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Niharika Dutta6 years ago

Did you know that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text? Top that with Facebook users watching 8 billion videos every day! And, this is excluding the statistics on Youtube, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

The staggering figures mentioned above, only prove that video storytelling is a powerful medium for delivering a seamless user experience.

However, the question today is, how can you use video storytelling in social media marketing?

To answer that, you need to know the type of video that will make you stand out and grab the attention of consumers.

Most importantly, you have to know what kind of visual content and social channels are best suited for your brand. Deciding the right type of content depends on the demographics of your audience, your brand’s value as well as personality, and the online location where your audience is present, like Facebook, Vine, Twitter, YouTube and other similar platforms.

Once you have identified all these factors, you can then create stories that will interest your audience, connect with them, and prompt them to share your content.

So, let’s go ahead and look at the 7 ways of using video storytelling in your social media marketing strategies.

#1 Talk About Them, Not You

By this, we mean that you should be sharing videos that relate to your customers instead of making it about you.

Imagine that you took a vacation to Bali. On your return, your friends would want to know more about it.

Think about it. Would you start your story by getting into details of how much money you spent, the hotel bills, the number of drinks you gulped down and so on? Or, would you begin your story by telling your friends how amazing the destination was, the places you visited, and how you would love to visit it again sometime in the future.

Similarly, when your customers are involved, you need to build a rapport with your audience by sharing customer videos that will help you establish an emotional connection with them.

Intel took the exact approach by sharing a video about 3D prosthetics where they let the customer do the talking while they took a backseat. They chose to showcase touching stories from the lives of their customers via video storytelling. The video below is one such example of Intel’s campaign.

3D Prosthetics

#ExperienceAmazing 3D printers powered by Intel that are creating custom-made hope for people without limbs:

Posted by Intel on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

#2 Sell Yourself With Compelling Fiction Videos

Creating a fictional video series is an awesome way to connect with your audience. People remember you when you integrate a story and create a series of videos that feels more like episodes right out of a TV show. It’s entertaining, it’s engaging, and it’s smart!

An interesting example is #missadventure series by Kate Spade, New York, which they hosted on Facebook, Instagram, and their own website. The series revolves around the misadventures of the protagonist in a swanky hotel. She is seen sporting handbags and accessories from Kate Spade. Follow the link to watch an episode of the series.

The protagonist’s part is played by the stylish and chic actress, Anna Kendrick.The episodes are engaging and also do not directly talk about the products, rather they focus on the storyline. This ensures that the videos aren’t too promotional and you come to your customers’ notice as they wait for the next video in the series.

#3 Connect With Documentary Videos

Using documentary style videos can also be an emotionally driven marketing strategy that will inform, inspire, and connect your consumers with your brand. One such example is Dove’s #ChooseBeautiful campaign that encourages participation from its community.

By choosing a theme that is so seemingly effortless, but a matter of everyday life, you can also focus on your brand value like Dove, and less on your product. Documentary-style videos connect with consumers on an emotional level especially by telling your brand’s story that they can relate to.

#4 Show Them What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

One way to instill trust, transparency and fun into your video is by showcasing behind-the-scene stories. It can be anything from a video of your product, employee or simply an influencer in your industry who can take your customers backstage and hold their attention.

However, one thing you must keep in mind is the real-time relevancy.

For example, Vogue pulled in Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner for a backstage video of their shoots. Here’s a glimpse of the video.

This way, Vogue did not only showcase their backstage work but also got more audience from the fans of the two top models.

#5 Show Them How-To Through Your Tutorials

When you are dealing with customers who have less experience with your brand or products, informative videos like tips or tutorials come in handy. Aim at creating videos that are problem-solving and also include sales funnel-targeted content. Here, you can also inform your customers about the various ways your product can benefit them.

To be able to deliver this, you need to understand your audience correctly so that you can influence them into buying your product or services. Check out this example of a Do-It-Yourself video by Lowe’s Home Improvement that explains how to repair mortar.

The video above is so simple to understand. It has instructions which clearly state what needs to be done and the video demonstrates how it’s supposed to be done correctly.

What’s different about these videos? These tutorials emphasize on their services, they don’t come out as too promotional. Another secret to their success is that people love to try new things and when you help them do that, you grab eyeballs.

#6 Leverage Your Brand Value with Interviews

To win with this strategy, you need to have an excellent and a convincing storyteller in front of the camera. Interviews can be that of an employee, a customer or an influential personality. It is also very budget friendly as all you need is a set of good questions and an engaging guest.

Here is an example from Make My Trip’s #TheWayWeWork Video where the CEO opens the interview and is joined in by others. The video attempts to show the work environment of the company while emphasizing on their brand value as well.

The video is a sneak peek of the fun and collaborative work environment at Make My Trip. The employees are encouraged to have fun while they work and learn from each other. Videos of this type create a positive image of the company in the eyes of customers.

#7 Show Them, Don’t Tell

In the midst of your marketing strategy, stop talking about yourself! Stop talking about your services and instead, tell local stories by creating a video of your customers so that your audience can easily connect and take pride in their roots.

A positive review from the customer speaks volumes about the brand. Vodafone India’s #ReadyBusiness is a fitting example where the customer’s success story resonates with their brand value.

Take another example of Nike that teaches brands how to sell in the most irresistible way through Nike Women’s #BetterForIt. By using honest humor, Nike attempts to shed light on the “inner thoughts” women experience while working out or at the gym. This promotional video not only attempts to bond with the emotions of women but also attempts to influence their preferences.


According to a study, 90% of online customers find videos helpful while making a purchase decision. This clearly indicates that video marketing will become all the more important for sales qualification and conversion.

Marketers are drifting away from traditional selling and promotional tactics. It is no longer enough to tell your audience that your product is great and they should buy it. That does not work anymore.

The focus has shifted towards the concept of inbound marketing, wherein marketers use innovative methods and engaging content that gets noticed right away and draws customers towards them.

Using videos creatively is an excellent way to draw attention. Engaging content through video storytelling brings in more likes, shares, and comments on social platforms.

Remember that your final goal is to enable your customers and their friends to relate to your content to stay ahead of competition.

Niharika Dutta

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