YouTube10 Ways to get More Subscribers for your New YouTube Channel in 2018

Sidharth Jena4 years ago

YouTube has come a long way from 2005 to till date, from just a video of its founder titled Me at The Zoo to millions being uploaded and watched daily. The journey has been great and inspiring so are its founders and the content creators uploading videos in YouTube, a.k.a YouTubers.

YouTube is just not about videos uploads but also a regular source of income for many creative people around the world. Known worldwide as YouTubers, most people have a six figure earning just from YouTube partner program or YouTube ads barring all other partnership scope for earnings through videos in YouTube.

Monetization program by YouTube was first rolled out in 2007 and in subsequent year many updates and new formats were added. This gave creators an additional earning opportunity and brands more flexibility to promote their product & service. Google, the owner of YouTube, subsequently introduced many new features to help YouTubers/content creators along with brands to leverage the greatest online video place to full potential.

So if you have not started your own YouTube channel yet sign up with YouTube and find out 10 easy ways to increase subscribers for your new YouTube channel faster.

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It’s better late than Never

1 Select a particular Category or Genre for your YouTube channel.

How to get more subscribers for a New YouTube Channel

A majority of the YouTubers always focus their content around a particular category/genre focusing on their area of expertise. This particular approach helps content creators to easily script/plan their content and also helps attain a higher audience retention rate, an important YouTube video metrics.

A well planned video creation strategy for your YouTube channel also helps create a brand re-call for your audience, as viewers easily relate to your YouTube channel while searching for any videos related to your content genre.

Without Strategy Content is just some random stuff & the World has enough Stuff

More searches for your content=better rank, which results in higher chances of getting views and a better CTR (Click through rate for your YouTube videos). Thus enabling a win win situation for your new YouTube channel.

The more users find it relatable & informative, the higher chance of them becoming a subscriber.

So if you have done your planning and all, Congratulations you have cleared the first step to start a YouTube channel & on the right path to get more subscribers.

2 Keep your YouTube videos short but Informative

Why Short Videos have higher views in YouTube?

In this fast paced world & age of information, people have limited time but unlimited options. So in order to ensure people view your video content in YouTube, limit your video duration to under 5 minutes max (Unless it’s a Documentary or a film) and keep it relatable to the title and informative.

Short videos ensure less time for YouTube creators/YouTubers in research & post production/editing work. In short you can create multiple videos in a short span of time.

Short Videos=less time dedicated on each video=more video uploads=audience retention=more YouTube Subscribers.

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3 Impress at the Earliest

How to increase Avg View duration in YouTube

There is no dearth of any kind of information in the internet. Your audience have unlimited alternatives to go if they do not find your YouTube videos informative. Start your video with the exact information the title speaks about.

Do not include any product promotion or your intro in the first 10-15 seconds of your video. Start with the video topic and keep your audience glued to your content, in the end you can do your product/affiliate promotions along with request to subscribe | Like | Comment | Share.

Vidooly Intelligence
Vidooly Intelligence

It also helps to attain a higher audience retention rate or average view time/video/viewer (Data available in YouTube analytics for your YouTube channel). A higher audience retention rate or average view time helps to increase the total watch time for your YouTube channel, thereby also helping in the ranking factor.

Better Rank>>Higher Impressions>>Better CTR>>Higher chances of more Viewership & Subscribers.

4 Create a Content Calendar for your YouTube channel

Content Calendar for YouTube

Maintaining a consistency in uploading your video. This not only adds fresh content to your new YouTube channel but also helps viewers stay connected with your channel.

YouTube subscribers are more likely to stay subscribed to a YouTube channel that uploads video in a regular & consistent manner rather than having few content and no new content being uploaded for a larger duration.

Ad Insights
Ad Insights

The best way to tackle this problem is to create a content calendar for every month and announce your new uploads and updates related to your YouTube channel in the outro (End or Last 10 seconds) of your already uploaded videos. This would create a sense of anxiousness amongst your audience and thereby increase your chances of getting higher views and subscribers with every new upload.

5 Optimize your YouTube Video Titles & Description for SEO

YouTube SEO

Your new YouTube channel might not have the search and reach initially irrespective of the category and quality of information shared by you. So in order to make it reach to wider range of audience, the only way out is SEO.

SEO, as we all know is a time taking process but in the long run will surely help your videos rank in YouTube as well as Google search results. Before making a video live, do an analysis of the keywords to be included in your Title & description using Google Keyword planner tool.

The best hack is to include your target keywords in the 1st two words of your title, thereby increasing the chances of visibility. Make your description long as well as informative. The description part is the blog for your video, so the better you write, the higher are the chances of getting ranked.

6 Research your Video Tags

YouTube Video Tags Suggestion

This is where maximum YouTubers go wrong. According to leading Digital Marketers & Digital Marketing blogs, a majority of user generated content in YouTube include irrelevant tags or just the title as the tag in their video and if you are also doing the same, time to change and see the change.

The tags that need to be added in your video should be relatable to your category & content that you are speaking in your video, not just the title. Do a keyword analysis using keyword planner tool and add relevant keywords in the tags.

