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We live in a nation where the most googled how-tos are How to kiss, How to get pregnant, and more common things that we shouldn’t be ashamed of asking people. Actually, most of us wouldn’t be if the socially-conservative-older generations were more open about sex education. Some forward families do talk to their kids openly about menstruation, sex, conceiving, homosexuality, etc.

But other kids learn about sex through porn and easily get addicted to it. Sometimes parents just avoid the uncomfortable talks believing their clever children will figure things out themselves.

Why does it have to be uncomfortable? It’s better to clear their doubts and teach them the right values instead of letting them get addicted to porn or googling things like- Will masturbation cause me baldness or hair growth on palms. Right? An angel didn’t bring the baby on the helipad of your hospital, tell your kids the truth, how he/she transformed from a sperm to the annoying mini-gun-of-outrageous-questions that they are. Also, don’t skip that part where they burst out of you.

6_072116065708Some mothers remind their kids that too much, how she spent a year conceiving and carrying you and how she went through 18 hours of labor just to birth a disappointment like you.

Well moving on to the topic, the new and bold YFilms web series- Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa, explains the need for sex educating children in a comical way. A 5-section arrangement that endeavors to demystify sex and subjects around sex including masturbation, pregnancy, condoms, periods and homosexuality in a clear, straightforward, fair and fun way. Research shows that sex chat with guardians is straightforwardly and unmistakably connected to more safe sex conduct.

The series is sponsored by condom brand Durex and the content has been vigorously examined and confirmed by some of the best medical experts, top hormonal, gynecologists of the nation in the trust of making some genuine social impact, locally AND globally.

Papa- Anand Tiwari
Pappu- Kabir Sajid
Mumma- Sanjeeda Shaikh
Ma- Alka Amin
Pitaji- Sachin Pilgaonkar

Sponsors: Durex Feel Thin, Ching’s Desi Chinese

Producer & Director: Ashish Patil

Views: 460K on the trailer, 390K in 4 days on Episode 1

Plot: Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa” recounts the tale of the Watsa family. It will highlight a curious seven-year-old kid Pappu, who asks the most ridiculous questions from his Papa, Anand, who tries his best to answer them. At first with a ton of awkwardness, and then with a great deal of fun and straightforward stories.

Schedule: A new topic and a new episode of Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa uploads every Tuesday at 12:30pm. And the next episode revolves around Pregnancy.

Celebrities like Actor Ranveer Singh, Great Grand Masti Actress Urvashi Rautela, VJ Rannvijay Singh, Raj Kumar Rao, Kartik Aryan, the cast of Permanent Roommates, and more, showed up at the press conference of the series.


Reasons to watch it:

-It’s funny as heck. Especially parts like: “Son, it’s..playing with yourself” & Pappy says, “Playing? I also want to play masturbation-masturbation!” and when he calls his male organ “You mean my Nunnu?” Also, the Andaz Apna Apna impression at the end. LOL.

-It’s got a great cast. Aisha actor Anand Tiwari as Papa (Shefali ka Saurabh), cute TV actress Sanjeeda Shaikh as the preggers mommy, and veteran actor Sachin Pilgaonkar as hyperventilating crazy grandpa, who are directed by Ashish Patil. This series is also Patil’s debut as a director.

Lately, Anand Tiwari has also been popular on the internet because of this ad. A few days ago it was #1 trending under  :

“It’s amazing how little even women know about their own menstrual cycles. Unfortunately most schools have no sex education. And the places it’s there, it’s not curated or delivered well. So the need for such a show is so high. Most kids are learning about sex/sexuality through porn . Their first ‘go to’ is the internet. Half- information or misinformation is worse than no information. Your parent has to be the first stop for satiating curiosity. We hope we are able to start the conversation at least.”- Ashish Patil told Forbes

-It’ll help sex education come out of the closet. Especially important topics like safe sex, birth control, and homosexuality.

-Looking forward to the upcoming episodes, especially what the series has to say in their Homosexuality Finale.

-7-year-old Pappu sings the series title track alongside singer Shaan. The song touches upon issues like masturbation, condoms, periods and homosexuality. After a phenomenal response to the trailer of the series, the song scored around 700,000 views within a week of release.

-It’s dubbed in 6 Indian languages Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali, furthermore subtitled in 10 global languages, including English, Chinese, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Bahasa, Malay and Thai, in the first place to get this essential message out to as much people as possible.

“The second-most populated country in the world, in spite of being the home of texts and temples such as the Kamasutra and Khajuraho… Sex is still a very taboo topic in India. Most parents clam up when having to talk to kids about the birds and the bees.”- Patil said.

Reasons not to watch it:

There aren’t a lot. But maybe because:

-You still don’t get why we should talk about these things with your kids openly.

-You’re homophobic.

-Not a fan of Indian web series? Well, you should be. They’re really cool.


-You don’t wanna talk about safe sex with your kid coz you don’t want her/him to have sex at all. Which is sad for you, because they’ll do it anyway. So, you can guide them better by talking or say hello to teen pregnancy and STDs.

-You’re not alone and you think it’s NSFW & NSFH.

-You don’t have a funny bone in your body.

If you agree to disagree or haven’t seen it yet then watch it here

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