YouTube Marketing2015 In Rearview Mirror: The Year That Was For Us

Here is Vidooly’s yearly roundup for YouTube’s ecosystem. Let's recount all that is happening in the world of online video marketing, and where we're headed in 2016.
Aravinda Holla5 years ago

An exciting year is coming to an end! We, at Vidooly started off the year with dreams in our eyes and are ending it with many milestones reached and lessons learnt. This blog gives us an opportunity to recount all that is happening in the world of online video, where we fit in this picture and where we’re headed.

The year that was and the year that is going to be:

The world of Online Video took some giant strides this year with Facebook and Twitter entering the fray, giving YouTube a run for its money. Live video streaming took off big, mobile video was on everyone’s mind and digital video advertising spend went through the roof! Here are a few important developments that caught everyone’s attention in 2015:

The beginning of YouTube superstars:

Gone are the days when only Hollywood actors and pop stars used to be called celebrities. Now, it’s the age of digital superstars! And YouTube has produced some of the biggest online superstars in the last few years. In 2015, this phenomenon only got stronger as YouTubers started to tread the testing waters of other forms of art – like making movies, music and writing books! Marcus Butler, Zoella, Shane Dawson and quite a few others tried their hands at publishing. Popular channels Smosh and Superwoman released their own movies!

The rapid penetration of internet is giving these creators newer ways of making money. They’re utilizing all other forms of social media to connect with their audience and according to many recent surveys; some of them are more popular than Hollywood celebrities. 2016 will definitely see more of this and probably we will see a few YouTube superstars emerging from countries like India. Exciting time aren’t they?!


YouTube is going to overtake TV:

Cord cutting trend has been gaining rapid momentum in the west in the last few months. We think that 2016 will see this spread further. The quantity and quality of content available on YouTube and long-form platforms like Netflix have given the audience a lot of options to choose from now. To capitalize on this trend, YouTube launched its subscription model in the latter half of 2015 called YouTube Red.
Although this is yet unavailable throughout the globe, its success in the United States will decide its course in the rest of the world. Our bet is that it’ll still take some time to kick off in countries like India.


Video advertising and storytelling:

Most of the popular advertisements on YouTube in 2015 had one common aspect – they were all more like stories and less like advertisements. Brands have slowly realized this and in the coming year, we’ll definitely see brands reaching out to creators to make adverts like these for them. In the first half of 2016, Vidooly will launch its custom dashboard for Brands and one of its major features will help them reach out to creators who can create such content for them.


What we’ve done so far in 2015:

We started the year with a few free features on our website and our tool for creators. But we rapidly started adding more features and as of now, we have launched two major products – Vidooly dashboard for YouTube creators and Vidooly dashboard for Multi Channel Networks. Besides these tools, we also hosted many useful and free features on our website as well. Down below, we give you a brief overview of them all:

Analyze any video or channel:

Right from the beginning of our journey in 2014, we have believed in giving something back to the world of online video at no cost. That’s why we started providing free analysis of any channel or video on our website and this is something people love exploring even now! If you haven’t checked it out already, you should test it out now!

Here’s how simple it is – Go to our website and in the search box at the top, type in the name of the channel you want to analyze and then hit enter! You can then find out the influential fans of the channel, find out how the views and subscribers of the channel have been growing in the past few months and also get a forecast of the channel. This feature can be extremely handy for Brands and Multi Channel Networks.


YouTube leaderboards is another feature that we’re offering to everyone for Free! This feature started off quite simple – we were listing down the top YouTube videos, based on the Country and Genre of your choice. Pretty soon, we added some more meat to this feature and now it has become quite expansive! Now you can:

  • Find out the top channels in any category and analyze them
  • Find out and analyze the top 250 Multi-channel networks and their partner channels
  • Find out the top trending YouTube videos from any country and category
  • The best part is – it is absolutely FREE!

Creator Wizard:

This was a feature which was requested by a lot of our customers – a feature that can help one find any YouTube channel based on multiple filters. We launched this feature in November and it can be a great resource for Multi Channel Networks that are looking to onboard new creators and also for brands looking to find the right fit for their next brand video. Check out this blog to know more about the feature.

Vidooly dashboard for YouTube creators:

The first beta version of Vidooly’s dashboard for creators was launched in November 2014 and after 2 months of feedback from multiple stakeholders; the dashboard took the basic look and feel in late January 2015. Ever since then, our technical team has been busy adding new features every month! Now, the dashboard for creators comes with Competitor analysis, keyword and search term analysis, Community Management, Audience Development and Creator Wizard.

New features are getting added even now and the year 2016 holds a lot of promise as we’re planning to launch at least 5 useful features within the first 3 months. Customer feedback plays a vital role in shaping any software product. So, if you have any suggestions to improve the tool, you can write to


Vidooly’s tool for Multi Channel Networks:

Multi Channel Networks play a vital role in the YouTube ecosystem. Despite a few criticisms, many YouTubers owe their success and popularity to MCNs. But MCNs have always found it difficult to build a technology solution of their own or find the one that fits their requirements. Keeping this in mind, we launched our custom MCN dashboard in the second half of 2015. This dashboard is a centralized solution that lets MCNs manage all their operations, finances, and partners with utmost ease. More than 10 MCNs are already using our dashboard and in 2016, we’re planning to make the tool more robust and work with many more world-class MCNs.
Check out this blog for more info on how our MCN dashboard works.


What’s in store for 2016?

2016 is going to be a really exciting year for the whole Online Video ecosystem. It’s going to be an exciting year for us at Vidooly as well! We started off with a small team of less than 10 people in 2014 and now we’re around 40. We started off with just an analytics tool for Creators and now we have one for MCNs as well. In 2016, we’re going to see more social video platforms like Facebook and Twitter within the Vidooly Dashboard and we’ll not only fine-tune our existing products, we’re going to launch a custom product for Brands as well!

Just like the year gone by, we hope that the online video ecosystem embraces us and pushes us to reach newer heights and test our limits. Wish you all a fantastic year ahead! God speed!


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