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In this world of cut-throat competition, which is undoubtedly high-paced, your ‘content’ has to have the edge to cut the rut of monotony and stand out in the crowd. But how do you achieve that when there’s new content being created and uploaded every other minute on YouTube? ,and how do you make more money on YouTube with all the content you have? Simply by learning and analysing the content of your competitor’s and integrating the competition’s USP to better your own content.


It’s said that competition brings out the best in products and worst in people, well when it comes to products we can’t be complaining. Going by the humdrum of staying relevant in the YouTube eco-system by bringing something new and innovative constantly, you also need to keep a track of what’s already been there and what’s going on, to catch the pulse of this system.

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You need to analyse the best performing videos of your competitor’s YouTube channel. Let’s say if you make (How-to) tutorial videos, then you should keep abreast with latest videos of your rivals to churn out a better content on the same theme.

Secondly, analyze the tags and other meta-tags used by them which helped gain them popularity. Yes, delving deep into analytics would help spring your content source a better search rank.

Finally, you could track down the significant active subscribers of your competitors and add to your own G+ circles, thus relaying your content directly and giving them the opportunity to watch your content and in turn increase your following. This could lead them to choose your content over your competitor’s in case they preferred yours for being better. In a nutshell, this helps you keep in sync with the competition and earn a great revenue via YouTube!

It might be cumbersome, to track all such activities of your rival content creators manually, and it’s here that Vidooly comes to your rescue. By using Vidooly’s innovative dashboard you could:

1. Add multiple competitor channels and compare your growth in terms of views, subscribers, uploads, etc.

2. Get a list of competitor’s best performing videos and drill down into its analytics to understand what worked and what not

3. Identify competitor’s influencers, their level of engagement and reach out to them using custom g+ circles


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