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Nishant Gaurav6 years ago

One of the perks of creating a YouTube channel is the inbuilt creator studio where the YouTuber can check video analysis, performance graphs, demographics and much more. But, if you are managing multiple YouTube channels as content owner without YouTube Content Management System, then following factors may imply. Those are,

  • No YouTube MCN creator Dashboard
  • Cannot manage multiple YouTube channels
  • Zero control on Content ID
  • Revenue distribution goes haywire
  • Cannot analyze the metadata


Not everyone gets a YouTube Content Management System (CMS). It’s a rigorous procedure where one must apply for access to CMS. Here are a couple of steps to apply for a Content Management System along with the basic requirement criteria

  1. You need a partnered YouTube Account. -> CMS Basic Account
  2. If you have such an account, you can apply yourself on –> 

With the full content management account, you can prove your partner on to find out if he fulfilled all the copyrights and don’t practice any illegal activities.

Obtaining a Content Management System is quite difficult nowadays but if you are reputed media group in video domain or having a channel in good shape you have fairly good chances of getting it without any hiccups.

You must have several pieces of documentation proving you have the World Wide Distribution Licenses to any content in which you own and are hosting to claim under the CMS. Unless you are taking down 100’s of pieces of copyrighted material each day it is near impossible to be accepted.

Also, just because you have a CMS does not make you a network on YouTube. There is more than one type of content management accounts.

  • IVP – Individual Video Partnership – You can monetize some of your popular videos only. [By invitation]
  • Partner (full YouTube Partner; YPP) – You’re either invited, or you apply, and when you’re accepted, will be able to monetize any or all of your videos at any time.
  • CMS (full CMS) – Content Management System – Here, the content manager will get the CMS to auto-fetch YouTubers content under the MCN, and decide whether to monetize, track, or block your content from the hands of its users.

There are also different types of networks such as YouTube Network (company), Sub-Network, Content Aggregator or Network (under a Company). If you would like to get your own Content Management System, then there is much more than to apply for Content ID or CVP.

Following are the required factors that will play a crucial role to become a registered network.

  • First of all, you need to have a company. [ Machinima, Thoughtful Media ]
  • You need to get at least basic license for (example LLC) your company.
  • Second, of all you need money.
  • To make a company website and pay staff. Also for your company’s office.


This is where Vidooly’s YouTube MCN management software will help all the aspiring content owners working without YouTube Content Management System platform. From acquiring new content creators to YouTube creator onboarding management, Vidooly has everything you need to scale your multi-channel network b usiness.


Our tool can help you manage large repositories of videos, reports, assets, or collections of channels across multiple YouTube channels.

The only feature that you will not get from Vidooly’s YouTube MCN software without YouTube CMS is “Revenue Management” of YouTube creators under content managers. This works perfectly if there are less number of YouTube channels under one umbrella.


Following are the features that Vidooly’s YouTube MCN management software provides if you have a YouTube Content Management System.

  • YouTube Channel applications management.
  • Seamless Digital Contract Sharing with partner channels.
  • Easy YouTube partner Onboarding: Channel approval, rejection and blacklisting from a single place.
  • Intuitive search to find prospective partner channels that resonate with your multi channel network.
  • Get in-depth performance analysis of any YouTube channel under your MCN.
  • Contact channels with your proposal from within the multi-channel network dashboard.
  • Seamless YouTube partner payout management with single click YouTube Automation.
  • Monthly YouTube earning reports for all the partners as well as the MCN & subnetworks.
  • Simplified Digital Contract Sharing with YouTube partner channels.
  • Give access the creator dashboard to your partnered channels.
  • Maximize YouTube & Facebook video viewership by using our audience development features for partner channels.
  • Fine-tune partner channel videos and increase their search traffic.
  • Understand the audience behavior of your partner channels from the multi-channel network dashboard.

To know more about how to automate YouTube CMS reports through Vidooly’s report automation tool in our YouTube MCN software, then click here.

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    I have not YouTube CMS, But I want to create an MCN. Does. Could you help me?

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    i want cms youtube account please call me 9443061666

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