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Sudip Mazumdar1 year ago

In the late few years, YouTube has earned the optimum level of popularity all around the globe. Not only as the platform with the most diverse range of videos and the highest number of viewers, YouTube has emerged as a platform that has leveraged the video creators to stream their videos and reach the millennials and also earn a skyrocketing amount of money!

The scope of earning that YouTube offers is an inevitable and lucrative way for the individuals and businesses to make money just by uploading a video to YouTube! All that’s needed is a YouTube Channel which can be created within minutes!

So, have you thought about kicking off a YouTube Channel of your own? If you have not yet, then it’s time to give it a thought because generation Z’s purchasing habits as well as their career motivations are impelled on an astonishing level by the YouTube stars. According to the statistics, the millennials check YouTube once a day on an average at a minimum! Moreover, Gen X and baby boomers are also watching videos on YouTube quite often (if not regularly).

So, you can already assume the kind of exposure YouTube has hidden for you. Whether you are an individual or a business, YouTube is a platform to build your brand and make your career. Below, we are mentioning the 6 most obvious reasons why YouTube should be your next career move!

1. Size of Audience

The first and foremost factor will definitely be the massive number of audiences you get to interact with! YouTube not only powers you to publish content before the millennials but also lets you interact with the audience; thanks to its social media nature. Moreover, a mind-blowing figure of 1.57 billion monthly active YouTube users and 30 million daily active users across the globe are the sources of traffic that cannot be denied by any business or individual.

Initially, it’s not possible to reach the whole 1.57 billion people but the reach will grow with good content and marketing. Moreover, a fraction of the total monthly visitors can hand you mind-blowing visibility. When added with the other social networks, YouTube can help you grow to the maximum extent.

2. People Like Video Content

An early estimation says, 82% of the internet traffic will come from the video content by 2021! You may find it unrealistic but the fact is video content has already managed to account for 73% of online traffic in 2016. If content marketing is your consideration in the future (and should be as Content is the King), you need to mull over more formats than the text-based content. Thus, starting a YouTube Channel would aid you in producing powerful video content which will be a vital factor for your success!

3. Easy to Produce

Unless you are aiming for a top-of-the-line video and audio quality with different sets and complicated editing, it’s immensely easy to produce a video. The basic video contents like interviews, monologues, or roleplay acting are like peanuts! For instance, an Indian YouTuber called Bhuvan Bam has managed to get over 13 Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel – ‘BB Ki Vines’ just by shooting videos with the front camera of his mobile!

Even if you go higher than the mobile front camera, the basic setup would not cost you more than a few hundred dollars for a lifetime. Now, if you are concerned about editing, it would not be much of an issue if there’s minimal editing involved. The basic video editing can be done with the help of basic editing software which are often free or come with an affordable subscription cost. Videos are less costly and easier to make than you think.

4. Additional Exposure

The potential of the exposure one can achieve through YouTube videos is not limited to YouTube! The YouTube videos have the caliber to offer you exposure across the other social channels present on the internet. If you think you have created a truly engaging video, you have the full authority to share it on the other social platforms and get your hands on the further impressions like views, likes, comments, and subscriptions.

5. Huge Scope for Revenue

These days, successful YouTubers with a good subscriber base are considered celebrities! If your YouTube channel becomes famous enough, there’s an outstanding scope for revenue waiting for you. By enabling the advertisements on your videos, you can easily make money for every thousand views. However, the amount you will earn for the advertisements will depend on Google’s guideline for your country. When you will be able to get several thousands or millions of views on multiple videos, the calculation will be that high!

Moreover, if you earn enough popularity, you will be offered sponsorships from many companies for promoting their brand on your videos. So, the source of income and the scope of income is huge on YouTube. Especially, for the individuals, YouTube is the best way to reach the stardom.

6. On-Site Integration

Embedding YouTube videos on the website is a wise idea if you want to save some hosting costs and keep your site fast. And this is why you need to have a YouTube channel onboard considering the ease of integrating the YouTube videos on your website (especially, the sites developed with some premade templates or website builder). When you integrate your YouTube videos on your site, that not only promotes your YouTube channel but also makes your website immensely captivating and engaging for the users who can watch the video and skip the monotonous lines of texts.

However, all these would be unfulfilled if you have no subscribers or nobody gets to know about your YouTube channel. So, you need to market your YouTube channel and videos in order to get the exposure and benefits described above.

YouTube Marketing Can Give You the Exposure

Without marketing, it will take time for you to gain the exposure you are aiming at. Content would matter the most but in order to let your content reach the audience, promotion is an inevitable way. As per the recent market studies of Intlum, a digital agency in Kolkata, an effective promotion (non-paid) increases the subscriptions and views almost 7-8 times more! On the other hand, when you implement the paid promotion, the exposure gets almost quadrupled compared to organic promotion!

Different techniques are there to market the YouTube videos and channels but you may not understand or implement the tricks by yourself, being a non-marketer. Thus, you should contact a digital marketing company who has a fair proficiency and experience in YouTube marketing.

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