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Facebook now enjoys 2.23 billion users logging in every month. Not to forget that Facebook video has become a rage in recent times. According to the latest statistics, 71% of people have increased online video viewing just within the last year. Combined with these statistics, the love for food amongst the online audience is taking food-related content to the next level. People are largely turning to social videos for recipes, tips & tricks and kitchen hacks. So, all food lovers watch out for these top 10 food video pages on Facebook to cater to your taste buds!

1) Tasty | Page Likes: 96M

Social media giant BuzzFeed has made a mark in food-related content as well with its Facebook videos that range from 1-minute quick cooking tips to full-fledged recipes. With a 96-million follower base, their Facebook videos have seen a viewership of as high as 209 Million! The success factor lies in the fact that the videos are designed to capture the Facebook audience. You don’t need to play the videos with the sound on as the visuals are demonstrative and self-explanatory in nature with texts as and when required. BuzzFeed has also launched other channels like Proper Tasty and Tasty Junior.

2) Tastemade | Page Likes: 30M

Tastemade is a global video network in the food and travel space with a Facebook channel of its own that has a 30-million follower base. It caters to the digital space and lets users, mostly millennials, to explore global cuisines with a blend of original and user-submitted content. Tastemade rose to fame by publishing short video content such as this 45-second Baked Coconut Dessert recipe that garnered 20 million views. It has grabbed the second spot on the list of best food video pages on Facebook.

They later had to rethink their strategy when Facebook introduced ads for longer videos. Now, you will even come across posts that go up to 5 minutes long. The company has even appeared on the list of World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company.

3) Food Network | Page Likes: 29M

Food Network is actually an American pay television channel run by Television Food Network, which is a joint initiative by Discovery Inc. and Tribune Media. The network includes instructional cooking programs and food-related entertainment primetime shows such as cooking competitions, travel, and reality TV. Celebrity chefs Rachael Ray and Paula Deen are some of the highlights of the network. Whether you’re looking for a Chocolate cake or Spaghetti recipes, you can find a video for it on their Facebook channel.

4) BuzzFeed Food | Page Likes: 23M

The next on the list of top food video pages on Facebook is BuzzFeed Food. This is another of BuzzFeed’s food channels that has a good 23 million following. You’ll find a lot of long format food videos that last up to 5 or 6 minutes such as this one.

BuzzFeed Food has a lot of video titles that go like “4 easy no-bake cheesecake” or “6 scrumptious hot dog recipes”. Since a lot of them have multiple recipes in one video, there are a lot of longer videos on the page.

5) Tipsy Bartender | Page Likes: 21M

When you host a party at your place next time, check out this Facebook page for sure. The videos have delectable cocktail recipes that are not just a treat for your taste buds but are an amazing delight to the eyes as well. Cocktail expert Skyy John has transformed his love for drinks and entertainment into a thriving online business within a short duration of seven years. Besides having more than 21 million fans on Facebook, John also has 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube and about the same number of Instagram followers. The video below on his Facebook page has more than a million views apart from boasting of 27k shares! This has comfortably grabbed the 5th spot on the list of top food video pages on Facebook.

6) So Yummy | Page Likes: 21M

The next entry on the top food video pages on Facebook list is So Yummy. So Yummy aims to bring a new and fresh flavour to everyday’s mundane culinary experiences. With 21.5 million followers on Facebook, So Yummy tickles your taste buds with bite-sized food videos that encompass last-minute recipes, holiday recipes, food hacks and much more. The idea is to make your everyday home-cooking fun and interesting. Here’s a quick recipe of mouth-watering meatball stuffed cheesy garlic bread that gained 96 million views.

7) Goodful | Page Likes: 21M

Goodful’s goal is to help people lead a healthier and better life. It’s a food-centric brand by the media giant BuzzFeed which revolves around health and wellness. Keeping up with the millennial trend of being health-conscious, Goodful has a bunch of lip-smacking, but mindful recipes like Tomato Basil Soup, Protein Snacks, Low Carb Dinners and much more. Check out this Keto-friendly Lasagne Dinner recipe that has 12 million views on it.

8) Delish | Page Likes: 19M

According to a recent Newswhip’s research, Delish has the maximum engagement on its food content on Facebook with an engagement of 35 million (for a period of 3 months). Even BuzzFeed’s Tasty was left behind in the race. Delish follows an easy-to-grasp, instinctive format for its titles for its Facebook native videos with most of them beginning with the traditional “How To Make”. Check out this video called “How To Make Primavera Stuffed Chicken” that grossed a whopping 90 million views. Delish sits pretty on the 8th spot in the list of top food video pages on Facebook list.

9) 12 Tomatoes | Page Likes: 9M

12 Tomatoes is the food arm of the social cause network, GreaterGood. Their aim is to help you find joy in cooking and not to treat it like a chore. The recipes are simple, easily accessible, and help you prepare a good family meal. The Facebook page boasts of a 9 million following and publishes simple recipes like this Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake.

10) FOOD INSIDER | Page Likes: 8M

The media group INSIDER’s food arm, FOOD INSIDER has an 8 million following and finishes last on the list of top food video pages on Facebook list. A lot of their videos have an innovative look and feel to them and not direct recipes. For instance, this video talks about the ‘oldest ice-cream in the world’ and has got 15 million views so far. You’ll find other such catchy titles like ‘Eat a Bouquet of Marshmallows’ and ‘Bakery Serves Giant Doughnut Towers’.

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