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In this report, we have analyzed Weed Related YouTube channels with at least 50,000 subscribers.

Pot smokers on YouTube or WeedTubers, as they call themselves – are creating a new wave of content on YouTube. There are hundreds of YouTubers who smoke marijuana in front of the camera and describe their high in detail to their fans and subscribers.

Just sample this interesting stat – YouTube videos by WeedTubers have clocked over 600 million views so far!

But you’d be wrong if you assume that these YouTube channels just upload videos of them smoking pot. WeedTubers do a lot more than that. They educate their subscribers about the different types of weed and their effects on the body and mind and also provide exhaustive guides to showcase various modes of consumption. A regular pot smoker can also get answers for practical questions like “whether blunts are more potent than joints” or the whole process of making edibles like hash brownies, candies, and even how to convert a pound of weed into THC oil.

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No AdSense Money

Although these WeedTubers are riding on the wave of recreational marijuana legalization in America, they do not generate any money from monetization of their videos as YouTube doesn’t permit monetization for age-restricted videos.

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But, these weed YouTubers are considered as influencers for an age group of 18-30 who love marijuana. Also, since the medical use of weed is legal in more than 20 U.S states, there are many legal pot retailers who sponsor the videos of these YouTubers.

According to conservative estimates, a weed related YouTube channel with more than 100,000 subscribers can generate about $300 to $1000 though sponsorships and brand integrations.

Top YouTube channel CustomGrow420 has reviewed more than 52 marijuana products till date. Another popular YouTube channel StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) has done 60 product reviews and 72 product unboxings for brands like TOKERPACK (13), KUSH CARGO (12), HEMPER (11), and DOLLAR HIGH CLUB (6).

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For our analysis, we have only selected weed related YouTube channels with over 50,000 subscribers. Let’s get started with the top 10 Weed YouTube Channels:

StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions)52,602,661393,155
RuffHouse Studios36,332,752299,628
Kimmy Tan8,658,532207,807
High Times22,604,344203,222
Crutch 42015,477,589196,391

Some interesting insights 

There are 30 weed related YouTube channels with over 50,000 subscribers.

Only one of them has got more than one million subscribers.

Top three YouTube channels in terms of channel subscription and viewership are CustomGrow420, Haley420, and xCodeh.

There are about 18 weed based YouTube channels with more than 100,000 subscribers.

Total viewership generated by top 30 Weed based YouTube channels are more than 700 million!

Total subscribers of the top 30 marijuana YouTube channels is – 6 million.

The highest viewership generated by a weed related YouTube channel is 163,677,122 by CustomGrow420

Total videos uploaded by these channels – 16,304 videos.

tokinGLX has uploaded the highest number of videos so far – 2,590

The top 30 marijuana channels have got over 3 million user comments!

Out of these top 30 weed YouTube channels, 23 are from the US, one from U.K, three from Canada, and one from the Netherlands.

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Out of the top 30 /YouTube channels, 7 are run by women.

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