For example if your video is related to YouTube SEO, include tags like, Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, YouTube SEO, few YouTube influencers name, Video marketing, YouTube optimization, Getting started with YouTube, online learning etc relevant to topic and also include the keywords of any particular event or update happened during the time. For example for videos you can include Vidcon, YouTube Fan Fest, Digi Pub etc.

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7 Use Vidooly’s Creator Dashboard Tool to Understand Your Audience

10 Ways to get more subscribers for your New YouTube channel in 2018

Vidooly’s creator dashboard has been a boon for YouTubers since 2014. The tool using AI (artificial Intelligence) helps individual content creators understand their audience in a better way than before, thus helping them with higher video views and faster growth in YouTube subscribers for their channel.

The creator dashboard tool of Vidooly has the following features:-

  • Keyword Analysis for Video Titles & Descriptions
  • Tag Suggestions
  • Suggestion for best time to Upload
  • Audience Insights
  • Bench-marking with Competitors
  • New Content Ideas
  • Trend Analysis

Platforms Covered: YouTube, Facebook & Instagram

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8 A Custom Made Thumbnail for every Video

A thumbnail is the image that appears before the video is played or the image that appears on the video window in the search results.

How it Helps?

A thumbnail helps in-directly to increase your YouTube subscribers. More interactive the thumbnail of the video the higher the CTR (Click Through Rate Clicks/Impressions *100).

Research says that if a video thumbnail is relevant or speaks about the summary of the video, then 9/10 times your YouTube video will have a good engagement. When a viewer clicks on your video to watch based on the quality of your content, a viewer would take the call to Subscribe or Not to Subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Brand Lift measurement
Brand Lift measurement

In Simple a Thumbnail makes your video look attractive and makes it different from alternatives available at the disposal of your YouTube channel subscribers or yet to subscribe audience.

Best Bet: Do a competitor analysis of videos uploaded by your close competitors on the same category or topic, along with the subject add an attractive text and ensure the subject & text are loud enough to draw attention. Try to include some numbers and questions or statements.

9 Make the Best Use of all Available YouTube features.

10 Ways to get more subscribers for your New YouTube channel in 2018

The world’s second largest search engine has a host of features to help creators maximize their reach and create a wider audience base. But unfortunately, very minimal number of YouTubers initially are aware of the benefits. These features not only make your YouTube channel look attractive but also an opportunity to interlink your videos as well as earning opportunity through 3rd party collaborations.

Features for Home Page of Your channel:

  • Channel Art
  • Channel Icon
  • External Linking
  • Channel Trailer
  • Community Postings
  • Playlists
  • Customize Position of videos/Playlists Visible in Home Page
  • Description
  • Channel Keywords

Features for Videos:

  • End Video Annotations
    • Subscribe Annotation
    • Video Annotation
    • Playlist Annotation
  • Cards
    • Promoting a different channel.
    • Fundraising
    • Polls
    • Video Teaser Texts
  • Royalty Free Music Library

10 Cross Platform Promotion

10 Ways to get more subscribers for your New YouTube channel in 2018

Now that all the work is done for your new YouTube channel from planning to interlinking but Why Just limit the videos to YouTube only??

No doubt YouTube itself has a huge traffic and searches, but other leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Reddit, Quora, Twitter etc also have a huge traffic that increases the chance for a wider exposure for your channel. In initial days of your channel the more cross platform promotion you do the higher impressions your YouTube videos gets, thus increasing the chance for getting more YouTube subscribers organically.

Moreover platforms like instagram also has a good organic reach, which new YouTubers should use through instagram posts & insta stories.

Interlink your Social accounts and give links wherever possible. Announce yourself and inform your audience about your YouTube channel and Why they Should Subscribe it to never miss a video?

Just 10 or More?

So finally we have jotted down the 10 easy ways to get subscribers faster for your new YouTube channel. The above mentioned points are not the only ways to increase your YouTube subscriber base but for a new YouTube channel this list covers all the basics required to have a strong foundation for your YouTube channel. With more subscribers more features are enabled for your YouTube channel which increases the rate subscriber growth rapidly. One such feature is YouTube Live Streaming which is enabled only after your get 1000 subscribers.

So what are you waiting for? Take your cameras out and start shooting.

Thanks for reading the blog. If you are a creator and want more insights related to the performance of your videos. Reach us at 8527863094 or send in your queries at

Sidharth Jena

Sidharth is a Sports and Travel Enthusiast with keen interest in the field of Marketing especially Digital Marketing. He finds ultimate happiness in small things and doing simple yet un-common things. Helping brands/companies go Online.


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    Nice Piece of Information. I think Thumbnail of Video is more important because it forces the viewers to watch videos. If your thumbnail is not appealing to the viewers then they won’t watch your video and you won’t get any like and subscriber. Next part is content which plays an important part in getting a subscriber. I would agree with Sidharth that content should be short but informative. If your video is long and not providing additional information to the viewers then they’ll leave the rest of the video unwatched and you won’t get any subscriber. The above-mentioned tips should be used if you have spare time because these tips take time to get subscribers. I would like to buy a service like “” which increase your subscribers and video likes, because of my busy schedule.

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    December 19, 2018 at 4:19 PM

    Really enjoyed reading the article. Stuff will be more useful to the readers!

  • Jamey Reed

    December 19, 2018 at 4:09 PM

    Really enjoyed reading the article. Stuff will be more useful to the readers!

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