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Vishal Sharma3 years ago

Social media has evolved from just being a medium to connect with friends and family to a platform for keeping up to date with the latest news and happenings in the world. But the way controversies have surrounded social networks like Facebook and Twitter over data leak, fake or misleading news and advertising to generate revenue; there is a rising demand for fixing these platforms to deliver quality content and that is where Wikipedia social media platform WT Social comes in.

WT Social

With the intent of getting things right and focusing on quality over engagement, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has launched a social media website, “WT.Social ”(a new WikiTribune) and within two days of its launch, the network has surpassed over 200,000 members

In 2017, Jimmy Wales launched “WikiTribune,” a news wiki website where volunteers write and curate articles after fact-checking, proofreading, suggest changes, and add new information. Focusing on business, political and economic news, the for-profit site is funded by donors and supporters who are asked to pay £10 or £15 per month with free access to news. WikiTribune is not associated with Wikipedia or Wikimedia foundation and strives to create articles with complete transparency and accountability

Wiki Tribune moving to WT Social

A rebranded WikiTribune, WT.Social is designed to focus on news sharing and discussions. Instead of an ad-funded business model, it will be funded through generous donations, the same way as Wikipedia. This editable social networking platform will have no advertising or paywall and instead of making money by serving ads, WT.Social will rely on the generosity of individual donors and supporters and promises to never sell their user data.

According to the blog post published by WikiTribune, social networks generate revenue based on the time the user spends on their site and then clicks on the advertisements, which ultimately prioritize engagement over quality.

Wikipedia Social Media Platform WT Social profile view

Once signed up, users are invited to pick “subwikis” based on their interests, such as B2B Commerce, SEO News, Sports teams, political news, or musicians. Users can get immediate access to the site by making a contribution of $12.99 monthly or $100 yearly. Users can edit misleading information or flag posts which they consider inappropriate and can also contribute their own content.

Note: If you are from India then you need to pay Rs.500 per month or Rs.4990 per year.

Wikipedia Social Media Platform WT Social queue and subscription

WT.Social seems like a social media way of discussing and presenting news where the key drivers are more and more of curated content and discussions. While Google News lacks analysis and reporting elements, the way information is presented to users is going to be a crucial success point for WT.Social.

The network can become a great house of news if the users are easily able to browse and share news on their laptops and cell phones, given a simple yet interactive UI. With an impressive experience of Wikipedia, the expectation levels are pretty much high from Wales and his team to infuse a broad range of news, analysis, and fact-checking on a Wikipedia social media platform WT Social.

So, with this much to start let’s hop in to the train and get your queue number(if you are not interested in paying) and don’t forget to share your experiences and suggestions in the comments section below.

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