AdvertisingTop 10 Women’s day ads by Indian brands – 2017

Digital focused Brands of today understand the importance of capturing the attention of their followers through meaningful marketing efforts. In an age of reduced attention spans, it is more important than ever that they create a space in the minds of their prospective customers through strong marketing communications. And what’s better than powerful video advertisements? As expected, quite a few Indian brands tried their hands at digital video campaigns this year to celebrate International Women’s day. In this article, we’re listing down the top 10 Women’s Day ads that made a mark this year:


  • All stats updated till 9th March 4:00 PM IST
  • Global campaigns are not considered in the list

10. #WhateverCLiQsForYou by Tata CLiQ

Wear what you want and Do what you want was the tagline of this peppy ad (set to the backdrop of the famous ending to Rossini’s fantastic overture to William Tell) made by Tata group’s e-commerce player Tata CLiQ. With a focus on diversity and positivity in fashion, the video features models of all body types and skin tones without much retouching or makeup. The central theme of this week long campaign is to inspire women to be comfortable in their own skin.

Views on YouTube: 106,723                             Views on Facebook: 91,340

9. AirAsia

The #FlyWithAirAsia campaign is dedicated to strong Indian women who are not bound by the archaic restrictions of the traditional world and are ready to fly high, break the norm and reach their individual goals. Featuring women from across different parts of the country, specializing in different fields; the central theme of the  ad acknowledges the ambitious modern Indian woman.

Views on YouTube: 443,886                              Views on Facebook: 111,693

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8. #FitToFight by Reebok

The crisp 40 second inspirational ad ends with the beautiful tagline “Inspiration is often closer home than anywhere else”. Conceptualized and developed by Venables Bell & Partners, the ad shows a young daughter who chooses her mother’s training shoes instead of heels.

Views on YouTube: 551,210                              Views on Facebook: 14,538

7. #EveryWomanStrong by JSW Group

JSW group has come up with some stellar ads in the recent past featuring inspiring sportswomen like Sakshi Malik and Geeta Phogat. Remember #RuknaNahiHai and Will of Steel ads? Their latest ad featuring Olympian Sakshi, salutes the struggles and tribulation that women face on their way to achieving their dreams.

Views on YouTube: 540,833                              Views on Facebook: 733,849

6. #BuildingTogether by Mahindra Lifespaces

Mahindra Lifespaces had not experimented with digital video marketing before this. However, they have arrived with a bang with their first ever digital video campaign that has clocked over 1.3 million views on YouTube and Facebook combined. With an aim to encourage people to recognize women for the significant roles that they play in our everyday lives, the campaign #BuildingTogether salutes the moms, sisters and daughters and wives. The ad also features men helping out women with the household chores breaking gender stereotypes.

Views on YouTube: 248,725                             Views on Facebook: 1,075,511

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5. #ThanksButNoThanks by Romedy Now

Launched a day before Women’s day, this ad features notable women from across different walks of life like fashion designing, journalism and entertainment industry. The video is essentially a montage of them saying #ThanksButNoThanks to phony celebrations of the day through superficial gifts and wishes. The central idea is to remind everyone that women deserve respect every single day and not just on a random day of the year.

Views on YouTube: 1,103,574                             Views on Facebook: 2,112,248

4. #BeBoldForChange by VIVO

Featuring former VJ and pop celebrity Bani J, the #BeBoldForChange ad campaign is all about breaking stereotypes and celebrating individuality. The video encourages women to be proud of their individuality and reminds them that they should stand for what they believe in. Given that Bani had faced her share of deplorable social media shaming and yet managed to come out strong last year, her choice for the ad is absolutely perfect.

Views on YouTube: 1,564,677                            Views on Facebook: 2,160,549

3. #JeeLeZara by Reliance Fresh

The #JeeLeZara campaign by Reliance fresh is about a 50 year old wife who’s about to take off on a vacation to Goa with her friends. Her ‘traditional’ husband can’t understand why she needs to go to a place like Goa and even mocks her that she probably wants to wear a bikini over there like a girl! The ad ends with the wife finally realizing that she needs to live her life in her own terms and taking off to Goa with her girl gang.

Views on YouTube: 591,163                             Views on Facebook: 4,659,493

2. #UnitedByHalf by United Colors of Benetton

Created by Creativeland Asia and produced by Oink Films, the #UnitedByHalf campaign by Benetton promotes gender equality. From a little girl wrestling a little boy to a woman taking the lead in bed, the video features a montage of different women from varied walks of life. The ad has some strong images and a firm voice-over that makes statements that’ll stay with the viewers for a long time.

The campaign has been received really well on Social media with over 6 million views and 18 thousand shares on Facebook.

Views on YouTube: 18,043                            Views on Facebook: 6,423,067

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1. #CheckOutMyGame! by Star Sports

The #CheckOutMyGame campaign by Star Sports features some of the most famous contemporary sportswomen in the country like Sakshi Malik, Dipa Karmakar, Mary Kom and PV Sindhu. With over 6.9 million views (Facebook and YouTube) so far, the commercial that highlights the achievements of these inspirational women sits deserving at the top spot.

Views on YouTube: 3,516,658                          Views on Facebook: 3,403,866


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