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Niharika Dutta4 years ago

Have you hit a roadblock while creating your next content calendar?

Do you find the same blog posts at the top of your ‘best performing content’ list month after month?

Not sure what is the next content piece which can prove to be a hit with your audience?

You’re not alone in this struggle. About 60% content marketers find it hard to produce content consistently while 65% find it challenging to create engaging content.

Content upcycling is the answer to this struggle. The word “Upcycle” means to pick up older stuff and convert it into a new form that can add more value to the original product.

How Is Content Upcycling Different From Recycling?

When you recycle a content piece, you break it down into smaller parts and reproduce those parts into a new content piece. For instance, the sub-sections of a top performing blog post can be created into individual posts in itself. However, it may take away the inherent value of that post, that made it a hit in the first place.

Content upcycling is different. It allows you to repurpose your content by changing its form. Say, for instance, you convert this blog post into an infographic and put it up. You’re not creating something entirely new. You’re just pushing older content up the supply chain again.

10 Ways To Upcycle

The first step is to find out what can you handpick for content upcycling. Scan your content archive to search for what’s evergreen and is relevant even now. The best pick would be the content pieces that were a hit with your audience and brought in a lot of traffic. You can even add on to a previous post if you have more to say on it.

Whatever you choose, there are 10 genius ways to convert it into something more valuable.

Create A Video  

If you have not created a channel on YouTube for your company, you might be missing out on a big chunk of the audience. Cisco suggests that by 2021, 80% of all traffic will come from video content. You can’t afford to miss an opportunity like that!

You can try out a few ideas –

  • How-To ’s: Convert your demo blog posts or other content pieces into a video while you demonstrate each step.
  • Interviews: You can pick up a content piece and do an interview with an industry influencer around it.
  • Small video clips: Pick up a sub-topic and create a small video out of it. People find it easier to consume lesser content in one go.

I came across a blog post on the topic “How To Turn A Blog Post Into A Video In 5 Minutes Or Less”. The author, Ana Hoffman, has converted this blog post into a video and has it up on her channel. You can check out the video here –

Construct An Infographic

Infographics are simply a visual representation of the information you want to put across. Just pick up a blog topic which can be broken down into smaller chunks or data points, prepare the content in a crisp manner and unleash your creativity to give it a visual appeal.

Infographics are catchy, crisp and aesthetic. That makes it a hit with the audience. You can take the help of a graphic designer if you’re creating an extensive one that requires thorough research and design.

But not all infographics need to be a huge endeavor. Start with an informative graph or chart and get started on a free content tool like Canva, Visually or Piktochart. Below is an infographic template that can you can use for reference.

Presentation On SlideShare

SlideShare boasts of 80 Million professionals who turn to the platform for information from experts in a particular industry. It’s a trusted source now for professional content. Pick up a presentation that was a hit with your seniors and team members and repackage it to upload on SlideShare.

Select the relevant statistics, actionable insights, quotes, bullet points and more to repurpose into a slide deck. Use images, graphs, charts, audio, video and more to make in interesting. You can even add a backlink to your website or a CTA.

Use Social Media To Upcycle

Do you have some interesting facts, quotes or statistics from your earlier blog posts? You can use them on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter is quite powerful in this regard. You can just end your stat with a “Click To Tweet” link or simply share the stat as a tweet.

You can even use an image like the one below to share on Twitter or on Facebook for a more visual appeal.


Podcasts allow you to create an audio version of your blog posts. Do you also have ebooks in your content directory? That’s even better as you can create a whole series, with each podcast covering a topic or a chapter.

Consider a scenario where a busy senior professional has an hour of commute to work. He drives his own car and has a 10 to 12-hour work shift. Once home, he needs to give time to his family as well.

With such a schedule, he would hardly have time to garner extra knowledge in his area of expertise. He can simply turn to podcasts. Bluetooth enabled audio systems in cars have made it easier. He just needs to connect his phone and fire up the podcast while he listens during the drive to work.

Hold A Webinar

Webinars have come to emerge as a great audio-visual medium to engage with industry experts in a seminar format. You can have a two-way conversation while your brand gets talked about.

You don’t need to scout for the content. Simply choose some blog posts or ebooks which have performed well and use that material for your online seminar.

You can even convert a successful webinar you had and publish it on YouTube as a video. Here’s an example of the same.

Ebooks And Reports

Ebooks may seem a bit ambitious but if you come to think of it, you have all the information and tools at your disposal. Choose a vast topic that you have already covered in multiple blogs and condense each blog into a chapter of the ebook.

In a similar way, you can make use of comprehensive reports and break them down into blogs and vice versa. Take the example of Vidooly’s Facebook Monthly Report 2018. This has been spun into a blog post as well as individual download links for the reports month-wise.

Go For Newsletters

If you’ve built a solid database of email subscribers, this is a brilliant idea. One blog post can generate content for the whole week! Select an extensive blog post and shoot email newsletters to your subscribers on each subtopic within the post. Since the content is short and crisp, and directly in the mailbox, people pay attention.

This blog post, for example, can be converted into a 10-day newsletter series. Free and premium tools like MailChimp and GetResponse can help you send out, schedule and manage your newsletters.

Start An Online Course

If you write a lot of educational content, consider creating an online course out of it. Remodel your blog posts and ebooks into modules for your e-course and offer it to the world. Juice it up with quizzes, online certifications and tests. Experts and beginners in your field will take notice as they will see it as a great opportunity to learn.

New Posts From Older Ones

Not to be confused with recycling! By creating new posts, I mean that you can either update older posts or weave out guest posts for other websites. It’s easy to repackage good quality content which worked well with your audience before. Combine this with outreach efforts and you have a winner. You can reach a whole new set of the audience if you can capture a space with a guest post on other popular websites within your domain.

Gary Vaynerchuk demonstrates the perfect example of content upcycling. The multimillionaire CEO and bestselling author spins off 30 pieces of content from a single one, be it a keynote, an interview or a vlog. He takes up the extensive content piece and repurposes it into shorter forms such as articles, images, mashups, stories and anything under the sun. You can check out how he does it by following this link.

Here’s a glimpse of how he repurposes his content –

Not only does content upcycling help you come up with new content ideas, but it also saves up a lot of time. So, motivate your team to think about different ways of upcycling for every blog post that they start working on. It’s a great way to reach a new audience and reinforce the message that you want to put across.

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Niharika Dutta

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