL games tonight.

Watch NFL Thursday Night Football now on Twitter
Watch NFL Thursday Night Football now on Twitter
The fact the Twitter is the first place for the people anywhere to post anything related to sports; and this came handy as people from around the world can watch the game and can check the stream of tweets curated for you by Twitter’s algorithm.

Tonight is the night 

This sports stream will be filled with advertisements, though, but you can watch Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets with a decent video quality which is going to start in next seven hours.  Twitter is promoting this event aggressively, as advertisers have high expectations with ad packages ranging between $1 million to $8 million, with $5 million, giving the advertiser to advertise two commercials per game (which works out to $250,000 per ad). When compared to NBC and CBS who are reportedly charging between $550,000 and $590,000 per 30-second spot, Twitter has the lead as their audience is growing day by day with an average of 313 million users a month during this period.
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